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Tyler Man Dec 2017
The echo of your mistakes rippling like the wake of water from a single drop of rain. One after the other you see the pain. Knowing the things you did the things you said have brought you to now and now you see how
#life #how #newlight #unsure #wishthifweredifferent #mistakes #problems #changes #change #colateralbeauty #pain # blind # rain #watet # unseen
Tyler Man Nov 2016
Trying my best. Just isn't enough. Mental disease has got me all ****** up paranoia controlling my mind twists and turns make corners blind hat you say is life's intent to beat you up and leave you bent. Mistakes you make will never end so you go on living life trying to mend. Lessons learned the first time like your eye with a little squeak size of lime. But lessons learned over and over   ******* your brain like a hover now what to do live life healing you or me is that what makes me free from this disease oh please.... Help me
This is how I feel a lot of the times when I'm struggling to move forward and I keep getting stuck
Tyler Man Apr 2016
Constant contemplation
Blind imagination
I've ben trying to make a transformation
Life only leading to frustration
Fighting threw felt pointless
The pain looking forward... Endless
Truly I thought
My gut all tied in knot
Truth was spoken
No longer will it be broken
A path to truth it seems
Push away the bad dreams
Next to be is free
I can live life being me
Wow what a concept
From what my mind had kept
Now my dreams come true
Mind free to do what it use to
No more torture
I can't wait for the future
Build a home
Travel to Rome
My mind can soar
Let out a roar
Finally me cause I can
Does it ever feel to be a new man
Tyler Man Mar 2016
Flow for the soul
Art for the heart
It's time for your mind to see
truly able to be free
Did you know that your influenced
By people you don't know
Would we continue to let people
Be the front runners of our species
Who just hate who just bring pain
Who lie and cheat for the only reason to get more rich more money more power. Is thius what life truly is. No this is not. I know you know this is the truth... It isn't some *******. Actors and story tellers amount te highest paid.... People who control social media are paid more then so many doctors... While hospitals. This makes no sense... How is it we let the industrial revoulutial and the birth of commercialism a ruin the human race. Not saying we were perfect at anytime... But like really there were people willing to give freedom and we sat by and let those people be pushed away even killed... This is why we need to stand tall talk about the issues the brain washing by mass media to tell you what you want what you need. We are human and we must learn to live together.
Tyler Man Jan 2016
You know like many others I'd like to change the world
Like many people I'd like to mild minds and change vision
But truly that's just having control
It's not life it's not real
It's a reality like this that shows me
To live life not to change it
To understand change comes naturally
That if I move forward
Living true living life freely
That change will happen
This isn't some hope I have
This is real this is truth
Tyler Man Jan 2016
My love
My soul
She's a dove
Her beauty it stole
Her soul brang
Understanding me would be hard
Cause my souls felt so chard
Her eyes opened my mind
Something I truly couldn't find
It's hard to believe
That's she would retrieve
My broken heart
So torn apart
With fear of the darkness
You brought the light
The light princess
Sent to make things right
It's funny you see
Cause that's only to me
She sees herself quite dark
But the truth is what I see
What she holds on the outside is only bark
When our souls meet I feel the fire
Truly this is how love would conspire
From broken souls mended
Souls no longer pretended
Our hearts and souls
Now ours to grow
Our garden of flow
Tyler Man Aug 2015
Maybe today is different
Maybe now is change
Maybe we can find hope
Maybe tomarrow will be the day
Maybe it will be the change we all can beleive in
Maybe if we try
Maybe if we don't give up
Maybe if we fight
Maybe today we stop trying
Maybe today we become
Maybe today we are one
I beleive we are one
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