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Lee Aaun May 2021
i wish to see my heart
without a hole
from where all the
e m p t i n e s s
in the world
and decide
to reside
in it
Lee Aaun Apr 2021
overthinking is like
killing yourself
with your own hands
this way you don't need
to hire a killer for yourself to die
you don't need to
Lee Aaun Apr 2021
those whom you love
if their eyes seek somebody else's sweetness
then don't feel sour
because it ain't a betrayal
it's their choice
to see someone by their side
when they open eyes in the morning;
somebody whom they love
isn't you wish the same with them?
but always remember
only one of you
will get a chance to be with someone
since your love is one-sided;
they don't know about it
will you sacrifice it
to see them happy with someone else?
hard choices to make
Lee Aaun Apr 2021
if history  r e p e a t
itself then why they say
it happens only
once upon a time?
Lee Aaun Mar 2021
curiosity alone
can cause problems,
but when it mingles
with resilience
you create a different story
your story, you create it
Lee Aaun Mar 2021
you just need to
keep the door open
love will arrive
when the time will allow it to
let your heart open
Lee Aaun Mar 2021
a song created by them
that makes you addicted,
shall i name it love?
if love has a name
Lee Aaun Mar 2021
just to become someone
who never get hurts;
i try to become an  i m m o r t a l
who lives long,
without feeling sad
to say goodbye to those
who was once standing by his side
my wish to be happy
Lee Aaun Mar 2021
i wonder if tears
really dry out,
or we don't care anymore
we don't feel it
Lee Aaun Mar 2021
not every
Q u e en
asks for a King,
but Kings sure do ask for
q u e e n s!
queen got it all
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