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Grey May 2020
As sleep overcomes me,
my unsteady hands loosen their grip on the locket
and it slides through my fingers
and falls to the ground.
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
She Gathered Lilacs
by Michael R. Burch

for Beth

She gathered lilacs
and arrayed them in her hair;
tonight, she taught the wind to be free.

She kept her secrets
in a silver locket;
her companions were starlight and mystery.

She danced all night
to the beat of her heart;
with her tears she imbued the sea.

She hid her despair
in a crystal jar,
and never revealed it to me.

She kept her distance
as though it were armor;
gauntlet thorns guard her heart like the rose.

Love!—awaken, awaken
to see what you’ve taken
is still less than the due my heart owes!

Published by The Neovictorian/Cochlea, The Eclectic Muse (Canada), Shabestaneh (Iran), Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry, The Chained Muse, Inspirational Stories and Captivating Poetry (Anthology)

Keywords/Tags: Love, lilacs, hair, wind, secrets, locket, starlight, mystery, heart, beat, tears, sea, despair, crystal, jar, distance, armor, rose, thorns, due, heart, owes
You are my dearest posession,
The one I keep in a locket around my neck.
But you see, the thing is-
No matter how beautiful the locket is,
I'm still allergic to silver.
Facts. I'm still going to wear it though, **** my skin.
B D Caissie Sep 2019
If I could save time in a locket, I would wear it around my neck and sail the seas. Thus being immortally known as the father of time travel.

A locket of gold hangs on a chain
Around your neck always
By your heart it remains

Engraven with words, only for you
“I am a child of God”
Provides comfort anew

Open your locket - reread the words
Remember the message
Let them often be heard

A happy, joyful, prosperous flow
Will stream from your locket
You received long ago

Emblazon the words into your mind
Let hope spring eternal
And your treasure you’ll find
This is Prosperity Poem 44 at  and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background here
all the while I will love you because I’ve never been good at stringing the little locket heart into my chest. It’s always just dangled in my hand clumsily. People always tell me “kid you gotta hide that. Don’t you know where you are.”and i want to laugh. And say “ I’m in the jungle baby”, proceed to sing the rest of that song, and not let them get me down. Cause **** the *******.

It is what it is, the sadness, but with it
also the love
why suffer.

little locket in hand and the nearness of the you, jazz standards floating through my head,
are enough.

It is what it is.
I’m in Love with you. Thousands of Motown songs and R&B 2019 top charting singles running, forming hills in my mind
so ever slowly, but continuously that everytime I walk past one of those hills, I fail to recognize it.
They’re becoming mountains

They are what they are,
as this is what it is.
kaycog Jun 2016
For my sixteenth birthday she gave me a locket
Which I keep inside a bag, inside a box, inside of my drawer
All shiny and silver, with initials engraved
Carved on its back the date forever saved
It is resting undisturbed, never worn out
Though I try it out from time to time
Put it on by the mirror and wonder to myself
This is who I would be had things stayed the same
I shake my heavy head, unclasp it from my neck
The last piece of you at last is removed
And yes, I do try to forgive
But to this day that locket stays
Inside of a bag, in a box, at the bottom of my drawer

I don't put it on anymore
This one was published
Spenser Bennett Jun 2016
I've got vines for my veins and roots for my laces
Leaves for my hair that hangs over empty eyes, graceless
It's coming from up under my branches
All this air could've been wasted on dead faces

Tell me what you're thinking
Put it into words for my inkling
Tickle me with jokes
But watch out for my ribbing

Power only consumes
But love it always feeds you
And I love it
When you breeze through

And I'm moving
To windy grooving
As you sing me
All your favorite musing

So baby won't you cut me
Down but don't you burn me
Wear me as a locket
Don't you ever lose me

Or I'll lose me
I'm not really sure.
Kerri Apr 2016
The cold locket
She gave you
Slipped from your neck
Falling between
Your bare breast
And down past
Your broken heart

You hugged
Your knees
That they might
Save you
And hold you
For just a
Little while

Staring at your
In the
Lukewarm water
That stagnated
At your thighs,
A white
Porcelain refuge
Surrounded by
Moldy tiles
Was your solace

The salty leakage
From your
Forest eyes
Fell faster
Than the
Squeaky faucet
That never stopped

The cool
Air grazed
Your spine
And sent
A peppered
Patch of
Chill bumps
Down your arms,
But you
Didn't seem
To mind

All you
Could feel
Was the
Broken pieces
Of your heart,
S c a t t e r e d
In the water
Slicing your body
Like tiny
Razor blades
By their
Jagged, Uneven

With one
Flip of
Your toe
You whispered
As the necklace
That she
Gave you
And the
Pieces of
Your heart
That she
Took from you
Slid down
The drain,
Into the
Place Where
Broken Hearts Go.
A story of the place where most girls go to deal with their broken hearts: A good cry in the bath tub.
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