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Ryan Clark Sep 2018
If to you music is Euphoric
Then to me you are music
Like a needle in a groove
My heart kicks like a drum
Double petal
It's almost mental
So good I'm off tempo
Lost in an ocean of bass riffs
Cought by your waves like a music castaway
Overcame by your frequency
I could change the station
Hum a different tune
But it would be no use
I'm addicted
As if hearing music for the first time
All I can do is close my eyes
Let my ears guide my wayward heart
As I fall in love with you
I have two friends who wanted a fellow to write them a love declaration. He never came through so I figured I'd pick up his slack ^.^ this one is dedicated to Chloe.  

Find the other one here
Chloe Feb 2018
the one that caught your look
the one that heard the roses like you
the one that smelt like a antique book
the one that ****** you right off
the one that made you want to take your clothes off
the one that made your nerves feel electric

the one that tasted like love,
but was never fully digested.

the heartbreakers
and the still waiters.

for hope is still about,
waiting while they have some doubt.
J B Moore May 2016
Prom is for the parents
Nothing less, nothing more
It seems to me quite apparent 
As they drag me to the store.

Sure, girls all have fun
As they shop in search for the perfect dress
But until that is done
It seems to me they're only filled with stress

Prom is for the parents
I have to say
But when it's time to make a purchase
It is we who are left to pay

The tickets cost an arm and a leg 
And the clothes our hands and feet
Before this is over we'll have to beg
And will wake up the next day on the street.

Prom is for the parents
They just love to take our picture
It would come as no surprise
If they went as far as to get a fixture.

But then comes that time
We've been waiting for all year
The night I call you mine
And get to hold you so near.

And although I don't know how
For you I'll give it a chance
When better to learn than now
Yes, I think I'll like to dance.

So prom is for the parents
If only at the start
But if I get to hold you close
Then Prom is for the Heart

Something silly I wrote before my senior prom to help with the nerves.
I will always be here.
So don't hide your tears,
Share with me your fears.
For you, I'm all ears.
Ignore all of their sneers.
They're the ones who need repairs.
I will always be here.. For you.
Barry Mar 2015
Our thoughts, buzzing.
Feelings, bumbling.
The passion, stirring.
It's around us.
We know it's there.
We feel it coursing through our veins.
We let it take its path.
Yet, we can't grasp at it.
It's intangible.


— The End —