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Mar 19 · 269
Nemo W Mar 19
unbound by standards set
driven and driving
conduit of unabashed life
passionate and nurturing
keeper of solutions and remedies
just and reasonable
shoulder for tears, ears for support
unbeknownst and ignored
being of unlimited prowess, divine, absolute beauty
made for a celebration of women im involved in
May 2019 · 122
Nature's Hand
Nemo W May 2019
Breathe in the exhale of the trees
surround yourself with nature
and hum along with the bees.

Run parallel to the stream
wade into the water
and get lost in a dream.

Lie gently in the grass
feel it tickle your face
and break away from the past.

Dig your toes in the sand
let it cover your feet
and don't listen to demands.

Climb up the face of rock
lean into the wind
and choose not to read a clock.

You were born for this, and it will never be taken from you.
May 2019 · 145
The Fall
Nemo W May 2019
The trees this time of year are yellow
leaning on the edge of green
and as the wave of new birth comes
the death remains unseen.

What we have under this sun
will not be forever.
Much shorter than we know
yet none of us are clever.

Nobody is the wiser
When time becomes the miser
Hung out on the wire
Dangling over fire

Not just for one more like for all
we are all witnessing the fall.
We pretend to be blind
not to see the truth
But the secret we hide
is that we all knew.
Jan 2019 · 237
You're Blue
Nemo W Jan 2019
in an infinity of struggle and hardship.
Eyes open just to see the whirlwind
and colors of our pain.
The world is shaded in blues and deep purples
like the bruises left all over.
Everywhere the hurt washes out the other colors
what was once vibrant grows dark.
Innocent, ignorant faces change
smiles melt into frowns.
Children grow too fast in this pain
the blue smeared on their sneakers.
We have to run
from the pain and the devastation.
Blue wind whipping your face
tears stream down from your eyes.
You're blue.
I feel the blue.
Jan 2019 · 144
Fire Dancer
Nemo W Jan 2019
You spark my fire
keep me burning bright
when I start to fade you
add to my kindling
you whisper sweet words that
make me crackle with satisfaction
you set my heart ablaze with
every welcoming breath

You cool me down
you pour your soothing
wet words into my flames
when I grow too wild
your comforting lullaby
has me twisting in tune
dwindling down
into the night

But fires are born unpredictable.
One can grow alight just as fast as it dies.
I wrote this for my amazing fiancee.
Jan 2019 · 198
Nemo W Jan 2019
We are the undesirables
they've tried pushing us down
yet we bounce back to the surface
see us on the streets, at the parks, library, or riding the bus
Our currency is cigarettes
because when all you have is
the monotonous cycle of the day,
those drags are the only thing that takes your breath away.
The undesirables
swim in the tank of society as the sucker fish
feeding on the scraps left behind by others
Driven to madness
they turn to an addiction for an escape from all the horrible experiences in our everyday "life"
****, coke, ******, norcos,
any of it would work for the undesirables
Forced into the stereotype and role that the free put on us, we wallow
we wallow in our own sickness of body, mind, spirit
while they laugh.

After all, we're the undesirables.
Wrote this based on my experiences being homeless.
Aug 2018 · 163
My words
Nemo W Aug 2018
I dare you
Balance my words on the tip of your tongue
Ill show you how hard it is to talk
when youre numb
Ive been holding these words for the past how many years
These words will stab you and bring you to tears
Ive been through and seen things that would make your skin crawl
My words, they hold violence not a sweet thing at all
So i dare you to balance my words on your tongue
Now you will see what you will become
Aug 2018 · 216
Nemo W Aug 2018
My heart
it aches for you
the soft linens of your skin
the way it envelops
my paper thins
My heart
it yearns for you
the white wind of your lips
the way it soothes
my black wisps
My heart
it pines for you
the pride of lions of your eyes
the way it penetrates
my blank stares

