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Joanne Heraghty Apr 2016
You had a real bad day,
The first of many that would follow.
You were made redundant from your job,
And had no idea how you would get through tomorrow.
Your boss was an arrogant bully,
Who gave you less credit than you earned.
And when you told your fellow colleagues,
Not a single one of them was concerned.

You came home to an unstable household,
With an absentee husband there,
Who would control your every move,
But pull away when you got near.
He drank more than recommended,
And stayed out late with God knows who.
At times you thought he was being unfaithful,
But then you assured yourself that he chose you.

You got up early every morning,
To prepare your little boy for his day.
You'd put on a brave face in front of him,
Pretending to be okay.
You thought he would think you were weak,
If he seen his Mummy cry.
But I think you taught him a lesson,
When you opened up and let him inside.

He didn't need to know all the details
About why your day was so bad.
He just needed to know that even adults,
Sometimes feel a little sad.
You squatted to his level,
And looked into his innocent eyes.
His little eyes set on yours,
As he asks you why his Mummy cries.

You know you can't ignore him,
This is something he needs to know.
You consider things for a moment,
Your job is gone, and your husband needs to go.
You sit down beside him, on the floor,
And look him in the face.
Your tears still stream down your soft cheeks,
As your little boy sinks into your embrace.

You just say you had a bad day,
That everyone has them in the world,
We all cry for our own reasons,
Every boy and every girl.
Your little boy pulled away after you said this,
And took a curious look around.
He stood up and got a tissue,
Then sat back down on the ground.

On handing you the tissue,
He gave you a little smile.
That smile that shows you you've been victorious,
Through all your defeats, all the while.
It was in that moment, you taught your child,
How to be a human: loving and true.
And it's because of that single moment,
That I'm acknowledging that it was you.

You're the one who taught him that lesson.
You're the person who showed him how painful reality can be.
So even though I'm just a stranger, having a bad day,
Your son still cares for me.
I don’t have the severity of problems, like you do,
As I’m younger by many years.
But your little boy remembers that we all cry for our own reasons,
As he hands me a tissue to dry my tears.
15 April 2016

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Nov 2014
The time went by too quickly,
And we're all grown up now.
Our lives have become different:
But, at least, we know more how's.
How to distinguish right from wrong;
And venture through life's song,
In a bigger world than the one between
All of our old walls.

As the clouds roll past on the table,
And the words don't spill from my head.
I remember all the days we spent together
And every single word you ever said.
I wonder at times, do you think of me?
And our childhood as it's gone?
To whisper softly in nostalgia,
And, then, continue to go on.

I hope you know you're a piece of me
More than just in my mind..
You make up most of my memories,
Each one that I seem to find:
As I sit here thinking about a theme,
Or a topic, for my poem,
My mind wanders to a place,
I'll forever know as home.
4th March 2014

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Aug 2015
The dawn of my day is still not over,
Yet, the time has taught me many lessons.
Some of truths, others of lies,
Some of mistakes, others of blessings.

I must admit between the black and white,
I hope that sometime I may find the grey.
And I really hope I'll find it soon,
Within the next few hours of my day.

I don't believe in forgetting,
Yet, I love to remember.
And I absolutely hate being cold,
But my favourite month is December.

I always speak in utmost honesty,
Because I simply cannot lie.
And I'm a really happy person,
But, inside, I always feel the need to cry.

I haven't found out who I am yet,
Because I don't really want to know.
I want to be the one who keeps holding on,
Even long after others have let go.

I would love to know everybody,
And, in return, I would love to be known.
I want to learn how to play guitar,
But I don't want to be shown.

I would like to speak fluent Irish,
Though, I don't really see it's use.
I want to stand up and make my objections,
But I don't want anyone to have to choose.

I want to understand the world, Tim,
Yet, I don't think that that would be wise.
Because I've found it's not what it seems,
For some reason, it wears a disguise.

I long to know why judgement is passed,
When no one really knows all the facts.
And why we don't just admit them out loud,
And put aside these silly acts!

