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Nov 2020 · 171
Shawn B Nov 2020
Monkey me, monkey you.
What's a monkey supposed to do?

Look and listen to Fathers love,
listen to the calls above.
Put the devil under ground,
pray against those hot hell hounds.
Act in faith when the call I hear,
always love and never fear.

Devil down,
bless the rest,
put those monkeys to the test.

Monkey me, monkey through,
past a wall unto the true.

Love and bless and passed a test,
hope in Jesus for me is rest.
Faith is right with grace in sight,
in my Fathers mighty might.
Hope for me, and hope for you,
hope the monkeys all be true.

Hope for me and hope for you.
Go monkey!
Just reflecting on the daily struggle of life, when things come to you pass or failing tests of life, you can lean on the grace of Jesus and seek the Father always. Hope people are doing well. God bless.
Oct 2020 · 307
Shawn B Oct 2020
Devil down under ground
To Gods just deep ocean sound
Burn the devil
Bless the rest

Put those monkeys to the test

Monkey me Monkey you
Look to heaven, see and do...

daily prayer in life, hope that people put to actions Gods love in Jesus.
Jan 2018 · 395
I don't feel like it,
Shawn B Jan 2018
It's my day off

even-though so was yesterday I feel I deserve a rest.

I cleaned the washroom
I did my reading
I even exercised in the basement,
a little longer than usual.
Man am I great!

Then comes the lazy hesitance,
"this is not the end, begin."

Content with what I've done. I can do no more,

Well I could but I think I'll just play video games.

the lazy hesitance with a silent call a draw to do,
"one more thing"

Be wise with these urges it could steer me wrong, again!

But it says, "go out", not **** your neighbor.

The heavy lazy hesitance,
coupled with the silent push to do one more,
"just go out the door, just out the door that's all honest."

"It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to."

I dunno, should I go jogging?
It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to. The quote is of course from the LOTR, I got it from the book - online search. Just a funny poem about motivation I guess. Hope you like.  oh and PS. after this I'm going out for a JOG.
Shawn B Jan 2018
I dream of peace and just assurance.
I have stood for it all my life,
with constitution and vigor.

My hope and that which I have defended,
stood bright and noble in the light of love.
It has been as I have seen him
quietly brave,
a perfect encapsulation.

The wind has not shaken him in his innocence,
he shall stand beside me in nobility

I will defend this glory.

In innocence and grace,
as a child, you stand and walk.
I will work this day in your honor, with ease.

We will watch you in all you stand for victorious.

Together we are ready and true, within and beside you, our hope.

Innocence tempted,
standing unprotected,
with all hope inside, and promise.
All that is of value, tested, to be refined.
The day has passed and that which was gold is a fooled fool.
Standing in temptation as many a desperate ***** desire,

We cannot lose hope, this is a test.

I must continue, to put you forth to your destiny.
Leaving the darkness into arms much worse, knowing betrayal.
You will go to glory but I must forsake my own, crippled.

I am destitute, in my flippancy,
I realize that sin is a filth not able to be removed.
But I know the code,
the law of fire and grace,
I can use it to my advantage and forsake the trials,
and continue in love, but what love is this?
A mentor lay in my path.

The show must go on.

It is loss to move on,
it is loss to forsake,
is is loss to do nothing.
No bearing of truth do I have now in this gift of victory
Move forward to prove. Fall back to loose again?
Or loose all gained by grace's ennoble gain?

He washed us white as snow.

Works or Love?
Entwine the two...
We will carry you, the broken of my deeds,
from white to grey to white, through blood and fire we go,
as you have shown us oh mighty man,
now wasted.
For this is the way understood.

I see you on the edge, not swiftly turning.

What's that you carry?

The wreck of the mighty's ambition.
For it was not just the faithful
who brought me home,
but the vision of might and of noble in glory.
The glimpse of both from which I strayed in vain curiosity
Now mending myself and you in mighty ambition.

Noble, faithful, and true we carry on.
This is one of those poems that could go on forever but you have to stop and come to a conclusion sometime. So I hope it ended well, in hope in a mixed up life vowed for something better. I know I'm not perfect and but this is my hope that I will stand faithful to what I have given myself in Jesus. This poem is a reflection of my life and it's struggle in poetic form, obviously not literal. Anyway I hope whoever reads it likes and thinks about your life too... :)
Shawn B Jan 2018
I don't know how I met you. Inspired.
It's like you appeared out of the thin air.
Newly created...

I held my own, just barley,
As you looked at me, across your dinner table at mid day or earlier.
Like it was early in the morning even though it wasn't.
Fresh and geeky, tidy and neat, And on a mission!
You smiled, laughed and winced in my general direction.
I answered your questions, one worded like.
You answered mine before I even asked, I was mystified.
You're like a feather, from a native chiefs head dress,
Dipped in ink,
Then blown onto a piece of paper made of pure flexible gold,
Written into existence by divine inscription.
Dawson Creek...

