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Ryan Clark Feb 2015
Another sleepless night
Binds, passes, burdens, and concludes
there is still tommorrow
One am and I have work at 6am. 11 hours a day, 5 days a week sometimes more... Lol why do I do this to myself. I guess I'm just so excited I'm writing again.
Ryan Clark Aug 2020
There are no doors a rappin
There are no shoes a tappin
There are no butterflies a flappin
There are no hands a clappin

It as if nothing happened
Nothing gained or lackin
Another suitcase to be packin

My heart is still
Steadfast my mind

At least there is peace... again goodbye
4:10am dunno bout this one. Maybe I should try to do this more often. I like the last two stanzas but I dont know if i like how they vibe with the flow.  I was going for a countdown of sorts 4 3 2 1
Ryan Clark Dec 2012
A king without a crown
holds no fiefs,
no stocks,
nor borders.
His clothes are tattered and worn;
hands tarnished by dirt and calluses.
Looking upon great kingdoms,
he feels joy and admiration.
When looking upon his,
he feels content.
Although its fruits meager,
pride sweats from his brow.
He owns nothing not earned.
and his kingdom?
I may keep editing this one. I'm not sure yet
Ryan Clark Sep 2016
A cold stare
into a broken mirror
a ghastly ghoul
leers unto me.
My heart rises,
tears fall,
the bed I've made
splinters to unseen fractures.

The beast grins with ax like teeth
destined to devour
a cherry rose flower
placed delicately
on soggy sheets.

The fear...
The regret...
Stand shallow in comparison
to an everlasting candle
faltering on its flame.
It cries for help
as more tears smother it.

     The man
            The beast
                   The Flower
dance to tunes of a scarred heart,
but from the budda belly of the beast
the heart sheds its skin;
the tune changes.
Only the man and rose remain.

My tears have turned to sap now
seeping slowly into the cracks,
mending the the mirror.
With a last glance
only I Remain.
Wrote this in one sitting and may come back to it. I've always been on the receiving in and never would have imagined hurting someone I love. Even small things hurt and pain is universal. Remaining silent or a little white lie, is a lie in the end and regardless of intentions a lie can cut deep, especially if it is someone who has opened their heart to you. If you truly care for the well being of someone you must choose your actions as closely as we poets choose our words.
Ryan Clark Apr 2015
Sumer, Winter
shine, or rain,
Doesn't matter
its all the same.
Miles are miles.
They have nothing to say.
Littered with sweat;
Haunted by pain

Our backs are broken
Knees begin to give out
Blister upon blister;
yet none fall out
We are to tired to gripe,
so onward we  roam
into the night.

For all of our troubles;
all of our plight
Its just another day
that burdens no ones mind.
Thankless tasks
that consume our lives
If only we knew
When we signed those lines.

Turkey dinner,
and funerals
replaced by miles,
burnt out bodies,
and restless hearts

For What?

We stare at other soldiers
and wonder why,
we alone
are bastardized.
After all,
does god not love the Infantry?  
****** fools are we

It will never change.
It is
as it always will be.
A few good men
straight to the butcher.
like cattle.

Its funny though.
Given a second chance
I'd still wear my blue chord
Standing again an Infantryman.
For all of the ****,
For all of the take
I'd rather be a broken *******
than a *****.
I had some time today and came up with this. Please dont be offended by the last line, its a very common Infantry mentality that I wished to  emphasize. If you don't under stand try not to give it much though and pass this poem up.
Ryan Clark Jan 2013
The wind sweeps the leaves from their home;
Chilling the air and silencing heat.
This is the season of passing
Solstice of winter sleep.

Though the cold wards many,
I do not own such luxury.
My mind sits restless,
focusing on carrying my weary feet...

This weather invades my heart,
as it is shrouded over me,
by stingy fridged lips
sapping the strength from every beat.

So as my joints stiffen,
As my lungs freeze,
My resolve dissipates
fading into the darkness that kisses my heels.

I must keep moving...
"till I hear the death bell's ring
or I reach my randevu.
Ryan Clark Feb 2015
It is hard to grasp the stars,
when you stare at the dirt;
and only see your calloused hands.

You look forward;
yet see nothing.
You look behind
and feel regret.
Your body
Your mind

There is no sense of direction
There is no inspiration
starring upon your calloused hands

You, *** and bang
against the grain,
rambling on;
Not knowing
if you move,
Forward or

Time doesn't stand
Only your task at hand
starring upon your calloused hands.