Tim, I want to find love for myself,
Purely, from inside my own heart.
I don't exactly know who you are,
Yet, I never want us to be apart.

I want to explain out loud exactly how I feel,
For leadership's sake.
Because it's so difficult to know what's real,
When, outside, even the clouds look fake.
4th August 2015

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Nov 2014
Absent are the people
I truly believed were there.
Absent is my sympathy,
To truly love and care.
Absent is the one,
Whom directly I talk to.
Absent is the name,
I rather just call 'you.'
Absent is your presence
In a friendship that you played a part.
Absent is the love
You claim is within your heart.
Absent are the words,
I long to let pour off of my tongue.
Absent is our future,
Though, we are still young.
Absent are the reasons
For all of the swift ends.
Absent are the people,
I once had called my friends.
Absent are my thoughts,
That figures this all out.
Absent is my voice,
To whisper, talk or shout.
Absent is my courage,
To tell you about my pain.
Absent are the benefits
I would ever wish to gain.
Absent is the trust,
In whom I grew to know.
Absent is your reluctancy,
That wanted me to go.
Absent are the smiles,
That once sat upon my face.
Absent are my memories,
Of the times you showed no grace.
Absent is the understanding,
I hope we'll come to, yet.
Absent are the days
I never want to forget.
Absent is the truth,
That solves all of this mess.
Absent are my mistakes,
You could forgive no less.
Absent is the happiness,
I once felt deep inside.
Absent is you,
Right here by my side.
Absent is the person,
I could never quite love more.
Absent is his existence,
For he's not who he was before.
Absent is my knowledge,
To explain all in one poem..
Absent is my ability
To climb right up to Heaven,
And bring you safely home..
30 August 2014

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Jan 2017
And when the day did come..
You were yet another in the crowd.
Your hair loose, your posture tilted
Against the warm air around.
We did not speak at once,
For your name was only one to guess.
Your voice soft to my ears
Your face as bright as day.

And when the day did come..
Your eyes were faded, blue.
Your giggles would never run out.
And your words just came out even.
Your actions were ones to love.
The time well spent, all mine.
Pictures for my books.
Letters from another self.

And when the day did come..
That a man took hold of your hand:
And pulled you away to a place,
Where I became no one to -.
Your face had fallen down,
Your eyes kept closing, slow.
No words came from your mouth.
And we were just no more.

And when the day did come..
When I felt a deep, hard loss.
The pain came down above,
My cheeks with warm, wet salt.
Your face, clear in my mind,
And name, choked in my throat.
Nothing left inside..
You took the whole **** lot!

And when the day did come..
When I caught you looking at.
Heart; pounding in my chest,
And breathing all too fast.
No words came from my mouth,
Or movements from my hands.
My feet did all I could.
Acceptance was the need.

~ edited 16/1/17

This is an old one I found, my older work was a little different than the recent stuff.
Joanne Heraghty May 2015
You're holding your breath,
even though you told yourself not to.
Your face breaks into a smile,
A part of you believes it's true.
Your hands feel warm and sweaty,
But you don't dare to move away.
Because this is the first place
You've ever wanted to stay.
Your eyes, they glimmer like starlight,
With the tears that well from deep inside.
And then you suddenly realise the same reasons
You told yourself it's better to hide.
Your hands drop to your sides,
And you pull yourself away,
Because home is a place
You're supposed to feel safe and loved in,
A place you know you can stay.
9th February 2015

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Paint me a picture;
Our souls aligned for just a moment.
The midnight sky, heavy with ***** of fire:
Just as your eyes.

We were the grey,
In a world of black and white.
A picturesque sea;
The history beneath.

Tell me a story:
A flame that burned within.
Two people standing,
One foot apart.

Side by side,
In a world of mystery.
Individuals as we’re standing,
But one in ecstasy.

Put them together,
Place your palm in mine.
Stand with me atop the highest heights.
Beam from within.

