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As dues
daze a
coup and
behind you
a glory
day here
does find
you but
found you
but a
heel by
an exchange
of a
pie to
wish hours
here whoosh
a car
Rahama Jun 2018
I don't recognize this woman,
The beautiful, strong woman I see;
When I look at my reflection;
In the mirror;
On any reflective surface.

I mull over how much I have changed,
How sophisticated I look now;
How my smile bubbles over with grace;
With wisdom,
How I seem to have everything organized;
All my goals and priorities in order.

I look at this version of myself,
All grown up and more experienced;
And I don't recognize her.
Am I the only who has trouble punctuating poems??? It's annoying (mad face) lol. Thank you for reading ♥♥
Marty T Ottman Jun 2018
Where ever you may be let there be solicitude. Clear all other moods my dear. a sensitivity you took for granted. All the ******* you ranted. Still all is forgiven, but not forgotten. As my inner demons want to see you rotting. this battle inst over yet, let compassion fill your heart; before all is to late an ripped apart. you had my sympathy but forget my empathy. Let off the deep end, descend my ill minded friend. i know this is hard to comprehend. quite useless indeed. just heed the warning because we may not see the next morning my friend. peace cease to rest as for your no longer here, just a mirror i broke.  so evoke or choke on this toxic air. as its seems harder to bare.   to everyone who thinks differently or indifferently i wish you all well. as i step through hell watching from the inside out.. endless route. i now walk in solitary, that this wont end through any

promissory i held.  ashes fades to grey.  only to feel betrayal to watch all vanish away.

_ marty  X.x ftw an FML
V Feb 2018
is it determined by grace,
by stature,
or by class?

For sophistication is to
be defined by not what
a person has, but
by what a person can
Shawn B Feb 2017
"You wasting time being productive again"
(That wasn't a question)
Of course I am
"No, I am not"
(That was a joke)
I'm much more sofisticated
"Love me"
(I'm trying)
You spelled sophisticated wrong in you head I'm sure

"have a good day at work"

"Have a good day not being non-productively busy"
I'm still looking for work so I feel this way about our comings and goings. SB
Love has very many colors and very many shades
Which dominate,cover every sphere of human life
Beauty has its own wonderful sophisticated blades
Love remains on the altar , on sharp edge of knife

God Himself is an emblem of love  spread streaks
On His verdict love and beauty were sent as beams
He himself is so  beautiful and appreciates beauty
With His gracious graces and charms makes all free

When we worship God we praise beauty and love
It is certitude which makes our faith really strong
Follower of light is on right path from verdict above
We praise virtue ,which is love and beauty in song

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Silverflame Aug 2016
Elegant, fragile
Captivating, enticing, comforting
Cleansing your soul, intensify your spine
Alluring, controlling, compelling
Powerful, sophisticated
I wanted to create something different, so I decided to give a diamante poem a try. Perhaps not the best, but it sure was a lot of fun.
I play both flute and saxophone, so I thought it was a great idea to "compare" them, in this kind of poem.
Leal Knowone May 2015
The white squirrel runs free. Outcast for it difference. You know the story, it's all the same. We are all part of a huge unity. Refrain from your judgmental gazes of pain.
Some just want to see the world burn, mutiny of humanity.Release the sophisticated animal within the. for every beast will get its turn.
The white deer in its symbol for purity is hobbling. Sadly our symbols die. lie on barren plans. questioning sanity,insane, Refrain from your judgmental gaze, try to heal the pain.The dog has it's bite, and the bee its sting. the song birds still sing.
I see ******* kindness in a forest of forgotten memories
the vast vivid wilderness of pain, is the same as the one filled with such beautiful things. run free in your unified difference. notice the worlds significance. and all the energy it aims at your brain.
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