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  Jul 2019 Erica
Infamous one
Two young adults
Smile at one another
Both with similar interest
He was a nerd and playful
No experience with women
She was the popular girl
Well rounded liked by most
The chemistry between them
It was intense magical moments
Spending time together
Getting to know one another
  Jun 2019 Erica
We cant all be free,
We cant all be meant to be
Some have strick law
Others can sit back and not care
We cant all be free
Now i know that
Since youre not here with me
Erica May 2019
all i've done is wish for you
wish for you to love me like you say you still do
wish for your hand in mine
wish for your happiness
wish for you
then i later realized i wasn't wishing
i realized i was falling for you and those were just my hopes and dreams
and i was...scared
but...happy with you
and you seemed happy so i went along with it
and now here i am
in the middle of math class wishing i was with you and only you
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