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selina Jun 2023
cheap perfume, dreadful news, i pay my dues while
miss drunk and deluded decides to trip all over my shoes
i'm her champagne flush, a nicotine rush, and her unrequited crush
but the only thing i ever notice is how the crowds hush

when you start humming tunes, singing blues, like you always do
your smile subtle, warm, holding far more joy than it ever used to
i sold your ring to the highest bidder, but my best friend actually likes you
he persuaded me to donate it all, it’s what you would've wanted me to do

so while tonight is all cheap perfume, dreadful news, and paying dues  
when miss drunk and deluded once again steps all over my poor shoes
it's easy to smile and stay calm because i'm drunk and deluded, too
and when i dance with my eyes closed, i am slow waltzing with you
for reference, i imagine that the narrator of six-eight time is a singer and was hired by the narrow of triple time's best friend for a party. mr triple time proposed to ms. six-eight time and ms. six-eight time originally said yes before changing her mind and giving back the ring. now they're both still in love with each other but mr. triple time is rich and of course some other girl wants him, but little does ms. six-eight time realize that he's still in love of her
selina Jun 2023
humming tunes, singing blues, dancing jewels
miss looking for love is dancing all over your leather shoes
over uneven pavement, over failed engagements
i sent your ring back, i couldn't bear to see it, nor sell it

even now, my six-eight time signatures are still bringing
your custom-length tailcoats to a Viennese waltzing
all while your upper-echelon friends keep pretending
like they don't find satisfaction in my subtle mourning

tonight is all humming tunes, singing blues, and dancing jewels  
i am still lingering, still humming our tunes, still singing our blues,
i am still feigning ignorance, and my finger is still missing a jewel,
i am still center stage, but someone else dances with you
for reference Viennese waltz is sometimes written in 6/8 time signatures and regular waltz is often 3/4 time
nick armbrister Aug 2022
Real Not Fiction
A hole is a hole said the Mule
As he stuck his stump up a slapper
This saying was mirrored by another
Who told a story of his friends

And what recently happened
One long term friend has a gal
They’d been together 7 years
And planned to get married
Spending a lifetime together
Already lovers and more

You know how it goes
So to be happy in bliss
But a big problem arose
Another old school pal

Caused a fuss with the gal
Who was a guy before!
So now you’re a gal not a guy
How did that come about?
A trip to Thailand and cash
Lots of cash from her rich family

The school pal seeing the gal
Wasn’t aware of any of this
Just that he was in love
Happy and going to be married

To a gal who was once a guy
He was oblivious to this
Unlike the other ex-pupil
They gave the gal guy it
A week to tell her fiancé
All of the truth of they’d do it

I told the pal who knew them all
Make sure the guy who
Knew them all
Never killed the gal

Who was once a guy
Like the American one
What will happen
Within this week
Happiness or war?
A hole is a hole

Even if no kids
Reality not fiction
The Mule was right
Nemo W Aug 2018
My heart
it aches for you
the soft linens of your skin
the way it envelops
my paper thins
My heart
it yearns for you
the white wind of your lips
the way it soothes
my black wisps
My heart
it pines for you
the pride of lions of your eyes
the way it penetrates
my blank stares

My heart
come home to my heart
Nemo W Aug 2018
secretive and sweet
your eyes are pIeRcInG
slow movements
sensual looks
you know my all
and i know yours

unveiled and vulnerable
your smell is iNtOxIcAtInG
slow movements
sensual looks
you know my all

passionate and rough
your body is eNtWiNeD
quick movements
hungry looks
you know my all
and i know yours
Haven't written in a while but it's so addicting now.
Luke R E Webster Jan 2016
I was inspired by the eyes of my love,
as she looked over as we did commonplace chores in the urban centre.
I had admired the slight of her touch,
as we embraced in the dew-covered morn just as I left her.
My love waits for me,
in the past,
of our memories.
We exist,
with each other.
We resist,
one another.
Then desist,
hopeful hover.
My love is alone,
though I am there,
I am with you my love,
I’m sorry,
I have to help this,
I just want to lie in your arms,
away from all this,
I’ve found love,
but cannot be there,
in the splendor of its beauty,
I must see to something,
but my love,
I will be with you,
as it was before,
I promise.
I don't know if you'll ever read this, but I want to tell you that things will get better.
Melinda Oct 2015
yesterday, we met again.

you looked slightly different. your beard has grown, and your hair has turned slightly grey.
i told you how good you looked but you didn't believe me.
you told me how much i've also changed since we last saw each other.
i told you that i wanted to try something new, but not that it was my insecurities that made me change myself.

i told you how much i miss your stories and that i still have our book with your notes written in it.
you told me that you don't miss my obnoxious personality and my pretentious opinions.
we laughed and talked about our short time.

you made a comment about the things that could never be.
i laughed and asked you how she's doing.
i listened to you talk about your girlfriend, who is now your fiancee.
i would like to say i was prepared for it, but i can never get used to the way you speak about her.

i know you love her more than anything. i know i never meant anything to you. and even if i did, we just weren't meant to be. but knowing these things doesn't make them hurt less, even after all these years.
Dhaye Margaux Feb 2015
In your eyes, I see the brightest light
The beam that shining in front of me
It goes straight into my heart
And light my world so I can see

In your eyes, I find colors
Shimmering like a rainbow
I see two bodies dance with grace
Held by love that make them glow

In your eyes, I read the words
The words that only you can tell
You may not speak but heart can hear
The sweetest sound like wedding bell
To a friend and his fiancee...

— The End —