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BSween Oct 2020
The cello strains;
It sobs with me.
Laments a love
That cannot be.

The minor keys
that cannot sing
Play mournful notes
On broken string

Until the end of this discord
A melody worth waiting on.
Such harmony is thus restored
For I shall see my love anon.
Ryan Clark Feb 2015
It is hard to grasp the stars,
when you stare at the dirt;
and only see your calloused hands.

You look forward;
yet see nothing.
You look behind
and feel regret.
Your body
Your mind

There is no sense of direction
There is no inspiration
starring upon your calloused hands

You, *** and bang
against the grain,
rambling on;
Not knowing
if you move,
Forward or

Time doesn't stand
Only your task at hand
starring upon your calloused hands.

Friends and family
are just a luxury.
they will be gone,
leaving you,
to grind away...

The task is complete;
Looking down to see
Nothing ... but your winkled hands.
Not my fav., but I'm trying not to loose inspiration. This is a fee form
atptla Jan 2020
Long are the nights now
When dreams are no longer kind
Through air prowls the imminence of death
Soaks my soul, the mirth has gone
In my weariness all seem dull
Nothing to feel or imagine
Still hearing her voice, my hearse
Bedimming the memories left behind
In the moment of despair
A haunting melody pours from my lips
And fades into lurking darkness
Carving out my eyes to see
The secrets behind the shattered drapery
A journey through the lands of nihil
I've been here before
atptla Jan 2020
An idle cry echoes through the void
As silhouettes root away my thoughts
Ominous whispers louden, killing the peace
Leaving no solace behind
Confined to a long-lost hope
Seeking the forlorn smile
Yet, drowning within my own breath
Above my head, dwells a hungry ghost
Perdue Poems Apr 2019
I was walking through the wood
On a pleasant sunny day
when I came across a hollow
Dug deep and in my way
I peered deep into its depths
As far as I could see
Yet the chasm was as dark as coal
And stretched to eternity

I decidedly moved closer
To this unplumbed murky hole
But felt my sole slip on the Earth
Into the depths untold
I felt myself grow panicked
As the light began to fade
I began to brace for impact
I held my breath and prayed

And yet to my surprise
I never seemed to hit the floor
But kept falling on and on
Now and evermore
I’ve grown to love the dark
My eyes have grown adjusted
My heart is filled with hate
For the world that I once trusted

Yet on pleasant sunny days
I can still make out the sun
Shining deep into my cave
Where light there should be none
And I feel my eyes start to tear
Why, I’ll never know
But perhaps I miss the woods above
While I remain Below
Eleanor Sinclair Nov 2018
The wind speaks to me at night
It cascades and whistles in mid flight
I see in it the wonder
And destruction like the thunder
It tells me of the clouds
And how they love to clump in crowds
Perhaps the wind will save us
With it's mighty and powerful gust
I wish to ask it questions
And to express my confessions
The howling shrieks seems mournful
Like those of a mere mortal
I suppose nothing is free from pain
Even nature is bound by chain
How I long to ask the wind
Why it's voice must rescind
For days at a time it will not visit
My window pane forgets its kisses
As I forget its touch on my skin
I wonder where my wind has been
Vick Mandrake Feb 2018
There's no screen in my window
I know, I know
It's a three story drop
I know, I know
Insects can get in
But heights do not scare me
Bugs are pretty cute
And I can have my cigarettes
In the warm glow of the space heater

And in the warm glow of the sun
I can have the best view
Of the same tree
With a different squirrel's nest
In the same crook of the same bough
As it had always been before

I can lean out and hear
Different proclamations
From the same man
At the same school
That I try so hard to forget

I know, I know
The screen will be replaced
I know, I know
The view will still existt
But I will always remember
How my world looks
Without all the small grey boxes
Wyatt May 2017
Steam gives you a hug
in a mournful shower.
Silhouette behind glass,
stress mixed with sweat.
Always in dim lighting.
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