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Makenzie Marie Dec 2018
I love you
I love you
I love you.

Please believe me.
I won’t say it but I hope you see it.
aih Sep 2018
Them in the back,
MT Jun 2017
I’m the one who loves you oh so much.
The ones whose heart melts at your touch.
I’m the one who loves your love handles.
I’m the one who loves when you ramble.
I’m the one who loves all your flaws.
The one who wouldn’t judge you at all.
I love your laugh and your smile. I love your voice and love your style
But only if I could share, this love that’s truly there.
I don’t want fake so with my heart, don’t play.
I love you to the moon and back, I’m here to always stay
Because I’m the one.
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MT Jun 2017
I once heard a quote that said we fear rejection, we want affection.
It says we crave attention and dream of perfection.
When we are looking in the wrong dimension,
Because that dimension only goes in one direction.
But if you try something new with me we can end this temptation,
And we can start our new and special generation.
What we have is beyond anyone else’s imagination.
Take my hand and we can show an admiration in our own location.
We can go on a new road with our love, a clean slate.
Join me in our new location… Our true destination.
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MT Jun 2017
Is it Love or is it Lust when I give you my trust,
I tell you things that may scare you, but you always stay.
Is It Lust or is it Love when my emotions are unheard of,
I try to hide my pain from every person I see, but you saw the real me.
Is it Pain or is it Gain when you see my scars and I’m the one to blame,
I feel alone in my family tree, but you let me branch out and be free.
Is it Gain or is it Pain when you ask me to share my feelings with you,
There is always pain running through my veins, but you are what I’ve gained.
Is it Right or Is it Wrong when I tell you how I feel and the pain becomes real.
You don’t know how to feel or what to do, but you still say “I will always help you?”
Is it Wrong or is it Right when I put up a fight because I don’t want you to go,
I tell you the pain that’s unspoken and I’ve given you my trust token.
Is it meant, truly meant to be, you and I?
Are we truly meant to fly?
MT Jun 2017
I know I messed up in the past, but I can be strong
I know I’m broken but know you’ve been fixing me all along
You picked up my pieces and glued them back together
We just lost a few pieces, but we can find them through gloomy weather
All the time I wish that you were here or I was there
And as long as this true love is something that we share
I will love you till eternity even through the despair
Because all this pain and hurt you have is something I can bare
You see, Eres mi eterno amor is what we always say
Because even through the bad times you know I’m here to stay
Because we always have this hurt and we always have this pain
But you can’t have a rainbow if you don’t have a little rain
Because even though we bring out the stress in each other
We also bring out the best like no other
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MT Jun 2018
It’s You because of your smile...
That makes me want to stay because you’re worth my while
It’s You because of your lips...
That collides with mine, and at that moment my heart does tricks
It’s You because of your eyes...
That makes me get lost in who you are because you’re the perfect prize
It’s You because of your hands…
As they intertwine perfectly with my mine and make my heart dance
It’s You, that’s true, it’s always been you. That’ll keep me going when I don’t want to.
It’s You because of your heart...
That makes mine skip a beat and my heart melts whenever you start to speak
It’s You because of your voice...
That makes me smile and feel comforted because you are always the best choice
It’s You because of your touch...
That makes me love being with you each oh so much
It’s You because of your Beauty...
That makes me think “I truly have to make her as happy as can be” it’s my duty
Yes, it’s you, that’s true, it’s always been you.
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MT Jun 2018
I know I can be happy, I know that this can work because in the beginning I was happy and I loved you then.
In the end, we’ll be together and I’ll be happy once again, because baby, I could never lose you, it would be the death of me.
I feel so free with you, you let me be free, be the real me.
You opened my eyes to my problems and helped me be true.
The world isn’t anything to me if I don’t have you.
You see, I’d walk for miles just to see your pretty smile.
And I’d give up forever to hold you for awhile.
I’d do anything and give it all up to make you feel better.
As long as it ended in me having you forever.
When I’m with you I’m comforted and then I feel safe, but when I’m without you I honestly have no place.
You’ve always made me feel powerful, useful, and needed.
You always bring me up through the bad when I’m down and defeated,
But as my mind spins, I begin to think and what would you say?
Would you say you feel the same way I feel day after day?
I want you to stay, but I’m scared of what you will say because the hurt I have caused you in my mind will never go away.
You’ll always be my sunshine through the good and bad.
You’ll be my moon to light the darkness when I am sad.
As you are always there for me to save the day.
Whenever you feel alone know that I’m here to stay.
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MT Jun 2018
She said to me, “I feel like I’ve lost you.” because lately, I haven’t been there, I’m just fading away.
It’s like I went off the road that leads to nowhere, but I’m being fooled, thinking that one day I can reach ‘nowhere’ even though I’m already here.
You’ve lost me in the Jungle of Fear… Fear that I won’t get out of the Jungle so I hide away in a tree, never having the courage to leave.
Because I don’t want to be a memory that you think about in vain
I don’t want to fall into the box of your old heartbreaks and hurt
I don’t want you to fear trust in me, I don't want to cause you pain, I don’t want to be to blame when things are never the same.
You’ve changed. I’ve changed, but I am still stuck in this tree.
Waiting for you to set me free, but we are green people, we can’t just cut the tree down.
There was never a way down, but there was a way up.
You seem to fear the tree because there is not a safe way down and you climbed the tree before and was disappointed.
Will you be disappointed again or will we make it to the end?
Would it be better if I get out of the tree? Then can we be free?
Will you help me down to the ground?
Or let me fall?
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MT Apr 2018
But I am clueless… because you have given me no clue on what to do and I feel worthless
But quotes and books tell me to be hopeful, but you aren’t here so hope is gone so how do I cope?
Because when you are gone, it feels so wrong, and I just don’t want to go on
And the pain goes on and on and on and on until I struggle to breathe and I choke
I choke on all this pain I’m been given because to them it’s just a joke
Because my mom is alive, my dad is alive, my sisters, my cousins, my family, they’re all alive
You see, to you, I haven't’ seen struggle, not like the others, my dad left me as a kid, but I still have my mother
My mom doesn’t know about the pain, none of my family knows about me being in this game of life, but not knowing how to play
But people have different sizes, types, and kinds of struggle because of our different perspective because I see a 3 and you see an E
I can see a stick in the grown and you can see a tree, I can see an S and you can see a snake, but that doesn’t mean my answers are fake
There are so many ways to interpret words, sayings, things, beings, the world,
Impossible says I’m possible, can’t, take away the “t” and says can
You see I go on and on about my pain and how I am one and alone and others don’t believe me
That doesn’t mean when I talk about this pain I have, it’s not true, but it is okay because you don’t want to deceive me
I will never give up because that one person I want to believe me, is you
I will forever try to find a word for us... two.
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