My heart
come home to my heart
Aug 2018 · 422
Making love
Nemo W Aug 2018
secretive and sweet
your eyes are pIeRcInG
slow movements
sensual looks
you know my all
and i know yours

unveiled and vulnerable
your smell is iNtOxIcAtInG
slow movements
sensual looks
you know my all

passionate and rough
your body is eNtWiNeD
quick movements
hungry looks
you know my all
and i know yours
Haven't written in a while but it's so addicting now.
Aug 2017 · 252
i know where the knives are
Nemo W Aug 2017
hey you
i know you're in pain
why not let it all go?
you can do it
you know you can
it's right there
just grab it
just do it
the knives
they're right there
just do it
just do it
just do it
just do it
struggling with this so bad today :'(
Aug 2017 · 174
Nemo W Aug 2017
my mind screams
in agony
so much pain
nothing to gain
my pulse quickens
in stride
so much pain
nothing to gain
Aug 2017 · 278
Little Fire
Nemo W Aug 2017
I see it in your eyes
the fire of your life
and how it excites mine
my heart dances wildly at the flame
as for this longing, the fire is is to blame.
my little fire,
do you want my heart?
or do you wish me to burn under your blaze?
the only thing that will comfort is your gaze
you're all i want and its clear
you're my little fire, dear
For the one I care about.
Aug 2017 · 176
this empty bed
Nemo W Aug 2017
in this empty bed i lay
lost in my thoughts
all in disarray
as i look up to the ceiling
my mind begins reeling
what is this feeling?
all the mistakes
all the hate
all for me
how can it be?
Aug 2017 · 170
Nemo W Aug 2017
There's a hole in my sock
and it reminds me of well - me.
Aug 2017 · 167
how id love
Nemo W Aug 2017
how id love to be by your side
how id love to enjoy the ride
how id love to be yours
how id love to be sure
how id love to hold your hand
how id love you to be my man

but distance has us apart
and how it aches my little heart
Jun 2017 · 294
By What?
Nemo W Jun 2017
i was diagnosed-
a disease of the mind
a senseless surreal sensation
sent my way
by what?
i sometimes bite my tongue
till it bleeds
the taste like copper in the sun
i sometimes curse my brain
for lying to me
it laughs

i've been told so many
different theories-
so which do i believe?
i feel crazy
am i crazy
no i can't be
but i might be

my perfect preacher
in a starched-white shirt
tells me it's GOD
i need to believe
follow his ways and you will succeed
my pill pushing psychiatrist
in his jet black suit and tie
tells me it's BIOLOGY
study and you will succeed
the free spirits
say it's fate
be loose and you will succeed
but which one is right?
i laugh at myself

this is all too hard
i guess i'll give up
my twinkling tears
will never stop.
Jun 2017 · 318
Nemo W Jun 2017
that feeling in your chest
in your legs, in your  neck.
the tingle in your toes
in your fingers, in your soul.
in and out, in and out
one, two , three
in and out, in and out
calm down
in and out, in and out
faster now
in and out, in and out
in and out, in and out
Jun 2017 · 255
lying to myself
Nemo W Jun 2017
tear me up
slice me open
bleed me out
impale my flesh
squeeze out my eyes
it would be better than lies
I tell myself
Jun 2017 · 225
Nemo W Jun 2017
A hole in my chest
bigger than my heart
blow right through me
i'm empty
nothing to see
wind breezes through
whistling a tune
look right through me
i'm empty
nothing to see
Jun 2017 · 319
Nemo W Jun 2017
empty halls and
lifted feelings
drugs aren't enough
and always too little
and sadness creeps in
almost always too quick
before you know- you're on the ground
crying loud as hell but not a sound
What's the matter?
What's wrong?
songs from little birds
and you cry
and cry
and cry.
Jun 2017 · 255
Rockford Eggs
Nemo W Jun 2017
It's cold out
but he's so warm
ands inside holds a storm
emotions and thoughts
ecstasy in the lot
but she's lonely
self esteem an all time low
she tells him to go slow
or else she may break
tears turned to a lake
caught in the act
said she has no tact
stuck in the dull and grey
eating Rockford eggs
Jun 2017 · 286
I write
Nemo W Jun 2017
I write for the hurt kid in me,
the one that cowers from the world
I write so maybe she'll hurt less
so maybe she'll share more with me
so maybe I'll feel a bit better.
Jun 2017 · 160
Nemo W Jun 2017
So when they ask "Are you okay?"
reply in honesty
because half the time i wasn't okay
because half the time i lied
because half the time i would hide
all my feelings as if they would
just go away.
like toxins in the comforting breeze
but i was wrong
just like the times
i hoped for change without changing

And when he told me the bitter reality
and after i cried
and after i screamed
and after i fell
i didn't move on
my bones cried out in agony
and my heart mourned
but i couldn't move on.
Don't get me wrong i say
my life was a mess before then
but who can say how they felt as a babe?

