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leeaaun 1d
He claimed we were perfect rhymes, you see,
But he forgot, even in rhymes, there are categories.
In the sonnet of love, our lines entwined,
Yet labeled different, destinies maligned.

In the ballad of us, a melancholy refrain,
He missed the nuances, the subtlest pain.
Perfect rhymes, he said, a symphony sweet,
Yet our verses diverged, in sorrow's heartbeat.

As if in a villanelle, repeating our theme,
But the echoes of love weren't as they seemed.
Labeled apart, in the poetry of fate,
A somber truth, our love couldn't abate.

In the rhyme scheme of life, a dissonant chord,
Our love, once harmonious, now ignored.
He said we were perfect, a poetic crime,
Yet in reality, we were running out of rhyme.
leeaaun 2d
Beneath the cloak of the cosmic night's embrace,
He emerged, a reaper clad in shadows profound.
A silhouette of darkness, a harbinger of fate,
He, the reaper, destined to navigate.

With a cloak that whispered tales of the unknown,
He tread the realm where love and mystery were sown.
A wraith-like figure with a scythe of steel,
Yet within the shadows, a tender allure concealed.

From the garden of hearts, he plucked love's bloom,
A reaper entwined in the dance of impending doom.
His touch, a paradox of life and demise,
Yet in his presence, love found unforeseen ties.

Cloaked in midnight's velvet, a silhouette sublime,
He moved through realms, transcending space and time.
His eyes, the void where galaxies expire,
Yet within them, a spark, an unseen fire.

For my love, he was the reaper, a paradoxical guide,
Harvesting passions, where destinies coincide.
In the tapestry of love and shadows intertwined,
He wove a tale where mortality and eternity bind.

In the graveyard of dreams, where hopes lay to rest,
He walked beside me, an enigmatic guest.
A reaper for my love, a spectral dance,
We twirled through the twilight, in a fleeting trance.

In the embrace of darkness, where whispers unfold,
He spoke of love in a language untold.
A reaper's touch, gentle and severe,
As he harvested the echoes of love and fear.

He was a reaper for my love, an ethereal waltz,
In the twilight symphony where destiny exalts.
For in the shadows, where our love did thrive,
He, the reaper, kept our immortal love alive.
leeaaun 3d
In tales of old, on Mount Olympus high,
Where gods and goddesses roamed the sky,
Aphrodite, fair and beauty's muse,
But whispers tell of a love confused.

In affairs of hearts, her charms renowned,
Yet rumors spread, a deceit profound.
Her love, a tapestry woven with desire,
Yet secrets whispered, fueled the fire.

A cheater in the game of divine affection,
Her heart's allegiance sparked introspection.
For Cupid's arrows, not always true,
In love's labyrinth, confusion grew.

To Ares, god of war, she turned her gaze,
A clandestine affair, a dangerous craze.
In the shadows of Mount Olympus, they conspired,
Love's flame illicit, yet never tired.

The gods above, in their celestial court,
Witnessed Aphrodite's love distort.
For in her quest for passion's sweet embrace,
She left behind a trail of love's disgrace.

But was she a cheater or victim of fate?
In the realm of gods, emotions intricate.
Aphrodite, tangled in love's intricate dance,
A celestial romance, a fateful circumstance.

So, in the pantheon's tales of divine deceit,
Aphrodite's story, in whispers, we repeat.
A goddess of love, entangled in desire,
A cheater or not, the myths conspire.
leeaaun 5d
just because
i like winter
it doesn't mean
i like people with cold hearts
leeaaun Nov 25
In the intricate tapestry of love,
the adage "once a cheater, always a cheater"
weaves a cautionary thread.

It is a phrase laden with the weight of experience,
a mantra that whispers of broken trust and shattered vows.

When someone treads the path of betrayal,
leaving the fragments of a once-whole heart in their wake,
the scars run deep.

The echoes of deceit reverberate
in the corridors of love,
leaving those who have been wounded hesitant to trust again.

The notion, "once a cheater, always a cheater," emerges as a defense mechanism,
a shield against the vulnerability of being deceived once more.

Yet, in the realm of love,
the narrative isn't always so black and white.
People evolve, learn from their mistakes, and yearn for redemption.

It's crucial to acknowledge the capacity for change
within each individual.
While the wounds of betrayal may linger,
they need not dictate the course of someone's entire romantic journey.

The human experience is multifaceted, and relationships are complex landscapes.

People stumble, fall, and sometimes, they rise anew, reshaped by the crucible of their own errors.

Love, at its essence, encompasses forgiveness, growth, and the possibility of second chances.

So, while the cautionary phrase carries the weight of wisdom,
it is equally important to recognize the potential for transformation.

People can break free from the chains of their past misdeeds,
learn to value trust, and construct relationships founded on honesty and integrity.

Love, after all, is as much about healing as it is about the initial spark.

In the end the tale of "once a cheater, always a cheater"
is not a universal truth
but rather a reminder that love demands conscientious navigation.

It prompts us to approach relationships with discernment,
to treasure the fragility of trust,
and to foster an environment where growth and change are not only possible but celebrated.
leeaaun Nov 20
In love's tapestry, a tale unfolds,
Where Cupid, the archer, his story molds.
A fateful day, his aim went astray,
The wrong arrow struck, leading hearts astray.