We are forever,
In consciousness, in unison.
Though we are apart.
We will meet again in Arcadia.
Joanne Heraghty Nov 2014
I tried to think of the words that would best describe that game,
I sat and wondered why Arturs had not felt the same.
Then, I questioned if his “opinion” was simply just an act,
Because the game was awfully dreadful, and that's a matter of fact!
7th October 2014

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty May 2016
The one I know, but never knew, that went away all too soon.
Up to join old Orion, and to sit alongside the moon.
The five days they got with you, so many things unsaid.
Time I got not to spend with you, though footsteps that you led.
The one week, your two eyes, the three days and four,
The fives days, your whole life. The breath in you, 'till it was no more.

One; like the date of the day that you were born.
One; like the week they received before they had to mourn.
One, the first of summer, the sun that shone so dark.
One, like the sound of nature all around. Trees with the early bark.
One hundred and fifty five minutes distance from here to there.
One, like the feeling so deep, the one I live to bare.
One; the smile, I'll never quite get to see.
One; the person, you'll never really be.
One single hug that I'll never get to feel.
This little talk that I share with you whilst I kneel.
One simple blink before you were to leave me be.
But every single day since, from Heaven you were to guide me.

Two were the little shoes, you never got to wear.
Two perfect angel eyes they were lucky to get to share.
Two tiny hands you had, that they never got to hold.
Two, like the normal second day, within the story that's told.
Two tiny heart beats before you were to leave me be.
But every single day since, from Heaven you were to guide me.

Three were your names, never added to.
Three, like my position, next child down from you.
Three like the third day you joined the Christian church.
Three days that came, to leave their lives besmirched.
Four, the next to follow, awaiting the final day.
Four fifths of your life, near to the whole way.
The third or fourth thought upon you, before you were to leave me be.
But every single day since, from Heaven you were to guide me.

Five days seems small to be a whole life time.
But the days after yours were ones only left to mime.
Five days to teach a shadow not yet born to take the trail.
The disrupted peace of Cliffoney, on this road I stride alone to wail.
I try to reach you, but you're too far above.
No way to let you feel my deeper, inner love.
For Ben Bulben is the highest I have ever really got.
My tears the Trawalua waves had reached out and caught.

A rhythm of words, too short to tell it all.
This holy gesture, act of God that took you there, leaves only my childlike call.
A call that seizes every heart rendering beat,
And helps me to feel your presence above from beneath.
No matter where I go in life, any place I will be,
I know you'll give me directions, hope and always make me happy.
You're my home I know so well. A sense of place so sure.
I know I only have to look up, when I feel you're here no more.
For you give me position, in a place I don't know, or perhaps do.
Lost is something, I found myself, when I found, I had lost you.
The one week, your two eyes, the three days and four,
The fives days, your whole life, the breath in you, 'till it was no more.
Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Nov 2015
The silence is all that fills me.
But why do I mourn?
Why had I not taken the time
To get to know you before?
Is it that I thought of you unworthy
Of my company and my time?
Or that you and I were far too different,
You could never have been a friend of mine.

I guess that's how it is now.
That's how it will forever on be.
I will never get another chance to know you,
And you will never know me.
Word of your passing hit me,
And knocked me hard within.
I want to explain this feeling out loud,
But I don't know where to begin.

In my head I can hear the last words we shared,
And I can see the expression you had on.
I can feel that strange comfort I felt then,
As if it was where we belonged.
I never thought of your significance.
Though, that's quite difficult to say.
But the truth is, if you had not passed,
I wouldn't have even thought of you today.

That thought alone causes a burst of flames,
To rush right through me inside.
The single thought that I once had my chance,
But never even tried.
A hand bursts swiftly out of the flames,
And wraps it's fingers round my heart.
It clenches strongly, it's heat intense,
While I slowly fall apart.
My heart struggles, and panic kicks in.
I fear I will implode.
Then I think of you once again,
And the hand slowly lets go.

Who are you really? .. Who do I mourn?
Why are these feelings so strong?
I could have known you, I had my chance.
But I never cared, all along.

