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Nikole L Feb 2021
Stars told me today,
Smile, Love is coming your way
He's your safe haven
Happy Valentines Day!!!
Ryan Clark Jan 2013
Tick tock
rapping of the clock.
A cold dead sham
of another mans cog.
So lay it down
on the hangman's block.
To sick to see
how it shepherds its flock.

It holds no rime
masquerades as reason.
A facade of truth
Yet I call it treason.
It puts up the walls
to the common man's prison.
A tool to be used
for a stronger man's mission.

a device of unity.
Implementing science
bordering necessity.  
Auctioned off
by the leaders of  economy.
You always work hard
but are left no time to dream.

Dreaming costs
who ever owns your time.
They look down at you
and threaten your life.
So you numb yourself  
just to make a dime.
Soon you grow cold
lost in the grind.

In youth
there is imagination.
not subject to discrimination.
As they grow
so to do their nations.
Furthering thoughts
yet short lived contemplation.
For as you grow old
you give your time to corporations.

The more things change
the more they stay the same.
from the dawn of man
to the information age.
More time spent
till your in your grave.
Yet time well spent
promises better days.

So dont sacrifice
your life for time.
It all stands short
in perspective eyes.
A relative thought
not a device that binds.
Spend it happily
for every day of your life.
I thought I'd try something out side of what I usually write. Inspired by Taru M and Zack
PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LET ME KNOW THIS IS NOT MY FORTE. I'm just trying new things here and openly invite criticism so I can get better and broaden my writing abilities.

May turn into a song ACGD chorus AEA
Rose Diamond Mar 2020
Maybe it’s your smile
Or the way you style your hair
Maybe it's the glimmer in your eyes when you deeply stare
It might be the lightning, it might be the air
Or maybe it's that calmness you unknowingly share
I wonder if your looks may play any part
Your dark brown hair, or your deep auburn eyes
Your height, your skin, how are you so lean?
The fact that you’re dressed sharp and clean.
What can I say? That's also perfect
And a little kiss might just be worth it.
I wonder, do you think about me?
Does it cross your mind that we might be?
I hope that your good, and with that i bid goodbye
Cause if i keep this up i won't sleep all night,
You don't notice me, to you im long gone
But I'll leave you now before my heart breaks at dawn.
M Dec 2019
Take me to the lamppost
Where my heart goes to gleam

Replace the fire with the spark from the sea
See the way she radiates back at me

Take me to the lamppost
Where the light has dimmed

See what once stood bright and constant
now holding only things that became dark and exanimate

Take me to the lamppost
Where memories of the light

Try to hold on best they can
Though loss is drying, blurred in the mute sand

Take me to the lamppost
To what once was gold and blazen

Remind me of what used to be
Fire kindled through glass; and see!

Take me to the lamppost
Where I yearn to see the light

That was once within.
A Poet Jun 2019
Every time you wake up
The moment must stop
For a second, for two
To just realize itself
That the world is nothing without you

Chronos is a cruel man
Trying to get us old
Trying to put us on the bad road


Not the time
Nor the world
Not the faults of mine
Nothing would stop me
From loving thee
Nothing would stop me
From trying to save the good part of me
The good part of thee
The good part of us
Katinka Sep 2018
I was getting better
even good I thought

yeah, I was still thinking about you now and then
and sometimes I would find my mind drifting off into memories

but I stopped crying
I stopped wishing and hoping
for you to come back

but today I saw you name
not on purpose
it just stood there
staring at me.

And for a moment I fell back
back to wishing and hoping
back to you.

But I know it will faint again
and it will get better
slowly, but it will

and till that moment
I will look forward
wishing and hoping.
Kalliope Apr 2018
If you broke my arm
I'd still ask you to sign my cast,
And that is why
I must go.
Brenda Mukisa Apr 2018
I guess I've dreamt of you for as long as I could read.
So I imagine you.
Large old buildings. Chilly weather practically all year
Amazing accents. Amazing places to see and belong
Probably amazing people....
A place so written about with rich amazing history.
Please let me see you.
Let all roads lead to us
Let us happen in this life time.
If even in my sleep I'd still say London.
As a young adult coming up into a world ablaze, it's hard to find guidance, wisdom and true help.
Everyone literally has problems weight upon there shoulders so heavy making it almost impossible to lend a helping hand.
It feels wrong to try and get something off your chest knowing someone's going through way worst things then you are.
Most heard saying out of my 22 years is " this is life and it ain't pretty."
Hearing this from my elders hurts because all it is telling me is that I shouldn't care about the pain the stress the feeling of being so close to death when all I want is to truly live a life of joy.
" I've been there it'll get better, keep your head up"
Tips on staying positive
Tips on ways to free the pain
To lift the stress to truly free yourself from depression.
It's hard to find
Nowadays everyone's just trying to stay a float as if we're all on the Titanic waiting for the iceberg to emerge.
"Wake up!, Stay awake!, Believe in thou self as you will become the man you needed coming up"
Thank you
I appreciate being able to come to a place where I can express myself. It's hard to talk to anyone nowadays knowing your old friends are either in college or working mad hours as yourself. I truly hope that one day everything will get better and people as one will come together.
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