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Obscrea Dec 2018
They crashed and collided
Like the stars of a universe
Destructive, yet beautiful.
Obscrea Sep 2018
He told me that my heart
Was a library full of secrets,
And all I've ever wanted
To do was burn.
Obscrea Aug 2018
I think we had something-
It wasn't love, but it wasn't
Nothing either;

Perhaps it was just
Stolen glances and
Laughing together

Perhaps it was feeling
Giddy at touching knees
And having nicknames

I know it wasn't love-
But in another time,
In another place,

It could've been.
Obscrea Jul 2018
I would rather write
About this world than
Live in it

I would rather play
Music all day and read
Or wander around

Or waltz into bookstores
And run my hands along
The wooden shelves

I would rather remain
Indifferent to the world
That exists around me

I would rather watch
Humans than actually
Be one of them.
Obscrea May 2018
I'm happy to see him
Even if it's just one
Moment in a day.

But I don't know if-
He feels the same way.
Obscrea May 2018
Palms sweaty,
Knees weak,
Pulse beating-
Faster and faster.

All I can think of
Is you and I don't
Know what to do-
I hate being in love.
Obscrea May 2018
I write poems whenever
I'm in love so please,
Don't ever pull me out
Of this misery

Because I'll be writing
Endlessly for days
With pencil and paper
Making beautiful poetry.
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