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Salvador Kent Oct 2021
******* IDIOT
I must be silent
I must be silent
I am not silent
I must
I must be
Be silent
For to be
To be silent
To be silent
Is to be
To be wise
Must be
Wise ****
Wise I must be wise
And therefore be silent
I have eaten fast food
I am guilty
I must repent
I must I must I must be
Alicia Moore Aug 2020
With the subtle 𝘱𝘰𝘱 of her bubblegum,
I became numb.
I knew then that I had been trapped underneath
the gentle pressure of her thumb.
Juwayriya Jun 2020
Quivering lip under my teeth,
wide eyed I stared into the blank.
It lured me a moment earlier
now it just disappeared.
So I peeked into my subconscious
unbounded by the passing time
Waiting to be struck by that perfect rhyme.
Poetic T May 2020
Try wanking with your
   big toe and longer
               toe-ish part..

Its like a ******* with out
                          the awkwardness..

  Except your palm gets jealous,
  and starts showing the pressure
it can put on this

Jealousy is a digit
not giving a grasp when needed,
              cos you choose another appendage.
Poetress2 Mar 2019
No words were ever uttered,
no tears fell from her eyes;
She felt her heart, being torn apart,
in the darkness of her night.
"What did I do," she asked herself,
"to deserve this pain I feel;"
For every night they'd come to her,
and all she felt was ill.
Enduring the pain she wore like a Cloak,
she'd lay motionless in her bed;
Shattered and torn, since the day she was born,
oh how this child's heart bled.
When they were finished using her,
she was cast aside like trash;
Stepping on her clothes, when they arose,
her heart would burn, as it crashed.
So damaged and used, torn and abused,
she never felt wanted or loved;
She'd face the wall, curled up in a ball,
and began to **** her right thumb.
Sunshine Jan 2019
A little green plant
Just ready to pluck
Crystal shining brightly
With any such luck

Find the best spot
Hang it down to dry
Watch it swing
Think about your supply

Highly be aware
of your buds
No one needs
Happiness turned dud

Take your time
While you clean
Smoking a seed
Is awful and mean

Favourite part ,break apart
Once Confined then grind

Smoke it all up
Sit back ,and unwind
that lil green plant
Will blow your mind.
Shawn B Jan 2018
I don't know how I met you. Inspired.
It's like you appeared out of the thin air.
Newly created...

I held my own, just barley,
As you looked at me, across your dinner table at mid day or earlier.
Like it was early in the morning even though it wasn't.
Fresh and geeky, tidy and neat, And on a mission!
You smiled, laughed and winced in my general direction.
I answered your questions, one worded like.
You answered mine before I even asked, I was mystified.
You're like a feather, from a native chiefs head dress,
Dipped in ink,
Then blown onto a piece of paper made of pure flexible gold,
Written into existence by divine inscription.
Dawson Creek...

I made a sculpture. Five so far,
I cut my thumb, multiple times on this one, multiple times.
Sorry. To number five and to myself,
Bad skills, bad counter-pressure,
Blood, scars, band-aids.
Blood on five, scars on me,
Pouce Coupe...

Between for me equals the space between,
Between Dawson Creek and Grand Prairie,
Like Pouce Coupe, is "cut thumb", in french.
A mother tongue language of somewhere in me, undiscovered.
English is my Papa tongue, the language of, "let's get things done!"
Both pretty good. One definitely more productive! Go!
Pouce Coupe, the undiscovered middle ground.
A french name for an English town.
Pouce Coupe...

Like this sculpture,
Art from the space between, Like the memory of you,
My "lost" friends,
Memories like driving there and home again.
Through memory lane.
It's like Pouce Coupe, the memory of you.
Like the scar, the cut thumb, the memories good and all my bad.
And somewhere in between I'll meet you all again,
Most likely in "Pouce Coupe".
The unpredictable space between,
Pouce Coupe...
Just an odd reminisce of mingled thoughts of things that bundling through my head when I'm doing art. Sounded fun wanted to write it down. So, I wrote it down here. Enjoy
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