Friends and family
are just a luxury.
they will be gone,
leaving you,
to grind away...

The task is complete;
Looking down to see
Nothing ... but your winkled hands.
Not my fav., but I'm trying not to loose inspiration. This is a fee form
Ryan Clark Dec 2012
The sky so blue.
Sun tinted by shades.
With nothing to do,
Just lounging the day.

The guitar strings;
Music gently flies .
Like the brisk of wind.
Sweet summer; July

The hammock sways
in blissful breeze.
A day of days,
a heavenly dream.

And where am I,
on such a lovely day?
I'm just chilling...
Like a chinchilla
An old poem I recently found. I think I was in HS at the time. Probably could have ended it after the 8th line
Ryan Clark Sep 2018
If to you music is Euphoric
Then to me you are music
Like a needle in a groove
My heart kicks like a drum
Double petal
It's almost mental
So good I'm off tempo
Lost in an ocean of bass riffs
Cought by your waves like a music castaway
Overcame by your frequency
I could change the station
Hum a different tune
But it would be no use
I'm addicted
As if hearing music for the first time
All I can do is close my eyes
Let my ears guide my wayward heart
As I fall in love with you
I have two friends who wanted a fellow to write them a love declaration. He never came through so I figured I'd pick up his slack ^.^ this one is dedicated to Chloe.  

Find the other one here
Ryan Clark Dec 2018
Its another bad day
Everything’s fading grey
Its hard not to notice
I’m slipping away

I don’t know why
I don’t remember many things
I seem to loose my time
Walking through life like a dream

I feel like I’m drowning
Currents taking me away
It don’t really matter
Its just another day

I don’t look both ways
When I cross the street
If I where to get hit
It wouldn’t bother me

Im not a suicidal man
I just don’t have any worth
This life that I have
Just ashes and dirt

I’m falling through
I’m falling through
I find it hard to tell you
I think I’m through
Lyrics to a song I wrote
Ryan Clark Dec 2012
My hands tremble,
The cold nips my skin.
It consumes me.
Comes forth, sunken within.
I light my cigarette
And gaze into the day's light...

I leer on,
to familiar scenes.
They pause for a moment
then unexpectedly change.
I take another drag
And wonder on...

Thoughts relapse
Memories become vivid
Pain and pleasure gray
A thousand things at once
I finish my cigaret
It is night...
Ryan Clark Jul 2016
A beautiful woman
washes her face;
I stare into
A Morracan Sun
I take a drag
A wave of blissful euphoria
cascades over me.
I relive the thought
her in my arms ,
the taste of her lips,
the warmth
of her heart
I finish my cigarette
And greet
A new day
Ryan Clark Nov 2012
I wade in weary waters,
Darker then the void of space.
Alone and abandoned ,
Cursed to bear my boundless weight
I pray fortune finds me.
I pray thine tides sweep me away,
                     and leave me
                                  by your shores.
Ryan Clark Apr 2016
I saw the sun
in your eyes.
Like a moth to the flame
Burn me to my demise
How could we feel the same?
We were so blind...
Like Icarus in the sky
from such great heights.

We were such fools
to think we'd survive,
I don't know why
you'd let our light die.
Whats a boy to do,
without you by my side?
Guess I'll pack my things
and ride into the starry night.

Don't know where I'll go
but I'll be all right.
Burn a candle for my soul
in the pale twilight.
Now I head down this road
Yet my head still hangs high
Because I Will find myself
a Home

another song i wrote in poem form
Ryan Clark Dec 2012
They say the best Warriors
make the best poets.
For art can not be made for the sake of art,
but by the reflection
cast forth by the creators soul
                        their experiences
                              their emotion.

Though my hand has yet  learn to write
my heart does not need such lessons.
It has studied well from adversity of strife.
                                                                     of love
                                                                        of life

It is forever scarred in the shape of art
Joined by a community
Who's souls bleed to paper
in the form of poetry.

Poetry that takes many shapes
Holds many secrets;
Constructs beautiful stories
that express their agony,
                  their joy,
                      their thoughts,
                          their perspective.

If this is how poetry breaths.
How can I not be a poet?

