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Ryan Clark Apr 2023
Fatherhood is like carpentry,
Crafted with patience and care,
Each piece measured and cut with precision,
To build a home that's strong and fair.

The foundation, a steady base,
A father's love unwavering,
Like sturdy beams that hold up walls,
Through storms and winds unrelenting.

A father's guidance, like a level,
Ensuring every step is straight,
Teaching lessons, shaping character,
Like a master craftsman with every trait.

As children grow and set leave,
Fortified wings are left empty,
He never left until the job was done,
His masterpiece finally won.

So here's to all the fathers out there,
Your dedication, like carpentry,
Is a labor of love that never fades,
And builds a legacy for eternity.
Been a bit y'all. Got laid off the other day, I was stressing worrying about my little one. I was playing with open AI and got inspired.
Ryan Clark Aug 2020
There are no doors a rappin
There are no shoes a tappin
There are no butterflies a flappin
There are no hands a clappin

It as if nothing happened
Nothing gained or lackin
Another suitcase to be packin

My heart is still
Steadfast my mind

At least there is peace... again goodbye
4:10am dunno bout this one. Maybe I should try to do this more often. I like the last two stanzas but I dont know if i like how they vibe with the flow.  I was going for a countdown of sorts 4 3 2 1
Ryan Clark Dec 2018
Its another bad day
Everything’s fading grey
Its hard not to notice
I’m slipping away

I don’t know why
I don’t remember many things
I seem to loose my time
Walking through life like a dream

I feel like I’m drowning
Currents taking me away
It don’t really matter
Its just another day

I don’t look both ways
When I cross the street
If I where to get hit
It wouldn’t bother me

Im not a suicidal man
I just don’t have any worth
This life that I have
Just ashes and dirt

I’m falling through
I’m falling through
I find it hard to tell you
I think I’m through
Lyrics to a song I wrote
Ryan Clark Sep 2018
My Bosnian honey
The rarest of beauties
Truly an Unicorn amongst steeds
With fleet feet
My heart races towards you
Like a rag of mustangs
Wild and free
             As you are
                   As you make me
Though I'm a world away
I can feel your heart beside me
               Like hooves kissing open earth
If only in spirit
It alone sustains
Our kindered hearts
Amongst the world's stampede
With wise words you used to mend
My open wounds past sustained
My debt remains unpaid
Having little to my name
I declare my love
             My commitment
                     My everything
As a token of my endearment
As an answer to your affection
My dearest Sabina
This is the second of my love declarations to my friends. They where suppose to recieve them from another guy, but he chickened out, so I figured I'd pick up the slack. This one is for Sabi !

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Ryan Clark Sep 2018
If to you music is Euphoric
Then to me you are music
Like a needle in a groove
My heart kicks like a drum
Double petal
It's almost mental
So good I'm off tempo
Lost in an ocean of bass riffs
Cought by your waves like a music castaway
Overcame by your frequency
I could change the station
Hum a different tune
But it would be no use
I'm addicted
As if hearing music for the first time
All I can do is close my eyes
Let my ears guide my wayward heart
As I fall in love with you
I have two friends who wanted a fellow to write them a love declaration. He never came through so I figured I'd pick up his slack ^.^ this one is dedicated to Chloe.  

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Ryan Clark Aug 2018
As time moves forward
             It makes
                It takes
                   Breaks apart
When torn asunder
             It shatters
                   Seeds new starts
The living Scars
                    Shine like stars
Thier consequence illuminates
              The world at large
A beautiful display
              As if divine art
Oh to woe
              To err
                  To know
                       To hold
The Human Heart
First one in a long long while. Still a wip.
Ryan Clark Mar 2018
You have to go down to go up
Run towards bullets to live
Roll towards to escape
Go against intuition to succeed
Intuition is the illusion, the Maya
Intuition is the driving force and the prison
It is intangible, it exists and doesn't
Has value but no meaning
Has purpose but is not objective.
To what end but no end
To what a sight to see while blind
Just random thoughts at 4am, looked like a poem after review and thought may as well post it
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