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Druzzayne Rika Jun 2019
I am a small part of big
it comes from within
every cell of the body
working together in unison
to make me do what I make do
every each equal part
all through the heart,
neurons and veins.

a rebirth in the breath
same with the death
to openly give
lay arise to have and hold
simple things are gold
all the moments made
never will be sold.

a figure to figure
a passing second to record
the choice my made
and the lies I said
echoed in the universe
came back pronounced
it faces me the ugly side.

Who really knows
the knowledge of eternity
a purpose, wishful destiny
a very green envy
my own construct life
my existence roots
disrupt others
Druzzayne Rika Apr 2018
We do not own the earth
     no one does
          it gives shelter to many lives
              lets the mother nature rule the way.

The consequence of humans breaking the rule
countless times
the balance is disrupted
It is killing the earth slowly
affecting flora and fauna.

Humans may try to find another planet to disrupt
try to pollute other spaces with their selfishness
Taking advantage of Earth's kindness,
leaving behind the unrecyclable waste
The disaster is set to come
And the destruction will be worse.

Save the Earth now
let the life grow.
Tyler Man Apr 2014
What's given
Can be taken
Life constantly mending
The rules that are continually bending
Our troubles from alarm
From people trained to bring harm
Now do we live to love
Find ways to rise above
Or cave into
The things we think we'd never do
Lose the things we came to be
Never knowing what we could truly see
Rough patches through the dark
Even though we've all been given an ark
Some choose to live that path
Living in a continual blood bath
Using hate to make us feel provin
Living a life that's not worth livin
It's easy to just give up
And get obsession and disrupt
But I beg of me come away
To shine on and shine today
I beg of you to do the same
Do not let the darkness bring you  shame
Move through life with a great light
Something that will eventually shine bright
I know it's hard when dark destroys
Trying to fool you with all it's mental ploys
But your are strong
You'll learn to prove life wrong
Or maybe right
Cause life could be bright
I say to you with great haste
make sure to go out and give life a taste
Cause it's worth the time
do not commit the crime
Stop abandoning your morals
And begain to remove your quarrels
Life will transcend
It's only around the bend
Don't give up I beg of you
They say couple people make it only a few
But I believe if we all really tried
That everyone will make it before they all have gone and died
So I say to you be the ones who tried
And give up the  you who once lied

— The End —