As I join this guild of artist
I will  learn this art
                this wondrous expression
                           this mystery
For how could I not?
When my heart is there
and my mind races toward it
As too, the hearts and minds of many before me
                                                                    many with me
                                                                              and many... to come.
Got some inspiration from messages by Taru M. This is kinda experimental for me so be sure to give me some pointers and Don't forget to check out Taru M's work!
Ryan Clark Dec 2012
Drops of Clairvoyance
Ignite cognition.
Fatigue fades to wanderlust.
Function yields to Consciousness.  
Motion perpetuates

Will I ever Sleep?
Ryan Clark Mar 2018
You have to go down to go up
Run towards bullets to live
Roll towards to escape
Go against intuition to succeed
Intuition is the illusion, the Maya
Intuition is the driving force and the prison
It is intangible, it exists and doesn't
Has value but no meaning
Has purpose but is not objective.
To what end but no end
To what a sight to see while blind
Just random thoughts at 4am, looked like a poem after review and thought may as well post it
Ryan Clark Aug 2017
Drip Drop
Drip Drop
The Petals
The Metal
The Clouds

Drip Drop
Drip Drop
The Sweat
The Threat
The Sound

Drip Drop
Drip Drop
The Flash
The Crash
The Howl

Drip Drop
Drip Drop*
The Blood
The Tears
The... Ground
My Saloon poem was a draft for the past year, and I came up with this when I couldn't sleep. IDK how I like it in comparison, but its interesting.
Ryan Clark Feb 2013
Cherry Blossoms bloom
Their new
found love, breaks my heart
I leave her for War
Ryan Clark Dec 2012
Hands Held
Love Lost
Wounds Wrapped
Going, *Gone
I like short poems and I'm just trying new things. I'm not a good artist so let me know what you think so I can get better
Ryan Clark Apr 2015
Broken hearts
          Broken home
                      Broken bonds
My mind
          My heart
                  My love

No longer can we sustain
As foundation crumbles beneath our feet
This ship we built
has fallen to sunken sails.

As water rises
Waves strike bow
It fills our boat
and weighs us down

All I've taste for weeks is salt
From my eyes,
         My brow
                My cheeks
I bite my tong in fear
I beg you to change course
Yet you alone Captain this ship
 Blind to ensuing storm.

My heart is to heavy to swim my love
So I must bid retreat.
The thought of loosing you to Davey Jones
Set action upon me.

You cry mutiny
I just cry
It is not a lack of love
Just changing of the tides

How could we have foreseen
this voyage to meet its end.
We were green and rash
Dreaming of an endless journey off into the sunset...
I'm going to seriously come back to this one and revise. I thought it was perfect but one tiny change led to another and now its far from.
Ryan Clark Sep 2018
My Bosnian honey
The rarest of beauties
Truly an Unicorn amongst steeds
With fleet feet
My heart races towards you
Like a rag of mustangs
Wild and free
             As you are
                   As you make me
Though I'm a world away
I can feel your heart beside me
               Like hooves kissing open earth
If only in spirit
It alone sustains
Our kindered hearts
Amongst the world's stampede
With wise words you used to mend
My open wounds past sustained
My debt remains unpaid
Having little to my name
I declare my love
             My commitment
                     My everything
As a token of my endearment
As an answer to your affection
My dearest Sabina
This is the second of my love declarations to my friends. They where suppose to recieve them from another guy, but he chickened out, so I figured I'd pick up the slack. This one is for Sabi !

Check out the other here
Ryan Clark Feb 2015
A still frame hangs in my mind.
A moment...
           A precious timepiece...
                     That parted uncontested.

When my pen laid still.
My hands followed my feet.
I surrendered my name.
           and rambled towards destiny

Years flew by,
My mind relaxed.
My thoughts were tired;
So I set them free.
And In my steadfast
My fleshy skin was replaced by Iron and Lead.

New found strength
prospected future glory
I rambled
carrying the ashes
of my artistic self.

In these times
I had no face.
Yet passion and sweat
gave me a name.
As I yelled it out
my passion began ablaze

Thus rose the phoenix
My mind to breath once  more
                   to reflect
                      to broaden
                         to keep

From this I now know
that behind the mask of ordinary
The things I treasure most
Are within the fields of my control
I am the same
Yet different.

Conflict is my Nature
Cunning is my Strength
Passion is my Art.
Now I am strong enough
To bear both pen and sword
I'm back
This is my first poem in a long while. I had to stop and take a break because of writers block. It's been  while since I tried writing poetry again. I may be missing my target abit, but I'm sure it'll come back to me. Fingers crossed **
Ryan Clark Dec 2012
Oh pale rider,
I lay wondering in slumbers wake
To what beseeches unto you,
such a horrid fate

Is your path a lonesome one?
Have you had loves warm embrace?
Or are you forced to carry
the sins, only you dare to face.

