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Karijinbba Oct 2020
Where do I begin!?
Bohemian Rhapsody
Yellow Brick Road
Angelina Jordan loves
SanGutier Angelina
adores Courtney Hadwin
River deep,
Mountain high dancing feet!
Pretty Little Things,
America got talent!
James Brown's;
fantastic dancer skill.
Barry White lover boy!
Elvis M, Frank Sinatra's
sad song "My Way."
Marcelito Pomoy man-girl voice!
Lewis Amstrong,
"What A Wonderful World"
Dancing Monkey
John Lennon Imagine!
C-hamRk-rocks too
I'm loving them all.
Wish you had seen this
true inner singing dancing
Quee-bee-me within
for drone inner you love.
By: Karijinbba
Copy Rights
I've become dance and song to re-live
I got these passionate dancing
singing soul
right under my shy skin.
I know you do too.
Thanks for visiting.
Shawn B Oct 2020
Devil down under ground
To Gods just deep ocean sound
Burn the devil
Bless the rest

Put those monkeys to the test

Monkey me Monkey you
Look to heaven, see and do...

daily prayer in life, hope that people put to actions Gods love in Jesus.
Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
A character
In Hindu Mahabharat
Learnt a great deal
In his mother's womb
Learned and adroit
He came out
I thought it was a myth
I turned out to be a poor blacksmith
Evidence there
Some poets learnt poetry
In mother's womb
When they came out
There was boom boom boom
I look for words, ideas, stimuli
Quotes, poems, stories
Of other people
Try to express
In my own words and style
Things said time and again
Ever since thousand
Years ago
You can't change
The basic concept
Decorate it with
Your own style and words
Adding new dimensions
Hitherto unobserved
I often wonder
Am I in a monkey business?
Luna Sep 2020
Sometimes we feel chained down
Locked in our own self imprisonment
Locked in sometimes the outer world
Sometimes you are too weak to stand
Too humble to climb
And just not strong enough to
Show success
But you'll get there
Just wait
Be patient
And let life
Present itself
If you are too predictable
You're boring
If you're too mysterious
You turn people off
Just be you
The world has alot of the world
And only
One individual
Who is you
MissNeona Sep 2020
The chimps are fighting the bonobos
on the jungle floor
I wanna elevate the game
so they can see there's something more
above their head if they dare see -
bananas hanging in them trees
instead of just runnin' around flinging feces
if they just keep their chin up they would see....

Look up, you monkey!
Bryn Kennell Jul 2020
Monkey bars
Hold on
Do not let go

I climb high
To hold you close
But it takes all my strength
So I let go
SA Szumloz Jun 2020
You try so desperately to fit in,
Playing the monkey of which others see you as
Unfortunately, there is no way of winning
When you're the Elephant Man.
The Dybbuk Jan 2020
Monkey banana,
Climbing trees and smoking canna
bis, it's bliss, over the abyss.
Monkey banana,
No pants, just bandanna,
Screaming "ooh ooh aah aah"
from inside my cabana.
I go to a weekly poetry night, and the theme this week is monkeys.
Carlo C Gomez Jan 2020
Why so inquisitive little guy?
You threw your own feces at Miley Cyrus.
Ate a whole bar of soap.
Even carried Ebola virus.

While nosing around you got
zapped by a high voltage fence.
Stole a bunch of bananas from the dollar store.
But got probation cause it was your first offense.

You once smoked a pack of cigarettes
with Salvador Dali.
Then twice stated he spoke English
like a dumb tamale.

You ran your rental car off a cliff
in Malibu just for kicks.
Bought a case of Gorilla glue just to sniff.

Hanging out with Maury Povich
you copped a feel on Connie Chung.
Spent a complete summer strung out
in North Korea with Kim Jong-un.

You got caught peeking through the hole
in the wall of the girls' locker room.
Pleaded no contest when
the monkey business hit the courtroom.
Then told all in your sorted
memoirs, nom de plume.

You're a lazy abstinent chimp
who's too curious for his own good.
I'd say a future trip to the vet to get neutered
is a sure likelihood.
B D Caissie Sep 2019
Miming nuisance
Might be banana’s
Making weapons from poo
Marvellously behaved sitting on hands

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