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Thomas W Case Jul 2020
I can't fit
in your
that kind
of love
is too
Such a
when all
I wanted
Charlotte T May 2020
I have watched grief hollow you out.
Your body is no longer illuminated by an open heart.
Since the spiders crept in
the warm, gentle glow has been
by cobwebs.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
Trust is a flickering flame
Perfect to warm coldest of hearts
Freeze if wind snuffs out it's glow

Do not smoke if your fire is shaky
Can't inhale after it's smothered
Once out must start all over again
New flame
When that dies
Writers block continued
Allison Wolf Mar 2019
I politely fold my
into tiny pieces
sharp sentences sliced
for your comfort
until it is only a soft
‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have…’
I am small enough to slide
into your pocket or your pants
but never out
of your grasp
March 2, 2019
11:31:56 PM
Poetic T Feb 2019
I could hear her words,
       like an echo through water.

But I want drowning.

  When I was in the womb
          I swam in darkness..

Now all I see is
            white heavy clouds,
            depriving me of breath...

The last thing I saw was my mother
as my father
        ran with me, then I saw blue..

And knew he'd never let me drown
                          in her arms..
x Oct 2018
and so, he said to me, “Are you sure this is what you want? Are you sure you want me? Because once I fall in love, there is no turning back. I love hard, and I will be obsessed with you I will smother you”.


                                                                                                  please do not smother me; 

                              smothering implies force. 
                        It implies suppression,
                   maybe a hint of aggression, 
              with a dab of oppression 
          and a handful of asphyxiation.
      In which one kills another,
   by with the stifling of breath and emotion.
It is the death of something.

               Instead engulf me in your love;
          let me be immersed in it.
cradle me.
coddle me. 
shelter me.
                         let me breathe,
                 so that I can appreciate it
                       and feel it all around me;
                that makes it so much better.
      ever so soft.
      ever so loving. 
      ever so gentle. 


           I understand why you want to smother,
I do.
                                  Why you want to cover parts of me
                              that you feel are light-filled.
                          Watering me with muddled emotions and actions
                     that you feel are quite harmless, but understand;
                like flowers overwatered,
             and placed in the shade
        death will become me.
         I too,
    struggle with the feeling to
repress and restrain
                                         I do 

                         , but you’re somebody too
                     you’re important.
                Your love is a torrent;
        the best thing you can give along with,  
your time. 
   It’s valuable, 
so you shouldn’t give if it is unwanted 


                                     even to me;
   especially to me

                     or at least don’t make it a habit with anyone 
                 you see 
           because you are too precious 
      and too valuable 
   you say I am special,
but you too, are important 

                , but thank you 

         I do,
                           appreciate the gesture and the thought; 
                     I do.
                  I want your love but not like that.
               I really do,
           just not that way.
       Just not by suffocation. 
 I want to be engulfed in it…

there’s a difference,
        I do not want to die… I do not want to suffocate.
Kaitlin R Jul 2018
Do you hear me
Can you see me
I’m not happy
I’m not free
This love you give is grand
But what comes with is far too harsh
I feel crushed beneath my own body weight
Laying squished while reaching out
You pet my hair and say you love me
All this is worth it apparently
But how am I to love back if I am dead
celeste fuma Jun 2018
And we trod paths
crushing detritus
of heart prints
that yet remain//
julianna May 2018
Some things burn
like fire.

Some things sting
like bees.

But sometimes,
They smother like pillows.

Until you can no
longer breathe.
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