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lins Dec 2019
a little breeze
tickles the back of my neck
missing a scarf
just to feel the winter air
uneven ground
endless bumps under my feet
puffs of smoke
attack my lungs consistently
miles a day
building muscles and endurance
birds everywhere
truly are the rats of the sky
coffee con leche
makes me miss home even more
foreign words
understanding bit of conversations
room with two beds
proof of a difficult time here
sky below
finally flying back to my world
lins Dec 2019
I crave being home
but how is it going to feel
being back at school
being in people's lives again
have responsibilidades

how many times is that going to happen
replacing English with Spanish
I'm scared of my classes
I haven't worked hard all semester
my grades might slip
what about a job
will I be able to do it all
I don't know what to think
lins Nov 2019
my mind thinks of 3 things
my relationship with my God
my relationship with my Jon
my countdown of days left in Sevilla

I feel strange today
a little bit
I'm not really sure why
maybe I'm just a little homesick

homesick for a hug from my dad
homesick for singing in the car with my sister
homesick for having a place to take a deep breath
homesick for the country and dirt roads
homesick for southern accents
homesick for my mom's cooking
homesick for my regular life

just a little bit of normalcy

only 24 more days
lins Oct 2019
all the poets write about love
unfortunately I am one

my thoughts are not new
just different
because they’re of you

lins Oct 2019
8 months   in a blink of an eye
8 months   of our life gone by

8 months   of love like no other
8 months   being here for one another

1 year         getting to know your heart
1 year         never wanting to be apart

8 months   me and you together
8 months   leading us to forever
you are my whole heart

lins Oct 2019
it’s supposed to be happy
fun, crazy, and a little sappy
but I’m always stuck
in places that ****

too early to know
if the friends are just for show
happens every single year
this day always brings fear

this time it’s harder
my real friends are farther
I want to be with mine
but it’s impossible this time

you are miles away
on my special day
lins Oct 2019
I’m getting used to it here
still not comfortable with the stares
I need some time by myself
I won’t put what I love on a shelf

I can never get a word in
you cry for no reason
always have an excuse
for what feels like verbal abuse

I can’t handle you feelings
I need my own time for healing
my world is completely changing
this joy is mine for the taking

you need to figure out how
to live in the here and now
a lot you bring on yourself
tú necesitas ayuda, some help!
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