I made a sculpture. Five so far,
I cut my thumb, multiple times on this one, multiple times.
Sorry. To number five and to myself,
Bad skills, bad counter-pressure,
Blood, scars, band-aids.
Blood on five, scars on me,
Pouce Coupe...

Between for me equals the space between,
Between Dawson Creek and Grand Prairie,
Like Pouce Coupe, is "cut thumb", in french.
A mother tongue language of somewhere in me, undiscovered.
English is my Papa tongue, the language of, "let's get things done!"
Both pretty good. One definitely more productive! Go!
Pouce Coupe, the undiscovered middle ground.
A french name for an English town.
Pouce Coupe...

Like this sculpture,
Art from the space between, Like the memory of you,
My "lost" friends,
Memories like driving there and home again.
Through memory lane.
It's like Pouce Coupe, the memory of you.
Like the scar, the cut thumb, the memories good and all my bad.
And somewhere in between I'll meet you all again,
Most likely in "Pouce Coupe".
The unpredictable space between,
Pouce Coupe...
Just an odd reminisce of mingled thoughts of things that bundling through my head when I'm doing art. Sounded fun wanted to write it down. So, I wrote it down here. Enjoy
Jan 2018 · 405
Shawn B Jan 2018
Sometimes waking up hurts
Try sleeping all week
I slept a whole year once
Didn't get much done
Try Ten years
Less done

Waking up
and staying up
getting ready
and then doing something
I get more done

get up in the

I find if I get up in the morning and face a day it's better than sleeping all day. Most of the time, unless I had a bad week or something... ya. Get up and go, Think, Know (stuff, people, God), Be (someone), Do (something good, for you and others... or others and then you? But be prepared. that's what I'm telling myself).
Jan 2018 · 257
A wave.
Shawn B Jan 2018
notice the little wave shape of the word edges. Can you walk on water? Any Canadian can we do it all the time, it's called ice! Haven't tryed walking on thawed ice yet though. Diving yes, walking no, falling yes, thrown in yes. Faith, always... fake it till you make it! :P :)
Mar 2017 · 498
Shawn B Mar 2017
The phone rings

(My heart leaps for a second
I haven't heard this voice for at least three weeks)
How's the weather down there?
It's just snowed, my vehicle is Brocken,
A dead starter,
My starter is dead today too,
No work
No play
But a little bundle of energy in my chest
But not motivated to do anything)
Cold.. snowy, you?
(People say these conversations have little or zero value...)
Nice, thanks
How are you?
(...But it does. Cause in 1978 when it was dry
The crops didn't grow and
People went near dead)
(He's always good. It's a talent that comes naturally
To him, but the ready of us struggle to get to.
I feel like I have to work so
Hard just to break even with everyone living
With what seems like effortless ease.
But he struggles not.)
(At least he struggles not as far as I can see,
With a heart as big as that there has to be some struggle there.
With care, and affections, comes hope,
And hope hurts until it's fullfiled,
And he hopes, I know he hopes,
Or he wouldn't call,
and I can hear it in his voice,
See it his eyes.
I want to succeed, just to prove you right
For believing in me)
We talk a bit
I hang up the phone,
And get busy.

Hi Dad. Thanks for calling.
Mar 2017 · 331
Shawn B Mar 2017
Blue was a good day yesterday,
So is today...
...but I made a boo-boo..
..and bumped into you last night before you left...
(all our efforts down the drain,
a hidden sin can leave a shuttle stain) just gave me a ***** look,
And smiled and said,
"You might come over tomorrow"

(I think better luck next time!)
Sometimes our suttle thoughts and attitudes don't go unnoticed to the ones you care about, so be careful. SB
Mar 2017 · 329
Were and Where
Shawn B Mar 2017
I just watched a movie of Werewolves
Let us say actually of
Werewolves, Vampires, Zombies and any of the like
If I were one
I'd be any one, any day
let's **** the past

I was lost
And searching for some life to borrow

The point is for me, where does my life come from
Or where does my help come from
My help comes from You, maker of heaven
Creator of the whole earth
This life offered
All but for me to seek and find
Or any old creature too

In the morning I get up
Kneel and say
"thank You"

I was found
And found again, when I loose my way

I just called my Dad
Or let's say maybe my Brother
Though the memory of the rest still follow me to this day

