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Nemo W Mar 19
unbound by standards set
driven and driving
conduit of unabashed life
passionate and nurturing
keeper of solutions and remedies
just and reasonable
shoulder for tears, ears for support
unbeknownst and ignored
being of unlimited prowess, divine, absolute beauty
made for a celebration of women im involved in
Nemo W May 2019
Breathe in the exhale of the trees
surround yourself with nature
and hum along with the bees.

Run parallel to the stream
wade into the water
and get lost in a dream.

Lie gently in the grass
feel it tickle your face
and break away from the past.

Dig your toes in the sand
let it cover your feet
and don't listen to demands.

Climb up the face of rock
lean into the wind
and choose not to read a clock.

You were born for this, and it will never be taken from you.
Nemo W May 2019
The trees this time of year are yellow
leaning on the edge of green
and as the wave of new birth comes
the death remains unseen.

What we have under this sun
will not be forever.
Much shorter than we know
yet none of us are clever.

Nobody is the wiser
When time becomes the miser
Hung out on the wire
Dangling over fire

Not just for one more like for all
we are all witnessing the fall.
We pretend to be blind
not to see the truth
But the secret we hide
is that we all knew.
Nemo W Jan 2019
in an infinity of struggle and hardship.
Eyes open just to see the whirlwind
and colors of our pain.
The world is shaded in blues and deep purples
like the bruises left all over.
Everywhere the hurt washes out the other colors
what was once vibrant grows dark.
Innocent, ignorant faces change
smiles melt into frowns.
Children grow too fast in this pain
the blue smeared on their sneakers.
We have to run
from the pain and the devastation.
Blue wind whipping your face
tears stream down from your eyes.
You're blue.
I feel the blue.
Nemo W Jan 2019
You spark my fire
keep me burning bright
when I start to fade you
add to my kindling
you whisper sweet words that
make me crackle with satisfaction
you set my heart ablaze with
every welcoming breath

You cool me down
you pour your soothing
wet words into my flames
when I grow too wild
your comforting lullaby
has me twisting in tune
dwindling down
into the night

But fires are born unpredictable.
One can grow alight just as fast as it dies.
I wrote this for my amazing fiancee.
Nemo W Jan 2019
We are the undesirables
they've tried pushing us down
yet we bounce back to the surface
see us on the streets, at the parks, library, or riding the bus
Our currency is cigarettes
because when all you have is
the monotonous cycle of the day,
those drags are the only thing that takes your breath away.
The undesirables
swim in the tank of society as the sucker fish
feeding on the scraps left behind by others
Driven to madness
they turn to an addiction for an escape from all the horrible experiences in our everyday "life"
****, coke, ******, norcos,
any of it would work for the undesirables
Forced into the stereotype and role that the free put on us, we wallow
we wallow in our own sickness of body, mind, spirit
while they laugh.

After all, we're the undesirables.
Wrote this based on my experiences being homeless.
Nemo W Aug 2018
I dare you
Balance my words on the tip of your tongue
Ill show you how hard it is to talk
when youre numb
Ive been holding these words for the past how many years
These words will stab you and bring you to tears
Ive been through and seen things that would make your skin crawl
My words, they hold violence not a sweet thing at all
So i dare you to balance my words on your tongue
Now you will see what you will become
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