O' fields tended by fragile hands,
Harvested in both day and night;
With no rest, nor break of leave
Ode to your own plight.

Though your deeds go noticed,
They are associated with fear.
The hatred that results of this,
seems to much to bear.

For who could love such a shadow,
a figure that takes loved ones away?
Many shout curses to you,
and whoever speaks your name.

Though they fear your gift,
birthed in the unknown.
My heart goes out to you,
my empathy I do show.

For if there is no love for you,
then I sincerely offer mine.
If to only witness,
the passing's of your time.

I hope my words reach you
As I shout them from my lungs.
I hope you know that even,
The Reaper... can be loved.
Worked on this one awhile... I'm not sure the poem reflects this
MAy turn this into a song cfcfcfcf-
Ryan Clark Jul 2016
These moments are hard to come by
       A pack traded for a pack
         A gun traded for a guitar
            A company traded for companions
I wear the same boots
          And yet
I wear a different life
The burden of my pack
By the bounty of experience
I am born a new
   My life
       This road
           These moments
From an extinguished heart
Passion begins ablaze
A fiery spirit
Burning through the skies
Illuminating the night
I fly through the cosmos
       As free bird
          As a new being
              As the Phoenix
May come back to this one
Ryan Clark Nov 2012
Your pleasant gift,
Undying love.
Attrition there is nay.
What callous satire presents itself,
And makes it fade away?
I fear it may be to long lost,
Yet  some hope still remains.
You may find it even though,
Its likely in the grave.
Its meant to be dark humor
Ryan Clark Aug 2017
I stare into a mid day sky
yet there is no sun in sight.
The canopy hides all from us
except the heat burning our hides.
Our clothes are four days soggy;
Our stomachs cry out in pain
despite a bounty of subsistence
for hunger yields to impending danger.

There be dragons in this Jungle after all.
Agents of evil working in the dark
hunting us as we hunt them.
We forgo the beauty of this scene.
Ignore the music playing amongst the trees,
a joyous festival not meant for us
the tensions are high
the path rough

Suddenly the carnival is silenced
a covenant broken by a single crash.
Commemorated by a yellow white flash
T'is a still moment illuminated in time.
A searing pain blowing through my mind;
I am reclaimed by the land I've fallen upon.
Back home my young wife cries.
My only question... Why?
Ryan Clark Aug 2018
As time moves forward
             It makes
                It takes
                   Breaks apart
When torn asunder
             It shatters
                   Seeds new starts
The living Scars
                    Shine like stars
Thier consequence illuminates
              The world at large
A beautiful display
              As if divine art
Oh to woe
              To err
                  To know
                       To hold
The Human Heart
First one in a long long while. Still a wip.
Ryan Clark Feb 2015
I am a hawk without wings
flying above  trees.
Salty wind hits my face;
I smile.

The land beneath me sings
bounty and beautiful scenes.
I gaze
It passes me by.

I am left to stare.
No thoughts to spare
by my haste.

My smile fades,
the time is neigh.
I descend
and clear my mind.

The helicopter hits
I feel the thud
First our packs
Then our guns

The roar amplifies
then fades away.
No longer am I a hawk.
Now I am a snake.
Hey guys it has been a hot minute since I last wrote a poem. Its been a crazy and hectic 2 years for me and I have accomplished alot, however it has not left me alot of time to think. I'm not really feeling the flow like I use to but I'm sure I'll warm back up once I pop a few more of these out and pick it back up... needless to say... I'm BACK (-&
Ryan Clark Apr 2016
There are no heralds
to sing epics of this,
The Sea of Infinite.
its music is silence
in Nothingness

As I stare into the Void
It too stares unto me.
I am as empty as it;
We are one of the same,

Forever is a long time,
yet is only one infinite of many.
It has happened,
             is happening,
                      and will happen;
Yet when captured in a single moment
This too
Shall Pass
Ryan Clark Jan 2013
Tick tock
rapping of the clock.
A cold dead sham
of another mans cog.
So lay it down
on the hangman's block.
To sick to see
how it shepherds its flock.