You were there, and I was here.
It always could have been.
But the world kept turning, and you fell down,
And that's all that has ever come between.

Now your loss has hit me so hard I cry,
On the inside and the out.
I'm so sorry I never took the chance while I had it,
To open up my mouth.

Sleep tightly now angel, in your new golden robes,
That I hope will forevermore glow.
Goodbye now to the person I thought I once knew;
The stranger, I'll never know.
2 November 2015
Joanne Heraghty Oct 2020
It’s not a secret.
It’s not a superpower.
I will be yours forever.
Falling -

Gently, you whisper.
Dust particles surf the light.
The blue of your eyes;

I felt it only once.
Hip to hip,
One seat for us both:

He can make you marvellous.
He can make you real.
I know because I am,

The day of love;
The tan and the silk.
I believed you then;

The person I was is not who I know.
You were always a mystery.
There was no room for me:

He asked me once
Why I was around:
These years were mine to hold,

A silver van for a golden man.
Two years boxed in.
One too many lies:

Temporary and insignificant:
It all came with the package.
All out of view of the shot,

Did you learn what it was to be a man?
It hit me in the moment,
And, again, since.

Respect and sincerity,
Trust and commitment.
Appearance in forms:

It applies to us both.
Our souls did not dance.
The sun did not shine,

The smog skewed my view.
I was an imposter.
I said too much at once:

Sitting there, silent,
I soaked it in.
Few words were spoken but I was released:
27 Oct 2020

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Nov 2014
This is the last thing I'll let you know,
Before I say goodbye,
Before I let you go..

I forgot the reasons that brought on this end.
Wiped back the tears that I let fall.
Changed your title as my friend.
Unraveled your lies and figured it all.

I found the answers to the questions I had.
Spent all of my time trying to know you true.
It seems I, somehow, banished your bad.
I guess, it was because, I really did love you.

Now all I want, is for you to know,
Why I'm saying goodbye,
And why I'm letting you go..

I see your face through every crowd,
And within the moments you're not even there.
The silence became extremely loud.
It seems, I lost myself somewhere.

The knots in my stomach became undone.
As you continued to walk, in my mind, you grew small.
My journey backwards suddenly begun,
And I swiftly remembered it all.

The moment you had first taken hold of my hand.
Posed for a photograph with that crooked smile.
Times when, together, we would stand.
Or walk, if not even, for a single mile.

So this, my dear, I hope you know
I've said goodbye,
But I can't let you go.

I took back every single word I had ever said.
Tore out the chapters from the story of us.
Broke everything in sight, if only within my head.
Woke up one morning, and boarded that bus.

The glimmer in my eyes dimmed down slow.
I recanted the first smile that welcomed you that day.
Collected up the pieces of my heart, and decided to go.
I gave you one more look, and then turned the opposite way.
23rd June 2014

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Mar 2017
This time, when I say it,
I want you to know it will not just be for attention.
The world has finally shut its doors,
And I stand outside, alone in the darkness, yearning for affection.

The gatekeepers snarl and snigger each time I get close,
And my mind races, it's roaring above my heart.
Instead of attempting to regain entry, it spits out hatred,
And pulls itself apart..

"I can do this on my own", it speaks out,
"Who needs love, care.... hope?"
"I don't need your pity, your crummy hands to hold me.
I can do this, I don't need anyone .. I can cope!"

And when my minds' voice bounces into the airy silence,
My heart grabs an opportunity to say:
"Hear me instead of these lies that my mind's feeding!
I've never truly wanted to be out here all alone.. I want to go home where loving arms take the darkness away.."
22 - March - 2017

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Jan 2015
Somewhere, in the country,
silence fills the air.
The sun shines down above
the meagre crowd you'll find there.

I imagine you stand amongst them,
willingly taking part,
in searching for the person
you once knew off by heart.

Somewhere, in the city,
everyone else continues on.
The noise fills the air,
nothing's feeling wrong.