So i try to recall the more it
slips further
i can't imagine being too distraught
but looking back makes me teary
i barely knew her, both of them
actually, factually i knew both for
four years
Am i supposed to be sad?
my thoughts are muddled in the
cesspit of disparity

But look at ME!
look now and don't be fooled
it's true i took a beating
black and blue
but I'm here- alive
by luck, sure but see
i don't count that as me
i'm much more than words can describe
thinking about my past again
Jun 2017 · 221
my early life
Nemo W Jun 2017
A Motherless child,
one who cries in the night.
A God-fearing, child rearing Father,
one who tries with all his might.
Two younger, unlike each other.
Vying for the attention, Father.
Crying for the Mother, Father.
Trying to tend the younger, Father.
Flood the house now, save it for later,
Dear Daughter.
Jun 2017 · 228
New Life
Nemo W Jun 2017
A new life ahead of me
working so hard
i'm scared i'll be
pushed down, strung out,
wrecked up, all again.

A shiny new chance for me
trying all anew
worried now i'll see
turmoil, destruction,
death, all again.

A new life ahead of me
working so hard I know I'll be
strong, confident,
successful, all new.

A shiny new chance for me
trying all anew
happy now I'll see
success, beauty,
life, all new.
Jun 2017 · 179
Nemo W Jun 2017
The purpose of life
I can't say i'm sure.
Most days i'm too tired
too tired to sleep
if you know what i mean
and the ocean keeps calling
the ocean of sweet demise
my knockout is certain
but only in time
so hard to keep going each day
but i do
so that one day
i'll make it okay for you
Jun 2017 · 168
Nemo W Jun 2017
O sleep
wrap me in the comfort
of your covers
envelop my sadness
with your warmth
O sleep
bring me with you
into deep dreams
run with my imagination
and keep me clean
O sleep
be my keeper of peace
never fail me,
hide me at the least
from what ails me
O sleep
Dec 2016 · 334
Unkind Savior
Nemo W Dec 2016
can i be punished for this life
you gave it to me
unkind savior
i punish myself for what i have
strife with a knife
unkind savior
you punish me for what i've done
you take it from me
unkind savior
Dec 2016 · 230
Nemo W Dec 2016
the stars swallowed my eyes
as i gazed off in the skies
and to my surprise
i didn't die
Nemo W Dec 2016
tearing up what's left inside
left to cower and to hide
i'm left with what is mine
a torn heart and ****** wounds
all from you my friend
but i hope i'll see you again
Must be crazy right?
Dec 2016 · 438
Nemo W Dec 2016
i'm in love with your words
maybe its the way in which you write them
or how you share them
or when they fade how they are stuck in my mind
or how i wish they were mine
Dec 2016 · 151
Nemo W Dec 2016
we call love
something pure
but what if
your love
hurts me instead
Dec 2016 · 172
Lost in the Notes
Nemo W Dec 2016
close your eyes and breathe in the haze
live for the now and love the days
you missed
you, Ms.
let your ears soak up the sound
a beautiful tirade of noise
spins you right round
and get lost in the notes
Dec 2016 · 324
Standing out
Nemo W Dec 2016
i'm standing out
and you not with me
but instead alone again
solitary forced to be
Dec 2016 · 501
Fake hugs
Nemo W Dec 2016
he penetrated my heart with his own will
and separated were we
reunited but it's changed
life stood still for me but his moved on
now i'm stuck with what's left
a broken heart and fake hugs..
Life ****** me over.
Dec 2016 · 226
Nemo W Dec 2016
a solitary room
a lonely desert
a vast ocean
a deep hole

lost connection with the world
you tied me down to not see anyone
my heart surrenders to my captor
which so happens to be depression
Nemo W Dec 2016
Flashed across the dark veil of night
He lit up the sky like my God
but only for a brief second
then he was gone

