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May 2018
Surrounded by endless space,
We have one place;
A home in perfect placement,
A little bastion of hope.

It's a miracle we're here,
And graceful we must feel;
But they don't comprehend,
They just don't understand.

Blinded by white lies,
That "Everthing'll be fine"
But is that really true?
Why don't they see the truth?

I wish to save my home,
My little bastion of hope;
But only wanting more,
They destroy evermore.

I wish to give the Earth it's peace
I wish her soul you would release.
But when I speak you shut me out
Just to make society proud.

How can you destroy your home?
How can you just care for more?
Your selfishness will doom us all
Your doomed if you ignore her call
Steep outside and look at the sky. Isn't it beautiful? Breath the air and hear the wind, we're so bless to be right here. Don't ignore the Earths cries, help her out and leave your mark.
Jay Dayz
Written by
Jay Dayz  18/Non-binary/La Isla del Encanto
(18/Non-binary/La Isla del Encanto)   
     Daniel Ruiz and Jay Dayz
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