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Glenn Currier Dec 2020
I come here
to this island rich in growth
clear warm fluid
to catch its currents
and swim its nurturing depths
where I can breathe underwater
and leave traces of my darkness
to float like drops of ink
in a glass bowl.

These tropics
reside on the map of my heart
for me to locate
when covered
by layers of sand
in the desert
on gray slate days
barren days of lost inspiration
when I am turned in on me
and my tottering self
the me I see
on my pockmarked well-traveled and aged face
each morning in the mirror.

I arrive here
each time with a glimmer
a hope I can find
within me a point of light
some soft and pure place
a source a force
where I can rise again.
This site is a place of encouragement, inspiration and nurture in the midst of this ****** pandemic whose news has gotten me down, along with just fricking getting old. Thanks my friends for being here, for reading my droppings, for enduring my idiosyncrasies and limits, my peculiar faith, and all the rest. I love you. I really do.
Ces Aug 2020
My words are born
Of self-absorption
This eagerness for
Transmogrification of
A self that constantly fails
At this project of conception...

To understand the world --
This grand undertaking
Nothing but motions of futility
Yet I can't comply
I cannot submit
For I am the personification
Of incredulity.
K Balachandran Nov 2014
The last drop of poetry i imbibed
was written in light, at your eyes
as my moving lips, avidly partook
the nectar on the petals of your lips

ഞാൻ നുകർന്ന  കവിത
(Translated  in  to  Malayalam )

ഞാൻ നുകർന്ന  കവിത
തൻ തുള്ളി
നിൻ മിഴികളിൽ വെളിച്ചമായ്‌ തങ്ങി
എൻ പ്രേമവ്യഗ്രമാം ഇരുചുണ്ടുകളാൽ ഞാൻ
നിൻ ഇതളുകളിലെ തേൻ നുകരവേ അതും മോന്തി

— The End —