I imagine you in your window pane,
looking out across them all.
Asking yourself over and over,
why she won't answer your call.

Somewhere, in your heart,
the blood it rushes thin.
Although you feel it inside,
it doesn't show upon your skin.

I imagine you in the evening,
out strolling with a slow pace.
But, despite this, you can't breathe
with your quickening heart race.

Somewhere, in the oceans,
the currents continue to flow.
The skies turn to darkness,
and the stars begin to glow.

I imagine you in the distance,
giving up, and letting go.
Finally walking away,
from the girl you used to know.
15 January 2015

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Dec 2014
Christmas is the time for heartbreaking Trócaire ads,
The time when decorations are put up by Dads.
Children are told stories of old.
Broken souls sit in the cold.
Big families arrange for big Christmas meals.
Dust cover young, chapped heels.
Santa and his reindeer fly across the sky.
When yet another hot season slowly passes by.

Christmas is a time when we all exchange gifts.
As just another angel lifts.
Choral chants assemble at front doors with sheets.
While the homeless continue to wander the streets.
The incandescence of lights fill our black,
When the darkest world still remains behind our back.
We receive the joys and the magic.
They only feel the tears and damage.

We have two worlds:
The First and the Third.

We live in the one with a Christmas..
But they live in the world that is still unheard.
12 - December - 2013

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Apr 2015
Today my thoughts were yours.
Nostalgia hit me hard.
From every photograph to letter,
To every gift you gave, or card.
I know what was is gone now,
And we've went our separate ways.
But somehow I find myself thinking of you,
And all of our past days.
You think you have it all now.
Oh, and perhaps that is true,
But somewhere inside I long to know,
If you remember me and you?
Not of the finale of us,
The supposed taking of my thrown,
I honestly don't know why you thought badly of me,
When I only ever viewed you as home.
You were part of my community,
You had a VIP seat in my heart.
But that could never be enough for someone like you,
And that's why we belong apart.
You're a constant positive in my mind, though,
Despite what has gone before,
I just concluded it was best to just move on,
As it was obvious we were simply no more.
I surprise myself on days like this,
When I realise exactly what I would like to say.
I would never expect your forgiveness or such,
I wouldn't even expect you to let me stay.
Evicted as I was from that community of yours,
I fixed up the cracks that formed inside.
And now I'm confident that if I met you tomorrow,
I wouldn't surrender or hide,
Instead I'd inform you that I remember you and me,
(As my nerves rattle me to the bone.)
And that, although I do have days like these,
My thoughts are only yours on loan.
14 April 2015

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Mar 2015
Moments are separated only by a mixture of hues.
Colours, spellbinding, fixating my mind on something else. Something new.
Bells ring out. The wind, it howls. The waves crash off the shore line.
The cold air creeps through the cold-bridge beneath my window, and slithers up my spine.
He said to hold onto these thoughts, these visions, and never doubt.
But, there's always a but, nothing stops there. That's what this is all about.
Something lurks behind all of those smiles, under that strength, that ability to stay calm.
It chases you, running around between those hues. Metaphoricalised. Causing the sweat in your palms.
And it haunts you in your day time. It robs you of your hours. Ones that could be spent in truth, but no.
You don't surrender up these thoughts. Why would you? They're doubts, they're lies. They are fear. That's why the hues still glow.
It pushes, and pushes you, until the hues are ceased of their beauty, leaving only that constant fear.
Fear, wilderness, stress. Your slumber is but comfortable. And once again you awaken from your nightmare.
It breaks into your hours and steals away your days. It conquers your rest. It darkens the hues, and leaves but light.
You twist and turn, you're struggling in the confined space in which you're in. Dark, small and tight.
The incandescence of light from the sky should illuminate the dark. I'm sick of the artificialness!
But I know for sure my words would only come out wrong if I confess..
I've decided to hide it away, the truth I mean. Although I know I shouldn't.
I know I could go on pretending forever. But, then again, I couldn't.
5 - March - 2015

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Mar 2017
I'm writing to you on the eve of glory
To tell you I had no choice but to let you go.
Your veins were poisoned by the act of savagery,
And you became a person I could never wish to know.