A quiver full of arrows, each with a role,
One for passion, the other for the soul.
But Cupid, in haste, confused his art,
Shot the wrong arrow, tearing love apart.

In the labyrinth of emotions, I found my way,
Entangled in love's web, where shadows play.
The arrow meant for joy pierced my heart,
Yet sorrow's seed grew, tearing love apart.

A tragic chapter, my love story unfolds,
As pain and heartache, in its pages, molds.
Cupid's error, a twist in the plot,
A love story woven, then tangled in a knot.

People say it's a folklore, a tale to be told,
Of love's missteps, where hearts grow cold.
A saga of pain, with a sad, bitter end,
Yet in its telling, generations transcend.

For love's not always a tale of delight,
Sometimes it's pain that colors the night.
A twisted arrow, a love story's bend,
A folklore passed on, from friend to friend.

So, in the echoes of the cupid's wrong aim,
A love story born from sorrow and pain.
A folklore woven in the fabric of time,
A cautionary tale of love's subtle rhyme.
how the cupid used the wrong arrow on me, my love story is full of pain who has a sad end
leeaaun Nov 19
I was the crescent moon, a sliver in the night,
Yet in his gaze, I found a radiant light.
He saw me whole, beyond my fragmented part,
Love's alchemy, merging soul to heart.

In phases of shadows, incomplete and bare,
His eyes unveiled the beauty hidden there.
A crescent's curve, a tender, silver arc,
Yet in his vision, a masterpiece embarked.

His love, a symphony, the missing tune,
Transforming fragments into a whole monsoon.
I, the crescent moon, in his orbit swayed,
Completeness found in the love we portrayed.

Through waxing and waning, love remained,
A cosmic dance where wholeness was gained.
In his embrace, the crescent found its grace,
Love's magic turning fragments into an embrace.
leeaaun Nov 12
I play a role not meant for me

They want me smiling, but my heart's in strife,
Behind their words, a hidden world of pain.
In laughter's mask, I play a role so plain,
Yet tears within me, silent as the night.

Their expectations, heavy burdens weigh,
A scripted joy, in sorrow, I reside.
Aching truths beneath the smiles they guide,
I play a part, a role I can't betray.

Behind the scenes, a tale of sorrow weaves,
Unseen by those who seek a cheerful face.
Within the script, my heart finds no reprieve,
A tragic act in this relentless chase.

They ask for smiles, but tears won't be denied,
In scripted joy, my true self can't hide.
leeaaun Nov 5
My body was there, but not the soul within,
I felt something strange, a battle to begin.
Unfamiliar feelings, emotions untamed,
Lost in a world where I couldn't be named.

I moved and spoke, but the words felt astray,
As if I were dancing to a tune I couldn't play.
My body, a vessel, devoid of the core,
A silent, empty vessel, craving something more.

In the silence of that moment, I yearned to be whole,
To reunite with my soul, to fill the gaping hole.
For I knew in that instance, what was truly amiss,
My body was present, but my soul was in abyss.
leeaaun Oct 29
The world where magic reigned, a fairytale unfurled,
I was water, tranquil and serene, he, fire in a whirl.
Our paths converged by destiny's hand, two worlds apart,
In the tapestry of love, we found a beating heart.

I, a crystal brook winding through enchanted glades,
He, a tempest of flames, dancing in fiery cascades.
Our first encounter, a clash of elements so rare,
Yet in that very moment, we became a fated pair.

He roared with passion, fierce and untamed,
While I whispered softly, my essence unnamed.
Together, we embarked on a quest unknown,
A love story woven in the stars, our destiny sown.

Through the enchanted forest and twilight skies,
We journeyed together, love shining in our eyes.
I quenched his burning desires with my gentle tide,
He ignited my soul with a fervor that couldn't hide.

But our love, a tempestuous, passionate blend,
A fairytale of water and fire, with no clear end.
For every time he scorched, I soothed the blaze,
In the ebb and flow of love, we danced for days.

As the seasons passed, our love story grew,
In the heart of the forest, where the wildflowers grew.
We found solace in the harmony of our ways,
Two contrasting elements, caught in love's maze.

But as fate would have it, one fateful night,
A darkness descended, eclipsing our light.
An evil sorceress, jealous of our love so true,
Cast a wicked spell, our destinies she'd undo.

I, in my liquid form, was trapped in a crystal cell,
While he, in fiery chains, descended into hell.
Separated by magic, our love seemed doomed,
Two halves of a whole, forever entombed.

Years passed, a forlorn and desolate time,
In separate realms, our love's bell did chime.
But deep within our hearts, a spark remained,
A love unbroken, though worlds apart, constrained.

Then, one fateful day, a hero emerged,
A knight in shining armor, courage surged.
With a heart full of love and a sword so true,
He battled the sorceress and her dark, vile crew.

In the midst of the battle, the crystal shattered,
The fiery chains broke, and our love was rekindled, unshattered.
Water and fire, together once more,
In the realm of love, we'd forever explore.

With a kiss of true love, the spell was undone,
Underneath the moon and the shining sun.
We stood united, against all odds,
A love story written in the stars by the gods.

Our fairytale, both sad and sublime,
Water and fire, transcending space and time.
Through trials and tribulations, we'd endured,
A love, pure and eternal, forever assured.
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