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Man Jun 2023
A hitchhiker
On the interstate of love.
It seems,
I am always hanging my thumb out
Searching for something real.
Anything real.
In what seems to me,
A very sad and ingenuine world.
Just as I thought I'd found meaning.
And for those I have loved,
Those I have left, or have gone from me
Was it your or I?

The want to be free.
I S A A C Apr 2023
ticket to the train station
tempted to train my motivation
singing swan songs for my salvation
toking for a moments vacation, coaching vocation
warp the world around my thumb
sway to the beats of my drum
angels pick me up, scared to become
all the things i have been ashamed of
iridescent sparkles that were judged as vain
steady shovelling the ****, shaving down the over grown bushes
the path was there all along; i see her now
what the **** was i even doing
Salvador Kent Oct 2021
******* IDIOT
I must be silent
I must be silent
I am not silent
I must
I must be
Be silent
For to be
To be silent
To be silent
Is to be
To be wise
Must be
Wise ****
Wise I must be wise
And therefore be silent
I have eaten fast food
I am guilty
I must repent
I must I must I must be
Alicia Moore Aug 2020
With the subtle 𝘱𝘰𝘱 of her bubblegum,
I became numb.
I knew then that I had been trapped underneath
the gentle pressure of her thumb.
Juwayriya Jun 2020
Quivering lip under my teeth,
wide eyed I stared into the blank.
It lured me a moment earlier
now it just disappeared.
So I peeked into my subconscious
unbounded by the passing time
Waiting to be struck by that perfect rhyme.
Poetic T May 2020
Try wanking with your
   big toe and longer
               toe-ish part..

Its like a ******* with out
                          the awkwardness..

  Except your palm gets jealous,
  and starts showing the pressure
it can put on this

Jealousy is a digit
not giving a grasp when needed,
              cos you choose another appendage.
Poetress2 Mar 2019
No words were ever uttered,
no tears fell from her eyes;
She felt her heart, being torn apart,
in the darkness of her night.
"What did I do," she asked herself,
"to deserve this pain I feel;"
For every night they'd come to her,
and all she felt was ill.
Enduring the pain she wore like a Cloak,
she'd lay motionless in her bed;
Shattered and torn, since the day she was born,
oh how this child's heart bled.
When they were finished using her,
she was cast aside like trash;
Stepping on her clothes, when they arose,
her heart would burn, as it crashed.
So damaged and used, torn and abused,
she never felt wanted or loved;
She'd face the wall, curled up in a ball,
and began to **** her right thumb.
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