Your emerald eyes were all lit up,
Just like the cigarette that once calmed your stress.
Your hair was tied back by one single clip:
Messy, vintage-like, just as your dress.

I recall the first words you ever spoke to me:
They included, of course, Prince Charming's name.
And since you awoke one morning and stepped into reality,
You just simply have not been the same.

What was it that spiked you?
What broke inside your pure heart?
Was it there all along, just looming in the background?
Or have I been naive from the very start?

I based my dreams on the world that you had.
You were my motive to remain strong:
To hold on hoping that one day I could have it too.
Even a piece of me broke, when you proved yourself wrong.

And days have passed since I last thought of you.
Weeks too, since we've seen eye-to-eye.
Your heart turned cold and your mind went dark..
I just want to know why?

So Lady Cheyenne, if you're reading this, I ask you
To find yourself a mirror, and dare to look through:
Take a look at the person who is staring within the silver,
And I want you to acknowledge that she is not you.
28 February 2017

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Jan 2019
Hold on to your dreams, my darling.
I know things have not been as you imagined.
Think of tables overturning,
Steel-topped boots stomping.
Think of feathers flowing in the draught,
The whispers, circulating the halls.
Think of home,
And the answers you found.

Hold on to the joy, my love.
That fell on your shoulders,
Just as your hair, those beautiful curls,
And that red dress,
Flowing to your knees.
Think of that smile and every other that followed.

Hold on to the hope you had, my dear.
You held on for so long already.
Think about the days that are coming,
The sunrises at dawn,
The sunsets at dusk.
Think of the pavements you have yet to set foot upon,
And the eyes you have yet to meet.

Hold on to the person you were, my heart.
The person you now need most.
Think of the fear that shook your breathe,
The frost that froze your toes,
And the tears that fell from those blue, blue eyes.
Think of the promises you swore in secrecy,
Those weighted words,
Those truths.

Hold on to the faith you keep deep down, sweetheart.
It will get you through the darkest hours.
Think of the lights that have been extinguished,
The ashes that have been poured back to the Earth.
Think of the love that you aim up to the sky,
The unrequited warmth you send to the world,
Think about moving forward.
Think about how far you've moved since.

Hold on to the words you heard before,
The ones that still bounce around within.
Think about the essence of their details,
The lips they fell out of,
The way they made you feel.
Think about those words when you're moving,
Build a home for them within,
Visit from time to time.

And hold on to all the reasons why.
Hold on as tight as you can.
Keep them locked up in your fortress,
Away from the world outside.
3 September 2018

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Mar 2018
Talk to me, in sweet melodies,
In a language my heart will understand.
Sweep me up into arms of strength,
And drop me gently, so I stand.

Take me into your glorious heat,
Introduce a world of painted teal.
Direct me to a path into the light.
Show me something real.

Capture the blue that's taken residence,
And release it back into the distance of the skies.
Hold me under blanketing stars, and the moon.
Promise me, deeply, into my eyes.

And hold on to that promise.
Remain honest, to yourself, and to me.
Then you can leave me safely, unaltered,
And we'll both be free.
13 December 2017
Joanne Heraghty Mar 2016
'Is forgiveness possible?' You ask.
Come here for a moment, and I’ll tell you what I think.
Look around and see it all from my eyes,
You might miss something if you blink.

You’re asking a society in isolation,
If they wish to revolutionise their peace,
By bringing up their ancestors from their graves,
Just so six counties can be released.

Can you hear yourself, and your foolish words?
Can you not see the same people I do?
What on Earth are you actually expecting to achieve,
When I’m not sure our ancestors even knew.

Isolation is a fairly heavy word.
It says more than any other.
But it’s true, look at them sitting there,
Texting, and ignoring each other!

That device they’re holding in their hands,
Connects them to a world far wider than Earth
All they care about are the people they know,
They consider their location to be nothing but dirt.

