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Melody Mann Apr 10
It was a somber retreat that walk home,
The streetlights beckoned her every step,
A haze of doubt and suspicion lingered in every corner,
Guilt climbed her spine and caused her to shudder and pine,
An endless agony of mistakes foregone,
Perched upon the darkened doorstep she now steadies herself,
Bracing the confession afoul.
Guntang Aug 2020
dripping nightmares
from my eyelids
burning pleasures
in my eyes
my sinews wrapped
in the vines of my mind
a black tear *****
doom from the beyond
and the brittle
footsteps of boney death
crumble at your doorstep
Diksha Prashar Jan 2020
You made all those promises
That, how
You gonna take my hand
Pull me closer
Taking way my insecurities
Worshipping me
As a Queen
Should be
But, how can i forget
All promises were name sake
You were just another
******* at my doorstep.
Quin Rosenheart Dec 2018
I'm hopelessly in love
with someone who'd rather
push and shove
I feel so distant yet
they make me feel close
but really they're farther
than they've ever been
and I try to save
but they turn me away like
the tears on an
abandoned child left
on a deserted door step
I feel so very lonely
in this world full of
mixed matched feelings
broken dreams
and shattered hearts
they continue every day
to give me false hope
just enough to fall in love again
and I feel like a wicked candle
lit on fire with burning passion
just to be extinguished
and forgotten about
until they embark on a dimly lit date
with someone other than me
K Balachandran Aug 2018
Net fish from doorstep,
In deluged water world;
Beat rain’s curse this once!
Obscrea Dec 2017
And here I stand
On your doorstep,
With nervous eyes
And shaky hands
Looking for words
And a peace of mind

My luggage is set
But it feels like I'm
Not ready to say
Richard Grahn Jun 2017
Love at the doorstep
I am here on your doormat
Just ringing your bell
Diána Bósa Nov 2016
Last night when the first
snow fell I was hovering
on the doorstep of

yours anxiously and
wringing my hands without a
dare to knock, even

my voice was laced by
unspoken poetry and
only stuttering

came out of my mouth.
I wanted to act; to love
out loud and fill the

space in between, but
under the shadow of a
doubt this void was made to grow.
Cat Fiske Sep 2015
I walked the streets,
wishing to hear from you today,
but I see the sad memories as the Adonis open up to cry and pray,
and I remember that I'm just going to slowly fade away,

I was to see a man holding Aster's,
who looked a whole lot like you,
I remembered how you said you loved me,
and then I saw the man pull out flowers as blue as your eyes,

a blue like Anemone for a women,
just as her and my face could show the fading hope,
how she remembered getting Apple Blossom's as a promise from you,
like you had promised to much to keep to me too,

you feel the Bittersweet in the Truth and patients and love you gave,
and you feel Blackthorns stab at you as if it isn't difficult enough,
to forget the pain,
and let the memories fade,

your on your way home,
and you see the bellworths all closed up as if hopelessness is dead,
and the Bittersweet Truth,
is trying to tell you look for the Bellflowers as if he sent you them,

but your heart will learn,
as you race home,
your heart will drop,
when you don't see hee wants to talk to you,

but when you see Butterfly Weeds on your doorstep,
as if he was trying to tell you,
Let Me Go,
when you wanted him to fly back,
Sad flowers to tell a tale about losing someone your good friends with, or just someone you love who doesn't wish to love you anymore.
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