Walking dead you could say
You bring the life with you

Lost now found

Alive as I allow myself to be, or more alive at least
As I Give, Share, Love, Bless, Pray, Encourage, Help, Listen...
Love by Faith
Over Jordan is a choice. Though I still walk a little broken, I hope God will use this broken clay, and see me home. SB
Shawn B Feb 2017
She had a smile that lit up my heart and soul like a winter campfire,
no a bonfire, and rock and roll music playing constantly in the background, with the joy and sorrow in her huge heart,
that she flaunted with robust ease,
"Gorgeous", she said,
She was so gorgeous, and she called me that from across the apartment,
you are too, I thought but didn't want to say the same word so I just smiled, It's like we could spend a night together, a day together, a life even in those Betty Davis eyes, in hind sight, a life, intimate and quiet from another land near mine but not quite yet connected, or conquered,
but you did, and you quit smoking,
"I'll change for you", she said,
Movies and window peeping, it's okay they'd close the blinds if they wanted to keep you from looking, you did say, you said a lot of funny things I'll forever remember, I'll catch up with you later, if I make it, your not my wife I guess, I won't hold you back, stupid things to think, to say, in hindsight, more like a close sister,
I said,
"goodbye my very dear friend", and she would say it too,
A friend and companion, you were number one, teenage love,
partners in crime, should of stuck with you, I sometimes think, marching fast, arm in arm, way ahead of all those lazy stragglers with less direct motivation, swimming, bathroom makeover, frolicking in the night, fun, then the kiss, my very first kiss from a girlfriend, I liked it very much, short and brave and fast,
"Gross", she would not of said the same,
Sporty spice, travel the planet for hopes, and travel journey fun,
sports, and smarts,
"Fire in a running shoe", does you no justice,
Words, thick frame glasses on a little bird, but a very wise one, and eager and muchly shrewd, I wanted to stay, I don't know why I didn't kiss you on the mouth that day, to cautiously laid upon the cheek, sorry, you were the coolest,
"life as a poem, an article, a revolution", I just whispered it of you,
Oh how I wish to write you name now, for I fell for it before I even bought into you, not as quickly as I saw your frame in the distance though, my heart leaped, but you were a teacher, so busy I figured, still time for me though, mountain quests biking with a failed challenge to bunny over a log, it could have been done, you push, you challenge, we dove into conversation, eyes locked, I say we never dated but we did pursue it non the less,
"Spunky geeky gospel funk" I was up to it, still am,
Animated worlds, the gradual approach, a white girl from Africa, to know if you were an Africa-an African I didn't get that far, I knew it was possible when you touched my hand that night when we all went to the LOTR at the movies and you sat next to me, was that intentional, I think it might have been, so exotic yet familiar,
a real animation trooper, I wonder where you are now,
"Military legend of the big screen, a real tooner"
You all rock and roll and Rock, an old way you do, the real way,
I did love, I did care, and still hope for you girls, ladies, women, people.

I told her I'd write this in the shower

She was mentioned first
the order changes, you're all so cool plus,
there's no order,
just know you all could have been the number one for me,
if i weren't a crazy fool.

But a fool can become wise, so
"Here's to you!"

Maybe I'll catch ya later,
maybe I just did,
or maybe not.


I hope to someday,
anyways, until someday,
Bye for now,
Crushes and ex-es.
Feb 2017 · 223
Paper bag.
Shawn B Feb 2017
I once had a paper bag
I wheezed it's way with asthma
I once had a paper bag
the cat scratched it to peaces and got away
I once had a paper bag
Full of mushrooms for later, but there was **** inside
I once was a paper bag
Be Strong, Keep the Cat, Loose the ****!
I once had a paper bag
But I threw it away

Now I have a lunch box!
Feb 2017 · 1.6k
Productive who
Shawn B Feb 2017
"You wasting time being productive again"
(That wasn't a question)
Of course I am
"No, I am not"
(That was a joke)
I'm much more sofisticated
"Love me"
(I'm trying)
You spelled sophisticated wrong in you head I'm sure

"have a good day at work"

"Have a good day not being non-productively busy"
I'm still looking for work so I feel this way about our comings and goings. SB
Feb 2017 · 854
Run (Ris'ky Love)
Shawn B Feb 2017

out the door
sun, peaceful bliss

scared, anxiety, pressure.. creeps in
defend my peace
resist, keep, Love

resist, keep, Love
resist, keep, Love
resist, keep, Love

Let Love Keep you

resist, keep Love
resist, keep Love
resist, keep Love
res' keep Love
res' key Love
risky Love
risky love
Jesus Keep me
Resist Love, keep love

fear, pressure, struggle

run, 1,2,3,1,2,3
Love keep me

1,2,3,1,2,3, run

Risky Love,
   resist keep Love
      Jesus keep love
Mold me, Make me, run!

