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Jay Dayz May 2019
Something that describes me
The feeling I keep hiding

I want to be by your side
Yet I know I can't
So I stay away
Like you want me to

It's what I am
Is what I'll always be

Destined to cry
In the shadows of the past
Without moving foward
Trying to not look back

Is what I feel
When you look away

I'll keep my distance
If that makes you happy
I'll give everything away
If I get to see you smile

For you my love
Will be enough
Jay Dayz Oct 2018
No te quejes
No te quejes
Cierra la boca
que no es la hora

No te quejes
No te quejes
A nadie le importa
lo que te ahorca

No te quejes
No te quejes
Queda en silencio
Deja el incendio

No te quejes
No te quejes
No tienes excusa
No hay excusa
Jay Dayz Sep 2018
So my true intent can’t be discovered,
So my heart and love can r­est in covers,
I write you this poem, I ignore the pain;
And wish­ that tomorrow I’ll see you again.

I wish to love you and be lov­ed back,
But I just know that your heart I lack.
So I hide my wis­hes in tunes and rhymes;
Cause I just know I’m not worth your tim­e.

So my words are silent, but my tunes stay true;
Cause It’s yo­ur heart who I want to speak too.
I know I’m not really all that ­you want,
But I just wish you’d look at me for some more time.
Jay Dayz Aug 2018
Just forget it
I don't know why I tried

I know I'm being sensitive
And I hate myself for it
you don't need to point it out

Just even forget I tried
I'm sorry
Its not your foult
I'm just very impatient

I'm just so tired
I don't care what rhymes
I'm alone surrounded by people
In a darkness surrounded by light
I don't find a way to care right now
Jay Dayz Jul 2018
I love being left alone, abandoned
told that I don't matter
But it's fine, I get it
I just hoped you didn't mean it

Go ahead, leave me behind
I understand, I don't mind
I understand I got replaced
I understand I got no place

I hoped you'd never leave my side
but now I get that I was just blind
There is so much better than me
There are so many better ways to live

I know it's fine, but it still hurts
You have to move, I'm forced to stay
You make more friends and find your place
while in a solitary state I stay

I know I', selfish, I know it's rude
but I just wished to have a place
I'm sorry I was not enough
I'm sorry that I wished too much
Jay Dayz Jul 2018
I cant write a poem today
because the endless words will fog the purpose
I'm sorry for all I've done
My mistake for being dumb
Were all flawed, were all hauted
But its me who couldn't see
I thought those thoughts were true
but it turns out they just had
selfish wished
all I blamed was for myself
for I am the most flawed
this doesn't rime
this doesn't flow
but neither do my thoughts
surrounded by all my lies
Jay Dayz Jun 2018
No matter how much I try
I cant seem to make my words rhyme.
But my heart keeps pouring out,
and if its not though letters it's though my eyes.

I need you with me,
I want you near me;
But I know my weakness,
I know I'm selfish.

Every time I see you eyes,
hear you laugh, or see you smile,
I cant help but want some more;
cause it's only you that can keep me warm.

You make me feel stronger,
You make me feel loved;
You give me a reason
To keep moving on

But I know how you feel about me,
I know it's not mutual.
So I'm just content in the sidelines;
Watching you smile is my lifeline.

I wish you were here,
I wish this was real.
But I know my weakness,
I know the deal.

And just like always I'll try to move on;
against my hearts wishes, against its soft plea.
I just want you to hold me, and tell me it's fine,
I just want someone to help me survive.

Love ruins friendships,
Love just bring hardships,
Love is so painful,
And yet is so warming.
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