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Jan 2018
I dream of peace and just assurance.
I have stood for it all my life,
with constitution and vigor.

My hope and that which I have defended,
stood bright and noble in the light of love.
It has been as I have seen him
quietly brave,
a perfect encapsulation.

The wind has not shaken him in his innocence,
he shall stand beside me in nobility

I will defend this glory.

In innocence and grace,
as a child, you stand and walk.
I will work this day in your honor, with ease.

We will watch you in all you stand for victorious.

Together we are ready and true, within and beside you, our hope.

Innocence tempted,
standing unprotected,
with all hope inside, and promise.
All that is of value, tested, to be refined.
The day has passed and that which was gold is a fooled fool.
Standing in temptation as many a desperate ***** desire,

We cannot lose hope, this is a test.

I must continue, to put you forth to your destiny.
Leaving the darkness into arms much worse, knowing betrayal.
You will go to glory but I must forsake my own, crippled.

I am destitute, in my flippancy,
I realize that sin is a filth not able to be removed.
But I know the code,
the law of fire and grace,
I can use it to my advantage and forsake the trials,
and continue in love, but what love is this?
A mentor lay in my path.

The show must go on.

It is loss to move on,
it is loss to forsake,
is is loss to do nothing.
No bearing of truth do I have now in this gift of victory
Move forward to prove. Fall back to loose again?
Or loose all gained by grace's ennoble gain?

He washed us white as snow.

Works or Love?
Entwine the two...
We will carry you, the broken of my deeds,
from white to grey to white, through blood and fire we go,
as you have shown us oh mighty man,
now wasted.
For this is the way understood.

I see you on the edge, not swiftly turning.

What's that you carry?

The wreck of the mighty's ambition.
For it was not just the faithful
who brought me home,
but the vision of might and of noble in glory.
The glimpse of both from which I strayed in vain curiosity
Now mending myself and you in mighty ambition.

Noble, faithful, and true we carry on.
This is one of those poems that could go on forever but you have to stop and come to a conclusion sometime. So I hope it ended well, in hope in a mixed up life vowed for something better. I know I'm not perfect and but this is my hope that I will stand faithful to what I have given myself in Jesus. This poem is a reflection of my life and it's struggle in poetic form, obviously not literal. Anyway I hope whoever reads it likes and thinks about your life too... :)
Shawn B
Written by
Shawn B  Calgary AB Canada
(Calgary AB Canada)   
   Imran Islam
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