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Simon Jul 2020
Once I went out to seek for a new job.
Only to find out I came home (afterwards) completely mad!
When it comes to being unemployed it's hard to imagine success again.
When (once upon a time ago) you once savored every moment of that very success before your realizations of it suddenly one day...went down the drain!
DC Hall May 2020
It has been
a long time
  since I worked.
I don't miss
doing the work
  or waking up at 4 AM,
But I do
miss the taste
  of a well earned beer.
Rich Oct 2019
The government’s up early in the morning
hours before my dreams said their last words
~~I wiped off the cosmos from my consciousness~~
our leaders are up, digging for mechanical gold
that sweet fuel for the machines and their automated wealth
today, their shovels disrupt Alaskan wildlife refuges
tomorrow, your backyard
but I’m waking up way later, following the sunrise as an unemployed, unashamed, unresolved and un-unified whole, unpredictable, unfitting man with a wallet
full of poems
packed tighter than an Earth with twice our population
yet still writing
without hesitation
still drifting in and out of your perception
in and out of adjacent trains
stumbling over career paths
until I land on my face and look up
wiping the gravel off hazy eyelids to see the road
and then footsteps become moments
which become monuments upon which I build a future unseen
one day,
we will all be free.
Nigdaw Jul 2019
Holidays are a falsehood we must endure
Lulling us into a sense of freedom that
We can never own, like the soldier from
His barracks or the prisoner his cell,
We are all afraid of our liberty, needing
Monotony in our lives to occupy the hours
Between waking and finally coming to rest
Again, yearning for the courage to escape
But lacking energy or initiative to act,
If ever our chains are cut we become unemployed
We lose our identity pulled down by responsibility
For rent, food, bills, our social commitments,
Turn tail and run, from the very door that
We are so afraid to open.
Shiv Pratap Pal Feb 2019
Ticket, Ticket Everywhere
Money, Money Everywhere
Everything is Reserved
For the Money makers and Rich

Want to ride in a Bus, Car or Taxi
Or Travel in Ship, Train or Aeroplane
Use your brain, my dear
Please shell out some money

Oh Sorry, You dropped that ugly idea
Then what you are going to go?
Going to Circus or to watch a film
Want to go to a Book fair or a fete

Still have to Shell out some Money
It's not that funny, O' Honey
It's Business, Serious Business
Oh No, You can't even go to Public Park

Or the River bank either
Oh want to use Public Toilets
Do you think it's free?
No my dear, just Pay and Use

You need some Food, Nice Cold drink
Or want to sip just a glass of plain water
Pay Some Money, Money and Money
Money is the religion and the faith

Need a Pen to write your pain
Again I have to ask for Money
We Money monger are the rules
You Un-employed are the problem

Either pay or perish, that’s a simple rule
That’s a golden Rule, Follow it
Don't try to break it. If you do
I bet, you will fail and fall in jail
Money is Everything. Long Live Capitalism
Poetic T Jan 2019
A job for life,
   that's what was advertised.
But I was just a penny in the slot.

Mine wasn't as shinny as the others.
     Even though I was on top of my work.
Just because I didn't shine up to those above me.

Ok, I wasn't the silver coin, I wasn't even bronze.
                 But they tainted me, because I wasn't
the right side of a flipped coin.

And just like that I was the penny in the poor box..

Why was I of less worth than those
                       that never excelled..
   I never put a word wrong.
          never gargling *****,
         sniffing the cheeks of brown refuse.

But still I'm in the food bank,
                 like Oliver,

         Can I have some more sir...

I'll never delve to the depravity of others..
         feeding glutinous egos..
They can starve, I'll find a worth among
the wasted, and show that I'm more than
what's needed.
                                                I have worth..

But for now I'll be on the bread line,
                cooking my own..
And even though now I've not risen,
         I'll show what time cooks..
I'm more than my last resamay..

I 'll never understand where quality of slavery
            means I'm less of worth...
Alex Apr 2018
i think
i've preached a great deal about setting yourself free
and going for your dreams

but, ****

i may actually be
left behind by everyone else
i've definitely used up all of my
Xaha Feb 2018
Doom myself to mediocrity,
Doom myself for good.
Raise myself to excellence,
Sacrifice my good.
Try to make a difference,
Gladly - if I could.
Is all that’s left to settle?
I won’t accept it though I should.
There was a big heart that beat steadily in the name of duty
It beat strongly in the name of love
It beat for years beyond expectations
Until the evil crows descended
First they took a little nibble here and there
It must have tasted good
For they started taking bigger bites
Restricting the rhythm of the beating
A new flight landed to join the feast
And there was a year long frenzy
Soon there was nothing left but scraps
Pulsing weakly, yet refusing to die
So they got the elephant in the room
To stomp across it several times
And that worked just the way they hoped
What was left was scraped up off the floor
And thrown out with the garbage.
I've just been given notice in the most evil way that the job I love, that has been my whole working career, will be taken away on Jan 1, which also happens to be my birthday. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to Lori
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