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Grey Nov 20
Without you, the world my not stop spinning
but my heart would cease to beat.
Grey Nov 17
Sixty red balloons
Seeping air through barely-patched holes
Falling from the sky.
Inspired by 99 Luftballons by Nena (99 Red Balloons is the English version).
Grey Nov 17
Lost boys
Running down the streets
Cutting corners in their haste
To get away from life.
Inspired by Lost Boy by Ruth B.
Grey Nov 17
The light in your eyes
And the rain from your tears
Mix together to create
The most beautiful colors.
This is a part of a longer, unfinished poem that I started writing for Pride Month this year. I liked this bit a lot so decided to post it separately until the full version is completed.
Grey Nov 17
I am lost in the rain,
and the rain is lost in me.
Grey Nov 2
You whisper
drunken promises
through red-rimmed lips,
eyes softer than the fading sun.
Like the kisses on my face
and the shattered pictures on the floor
they'll be broken all too soon.
Grey Nov 2
You are a lantern
And I am but a moth,
Gazing in awe at your beauty and welcoming presence.
As if in a trance, I draw near
And bask in your warm light
Too enveloped in your grace
To notice the corpses littering the floor.
You burn my once-gorgeous wings until I can no longer fly,
You sear my retinas so all I can see is you,
And yet I can’t leave, too reliant on your heat.
And just like that, a switch is flipped.
Your light goes out.
And I am left alone with only the wreckage you brought me
And the knowledge
That it’s all my fault.
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