I live in this isolated time.
I feel loneliness while I sit amongst the crowd.
At times I feel the need to speak,
But then I fear my voice will be too loud.

Let them go, let them go their ways,
You’re the only one who cares anymore.
We once wanted unification, we once stood as brothers..
But that was all before.

It haunts me that innocents died for no worthy cause,
While laws passed under tyrant rule.
But you must accept that history is unchangeable,
And that the truth is, this world is cruel.

When I seen your question, I asked myself,
What on Earth is to be forgiven?
That was 100 years ago, a different time altogether
To the one that we’re now living!

You’re asking an anti-social society, who would protest that label,
To forgive people they didn’t, and will never, know.
From day one, 1916 has been a legend for us,
One we had to accept as reality. And let it go.

I think we’ve all gotten on in the present tense,
Despite our constant struggle to adapt to change.
There are dreamers amongst us, who think like the rebels did,
But in this society, they’re considered to be strange.

I’d say the majority would now oppose home rule.
As they can see our government stands for everything but respect,
With empty promises being made just to gain the necessary voting quota,
So they can make negative impacts to our lives and economy once they’re elected!

We’re all thankful for the seven members of the IRB Minister’s Council,
Who fought, and died, in the hope of our fate.
But I think Yeats was right making reference to beauty,
When he encapsulated our current state.

We have all found our ways through the darkness,
Without following in the footsteps of Plunkett’s eight-hour wife,
Who proved Plunkett and all his friend’s died in vein,
As she let the dark encase her for the rest of her life.

I hope my opinion is more than just my own,
And you may one day see it as yours too.
Because forgiveness is no longer necessary,
Now that, as you see, we’re surrounded by a generation anew.

We are united, even though it may not be as our ancestors hoped.
Forgiveness is possible, you should be asking if acceptance is, though.
Because if you took a look around, to see what I see,
You wouldn’t need me to answer you. Because you too, would let go.
26 February 2016

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Aug 2016
What must it feel like to fall out of love?
To wake up one morning and no longer feel?
I imagine it feels empty, to be right back at the start.
To drop out of dreamland and come back to what's real.

But then I think it would be a relief,
To just have your own to protect.
So when you're concentrating on yourself,
There's no one left to neglect.

But then what about the reminders,
Of the times ye had spent?
Are you left unaffected?
Or do you begin to resent?

Do you feel absence in your heart?
Or do you just leave it all in the past?
Are you glad that it's over?
Or did you wish it would last?

Can you look into your lover's eyes,
And tell them the truth:
That you lied when you told them;
"It's about me, not you."

What must it feel to be callous,
Walking away so easily from love,
Taking off as quick as the wind does ,
As soon as push came to shove?

What must it feel to have fallen,
Out of a love that was so true?
Not even in my strongest moment could I do it..
So what must it feel like to be you?
24th August 2016

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty

Everything looks clearer in the morning.
Joanne Heraghty Mar 2015
As I sit upon the rocks now,
I can't think of a better place.
With the fish like a tower above me,
And the sun shine upon my face.
It is not yet Summer,
But the air feels soft and warm.
The wide world that surrounds me,
Has taken a new form.
The sky that sits above me,
Is filled with a mixture of bright hues.
And while I'm looking right up,
I think of all the 'yous'.
The ones I think of during my daytime,
And those I see within my dreams,
And those I will only ever get to reach,
Through the sun beams.
I know I grew callous for months there,
And I'm sincerely sorry for that.
But the feelings that I felt so deep,
Were really difficult to combat.
I've found here in the sunshine,
My innate self is breaking straight through.
And I really hope if you're reading this,
You know I've written it for you.
The you that did not leave me.
The you that has held on.
The you that is the reason,
I eventually grew strong.
I've been sitting here for hours now,
But it feels like years instead.
And I'm waiting for something,
To follow the path I've led.
It's not all that straight-forward,
There are many obstacles it must cross.
From every painful defeat to failure,
To every rueful regret and loss.
I know I must be patient,
For good things come to those who wait.
And just as I look up now,
I feel glad for my true faith.
I know now I can stop running,
And truly begin to love me.
I can let happiness finally catch up,
So that what is destined, will be.
22 March 2015

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Jan 2017
Just for a single moment,
Can you pull away from that glass,
Look me in the eye and tell me,
That this time is the last?