Run, keep, protect, defend, reveal, steady pace, protect love, give,
   Resist evil intent
      Keep to Christ in me,"Keep!"
         Love like God does
Went for a run, this is kinda what goes through my simple little head.
Feb 2017 · 247
Shawn B Feb 2017
It's like we all have our own atmosphere
Our own weather...
Our own mysteries and universes.

We brush past each other and
Collide in bliss or,
Destroy each others life.

I see so many people around
Bumping into each other,
Man it's messy!

I'm often on the outskirts,
Hovering in quiet space.
My world is small.

Maybe I should steer this my world closer to yours,
And just crash.
Or maybe just graze you a little in orbit.

This is how I feel a little here being new to this poetry club thing. Thanks for people who like my poems it'd fun. I want to crash with out having to bad of an accident I guess, in daily life. Bla... anyway hope you like this one. SB.. Later.
Feb 2017 · 212
Shawn B Feb 2017
Quietly I wake
I like it here
safe in my bed

Up am up and out
ready to move
slowly get food

My heart shakes a bit
my eyes hurt
slightly dizzy

Seek him in the quiet morning

Nothing yet, today for me

hit the couch soundly,
and wait.

Read listen,
I'm getting up to call a temporary agency, this is kinda how it feels. G'Morming, was an accident but I left it cause that's how I am in the morning anyway.     :P
Feb 2017 · 326
Shawn B Feb 2017
It's in the wind
It's in the snow I shoveled for 8 hours
I still remember the struggle
Like blood and accident
And that bit where I wet my pants just a little

It's when I'm on my knees
In the snow
Tired and sweaty but it still feels effortless

It is restful in the storm
Like the weather has come inside and stopped
I am empty but it penetrates
Peace, after the struggle is over
Feb 2017 · 320
Sesame Seed
Shawn B Feb 2017
I just had dinner,
Boy it was a winner!
The wife made it wonderfully once again.

The main was insane,
I'd really, surely would eat it again.
I'm still thinking of some filler.

Sesame fried ***** of sesame paste
could surely finish this race.
there's only one glorious pain...

the stupid sesame seeds get stuck in your teeth!

I want one more.
I was asked by my lady to write a nice poem called 'Sesame seed', just for fun. :)
Shawn B Feb 2017
I'm not a poet

So, Wake up?
I don't feel like it but I know I should...
...And when I get up I know I want to be.
Each day is new
I choose to live, but I don't now exactly how.
Exactly? Or at all I think.
O.k. now I know! Love, Focus, Follow...

...The ocean comes in, my heart awakes, I see God, He invites me in and I swallow, "I don't fear You," I say, "I fear myself, I offend you, I know I do, that book You wrote says I do."
"No it doesn't."
I look around...

Nothing but quiet and gold in my belly,
The ocean tide slips away,
I'm left with my breakfast.

Cheerios, plain ones.

I eat my breakfast and go out the door.
The poem I wrote to apply to Hello Poetry.
SB (version luckily saved for me, Ijust didn't know it :P :) . )
Feb 2017 · 187
Shawn B Feb 2017
The eye dost see and so do two
So see the eye that looks at you
But not the eye itself alone
But what it shows inside someone

The eye
This is an old one I wrote when I was a teenager.
I think of Avatar now when I read it.. :)
Feb 2017 · 177
Heart Logic
Shawn B Feb 2017
The heart
Is a muscle
Pumping blood
In and out

We all know that

Our heart is an instrument
A receptor and a conductor
Keep in or out

We all do that

This heart is a cushion
Crash into me
With pins or with hugs

I'll do that

My heart is a springboard
I'll let you land
Or bounce you out

I will do that

Your heart is your home again
And you may do the same
Fly in or fly out

Relationships may stay or go, some last forever some just a little while. This poem is just a tribute to a first moment, or maybe recurring connection. I am usually pretty stand-offish. I hope you like this little poem however you roll.
Jan 2017 · 509
I'm not a poet
Shawn B Jan 2017
I'm not a poet
I don't even look like one
I forgot the poem I wrote to get here

So: here's a 'nother one

I am a poet

Some times words are cheep
Most times
So why write?
Not to be cheep I guess.
To reveal
In a way that doesn't hurt
Or at least hurt too bad.
I don't mind hurt
It's fine
But I'm not exactly perfect
(at least not yet)
Or in some
Peoples eyes
So I'll hurt you too
Or back
By mistake

So hurt me please if you may
So I don't feel so bad
Since I hurt you that day
to come

Sorry if I break you

Sorry if I'm broken

Break me fine
I'm just a clay ***
Stick me in a *** of brown sugar
shard by shard
Then I'm not a ***

I'm a poet

Sorry when I break you
But frankly
You're made of glass

you must be an artist
I couldn't remember the one I originally submitted, I made it up, so I made this one up. You can probably tell. Bye for now. SB

— The End —