It holds no rime
masquerades as reason.
A facade of truth
Yet I call it treason.
It puts up the walls
to the common man's prison.
A tool to be used
for a stronger man's mission.

a device of unity.
Implementing science
bordering necessity.  
Auctioned off
by the leaders of  economy.
You always work hard
but are left no time to dream.

Dreaming costs
who ever owns your time.
They look down at you
and threaten your life.
So you numb yourself  
just to make a dime.
Soon you grow cold
lost in the grind.

In youth
there is imagination.
not subject to discrimination.
As they grow
so to do their nations.
Furthering thoughts
yet short lived contemplation.
For as you grow old
you give your time to corporations.

The more things change
the more they stay the same.
from the dawn of man
to the information age.
More time spent
till your in your grave.
Yet time well spent
promises better days.

So dont sacrifice
your life for time.
It all stands short
in perspective eyes.
A relative thought
not a device that binds.
Spend it happily
for every day of your life.
I thought I'd try something out side of what I usually write. Inspired by Taru M and Zack
PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LET ME KNOW THIS IS NOT MY FORTE. I'm just trying new things here and openly invite criticism so I can get better and broaden my writing abilities.

May turn into a song ACGD chorus AEA
Ryan Clark Dec 2012
Two strangers' paths meet
The moment stands everlasting
Their hearts intertwine
Ryan Clark Feb 2015
I am the sacrificial lamb
To your Jihad
You are the target
To my warpath;
If we should never
cross paths in battle
Let there be no animosity
between us
Let us meet
In Valhalla
No anger, just business.
Ryan Clark Apr 2015
What is hatred
if not fear of self
upon reflective point
to blinded eye
Ryan Clark Nov 2012
I glimpse upon crimson ribbons.
Streaming gloriously, in horrid scenes.
Their beauty costs a price of pain.
A feeling bathed, in bitter sweet.

Wherefore does your  hearth give?
Nurture from fiery ****.
To kindle my faltering flame,
and bolster me to my feet.

Ode to you my crimson ribbons.
My memoir symphony,
throws fists on razor edge
and tunes the song my nerves dare not sing.

Set loose with heavy hand.
Furry far unseen.
Again I see the crimson ribbons!
Not owned... by me.
Ryan Clark Jan 2013
My breath
has long fleeted my lungs;
My body
is crippled tirelessly by pain;
My mind
begs for this moment to cease  

This is the moment to yield

Yet I press on...
Through the exhaustion.
Through my faltering muscles.
Through the wall of debilitation

My back is against the wall

Yet I will continue on...
Pass the limits of possibility.
Pass the boundaries of condition.
Pass the ambiguity of self.
'Till I have defeated my enemy
'or I stand before the gates of Valhalla.

My rival hits the floor

I can never accept Defeat
When its only separated from Victory
By a thin

I ascend its threshold
Not sure this one holds up to its predecessor, but when do they ever. Am I right!?!  ... Any way
Ryan Clark Apr 2015
Gasping relentlessly
praying for air
I leave my body
as though I'm not there

I look upon my mangled corps
barely breaking

Blood paints the arena
I fear my time is neigh
I slowly slip away
blinded by the light

In this time of vicious onslaught
Memories flash before me
bringing me away from here
shrouding me with inner peace

Strings of familiar words
begin dancing in my head
tonged by those
who have always lent helping hand

"What are you doing?"
"Get on Your feet!!!"
" **** it up and drive on!!"

The moment is now silenced
beget a ringing in my ear
my vision fades to grey
the man that stands before me prey

I reanimate
as a legion of the dead
my lungs no longer draw breath
nor thoughts within my head

A smile bares
As I throw him off
My reddened teeth
lead my assault

Enraged fever
bolstering my hands

A shadow of a man
sways and drops
my thirst is quenched
my furry paused

I reflect a moment
as I hear the ring
Again I stand
In *Victory
The final piece in the victory trilogy ( ha that rhymes) ... well for now anyway
Ryan Clark Nov 2012
It was long ago
and much has changed
but, it wont let me go
the feelings remain the same.