I roared my thunder
and he responded in bright epiphany
how i wish he would stay to light up my sky
but he's too afraid to stick around and
be consumed by my roar

I'll wait for him in my storm
Response to Sean Scribbles' poem "She Is Thunder"
Dec 2016 · 265
Nemo W Dec 2016
stuck in infinity
i'm a beaten dog.
call it animal abuse.
i'm injured yet forced
to chase the stick.
following my tail in circles.
i never learn.
a stubborn animal.
unworthy of the bone.
constantly following my master.
doing exactly as told.
but still facing the scold.
never perfect like the goldie.
i'm a mutt in a place for champions.
a disgrace to the hierarchy.
yet i'm forced to keep trying
Please, just put me down.
Let me rest.
Dec 2016 · 299
Blessed reaper
Nemo W Dec 2016
Gnawing and crunching
The reaper scrapes out your insides.
Chatter in your brain, rattling
Clattering, battering
Reverberating your insides.
Heart jumps eyes falter.
Consuming the haze that surrounds you
The creature inside you never subsides
Writhing and heavy breathing
Horror and revenge mix in the mind
The noise is driving you insane
Shut up
The reaper laughs at your struggle
Dec 2016 · 232
Nemo W Dec 2016
What's mine is the deepest sorrow
living for the past- stuck on tomorrow
surrounded by light
white as snow deaf as night
ripped open and exposed
but they pretend not to know
Dec 2016 · 270
I hope I live
Nemo W Dec 2016
Hold someone close
cherish the sun setting
smile for yourself
laugh because you feel like it
cry when necessary
love unconditionally
I hope I live
Dec 2016 · 199
Nemo W Dec 2016
I wonder if life is worth living
I hurt myself to see how much i can take
I stop breathing
I cry until i can't anymore
I attempt suicide
Dec 2016 · 193
Square One
Nemo W Dec 2016
A candle burnt to wick
seeing makes me sick
the clock goes tick tick
a cut,scrape or nick
and i'm back to square one.

i try, try again
but darkness is my friend
the time i had to lend
but i'm nearing to the end
and i'm back to square one.
Dec 2016 · 173
Questions i've been asked.
Nemo W Dec 2016
On a scale of one to ten?
hearing things/seeing things?
name three emotions.
how does that make you feel?
increase or decrease?
Dec 2016 · 139
Nemo W Dec 2016
You be the holder
i'll be the candle to light your way
but don't be shocked when my light leads you to ruin
don't be surprised when i flicker
don't cry when i die down and can't shine anymore
you picked a candle not a flashlight
Dec 2016 · 134
Nemo W Dec 2016
Surrounded by the white noise of others
but how lonely do i feel.
All around are the smiles of peers
yet I have no one.
Portrayed as the light in the dark
I rise higher
so not to despise my friend.
Dec 2016 · 321
It's better that way
Nemo W Dec 2016
I need to give in
just sometimes
I've been told I hide things
but even now I can't let go.

I will disappoint you
so don't hold your hopes up high
I ignore what's real
just to cower.

I would let you in
If I trusted myself
but I don't
so think I'm unkind.

It's better that way
Dec 2016 · 394
My Love
Nemo W Dec 2016
Return to me  my love
I know I've done you wrong
but is there still a chance
to be with me at last
I wish you well if not
but return to me my love
Dec 2016 · 117
Nemo W Dec 2016
Happy and startled I might say
I haven't felt that way again
It's a new day and I can breathe
not like yesterday under siege
but I'll keep knowing it could turn
so not as to let my hopes rise
I'll return to my self again less than a high
Dec 2016 · 426
Bad News
Nemo W Dec 2016
Air is filled with the stale breath left by a minute passed.
Sobs caress the sound waves like soft feathers.
Writhing in the pain placed in your mind.
Ears feeling deceived hum with unrelenting white noise.
Visage blushed with confusion and depleting tolerance.
Tingling from head to toe, hurt stretching to every part of the body.
Thoughts roaming to dark places, a moment of insanity.
Wishing you were anywhere but here.
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