Walking down that wall
distant as it were.
Still hearing the call
of someone who isn't there at all

I can't remember why
We were in that awful place
the memory still haunts my mind
demons I refuse to face

How were we to know
just what we'd see
how were we to hold
onto our sanity

I see them still
lurking behind every door
like I'm still in that hell
even though I've left its shores

I feel like life's a dream
taking me away
from my true reality
how can things ever be the same

I'm sorry my brother
I didn't mean to cause you pain
please don't bother
I need to be taken away

And now that I'm gone
you don't have to worry
I'm at peace and moved on
I'm not in that hell any more
I turned this into a song. Check it out at Writer search Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark Jun 2016
A gust of wind
blows a lone leaf.
Without its roots
it solemnly flies;
Finding nurishment
in these new lands.
Tis a bitter sweet sentiment
for the wind
shall soon return
wisking away
the lonely leaf
and sharing it
with the world.

Every new place
brings new blessings.
A temporary warmth
that sooths
the soul.
It finds companions;
Yet truly
owns no home.
The moments are fleet
as a single heartbeat.
Another gust,
and again,
it flys alone.

the lonesome leaf
shall one day sleep
beneath the trees,
Taking root
in a loving place
for it to keep;
by the stars.
Untill the day
it makes its way,
Its 3am here in Madrid. Ive spent the past 30 minutes thinking this up. Ive tried to write others recently but its been hard to find my feelings. I want to put something up and i feel this is as close as it gets. My heart is a poet, but I'm lost to myself and forgot how to translate its language
Ryan Clark Dec 2012
A melody sings
Throughout a concrete jungle
Even it, can find peace
Ryan Clark Dec 2012
O' what a joyous day
to be of the living
and take the bounty of existence!
For who can deny such serenity?

The blossoms are in bloom.
Animals frolic in the wilderness.
The air is sweet and rich;
proof that life is wonderful.

There is no rush!
So savor this occasion.
There is nothing to be ruined
on a day such as this.

That is, unless
A 20ft ghillie monster
eats your face off
*Who wouldn't be hungry at this hour?
I thought I'd take a break from all the unnecessarily "deep" poems I pump out and have some fun. Post Your own additions you'd like to see in this poem and I'll put em in there.
Ryan Clark Dec 2012
I lay still as if I were a breathing corps.
My heartbeat reminds me I still live.
My mind wanders aimlessly;
It drifts in and out of the borders of valid conception,
and withers to its content.

Am I alive,
or waking from a prolonged dream?
These thoughts contradict my understanding of this world.
They break the grips of my reality,
and plunge me into the unknown.

Although the notion tinges a world of fear.
My perspective shifts;
My consciousnesses fades away
and is vibrantly replaced
by a wave of blissful euphoria.

This is a strange existence.
Time is irregular;
It means nothing here.
Days seem like seconds;
minutes seem like weeks.

O' to what a mishap,
a folly happenstance,
a fringe to conventionality.
To who or what pleasure
do I owe?

Part of me wishes to leave this place.
Albeit a part wishes to remain.
I am in love with this realm,
yet I know there is somewhere else
that I must be.

So now I set sail
to find the world that I came from;
with a pleasant gift from the one I left.
                   I look upon an old existence,
                                             with new eyes.
This is my first attempt at a free form poem, so I would be interested in thoughts and/or some pointers. It's basically just random thoughts and how they shift my perspective on reality.
Ryan Clark Nov 2012
Is there no pen for my hand to bear?
No thought tamed by self owned wit?
The stationary leers into me,
My mind succumbs to hysterical fit.
To what veil shrouds my mind?
A clairvoyant candle once for lit.
O' my imagination's seems,
... acquaintances
                 far past met.
I wanted to add another poem... but I couldn't think of anything... so I wrote this one
Ryan Clark Apr 2016
Falling through the fold
Tis another day
The cage bird sings
                 yet he is not free
His song is of prophets
and rabbits who are late
His peace is left to
the turn of a page

I take my time
Looking through the looking glass
Am I moving too slow?
Am I moving too Fast?
I feel small
but I'm Growing big
I try to find peace
But one foot is in the grave

The Caterpillar blew his smoke at me
It tried to wake the joker
                          yet he was asleep
Instead the hatter took his business
                                                        to the keep
Only to be beheaded
                           by the red queen.

I take my time
Looking through the looking glass
Am I moving too slow?
Am I moving too Fast?
I feel small
but I'm Growing big
I try to find peace
But one foot is in the

The Dealer draws the cards
The name of the game?
I look for hearts
                        yet only find spades
I wonder if I should even play
I bet it all
pretending to be brave
Only to loose

We are all just hatters in this world
We puff out smoke pretending to be caterpillars
When in truth we are venturing further down the rabbit hole
*Then who looks through the looking glass?
Adapted from a song I wrote.

— The End —