Stay there for a minute,
I have just one thing left to say.
You're significance in my life,
Has meant something to me until today.

Please wait for me, will you?
I have to put on my coat.
You're leaving me behind,
And a lump is forming in my throat.

Resurface from your dark cave,
And come out to meet my eye.
If I no longer mean a thing to you,
Then have the decency to say goodbye!

I know you're hurting in your own way,
But I'm only the enemy in your mind.
I'd sooner be the one to make you happy again,
Instead of being here, left behind.

I'm being honest, despite my sharp words.
Maybe someone needs to tell you the truth:
You're so consumed by yourself that you don't see
This is not all just about you!

Outside your cave is a big, bright world,
And I'm standing here, waiting on you, on my own.
I would attempt to approach your stony structure,
But it doesn't feel much like home.

Could you just open up for a second,
I promise you I mean you no danger.
Or are you afraid of meeting my old eyes,
In case you just see another stranger?
5th January 2017

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Jan 2015
You finally found the power,
to pull yourself back up.

Awakening, to yet another
day of sadness.
The bleak – now fading-
that storms at your window,
is the only reason you sat up.
The only reason you awoke,
in the first place..

Yet, when you lay back on your pillow,
inside you don't believe
that was the only reason.

And you pull yourself back up.
11 January 2015

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Sep 2015
The first day we met,
You told me your name.
I took the seat beside you,
And did the same.
You were really warm and welcoming,
I had met a new friend.
And I've considered you as one, always,
Right up, past the end.

Days will keep moving forward,
And years will fly past.
But I see now that I should be treating
Each one as my last.

I hope that when I reach your age,
I'll have grown to be someone like you.
Someone who is happy, friendly and respectable,
As you know, out there, there are few.

I regret learning only little about you,
Now that it's too late, and you're gone.
But what I do know, I'll keep forever,
And I promise to remember you, my dear John.

It will come to deeply hit us,
That you're no longer here,
When we take a look around us,
And see a single, empty chair.

We will all continue to gather.
But it will never be the same.
For me, we have lost all spirit,
To out weekly, Saturday game.

I'm really glad that I met you.
You were significant in my life.
Now, you are free to ascend into Heaven,
Where you can live happily again, with your wife.

I just want to say thank you for the welcome,
And thank you for every weekend.
Rest in Peace, for ever more now.
And farewell, my dear friend.
"27 August 2015"

Dedicated to John McGarrigle .. 2015
Joanne Heraghty Jan 2015
No words could ever explain
these feelings inside of me..
Simple....but true. I've been reduced to accept that I cannot explain it. Even my words are useless..
Joanne Heraghty May 2016
She keeps the remnants of your relationship in a box,
Which is left hidden away, under her bed, on the floor.
She used to take it out and look at its contents in nostalgia..
But not any more.

There's just something about your last moments that stop her.
Her love for you suddenly turns into hate.
All the plans she set out for the future vanish,
And she's left to believe loneliness is her fate.

She remembers how she met you in the Autumn,
When the leaves were turning from green.
And the way your eyes lit up against the orange backdrop;
It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen..

She told me how she felt about you:
How you took a hold on her soul,
And how she left you alone in springtime,
When the world took back control.

She told me how dark the sun shone upon her,
And how she found herself lost in another.
How she avoided the overwhelming thought of losing you,
In fear that she would smother.

I knew not of her battles,
Until she made them quite clear.
She regretted ever leaving your loving arms,
So she never wanted you near.

She told me that I could never understand her.
I could never truly know why.
Because of the 13 layers of irony,
She hides deep down inside.

The darkness took over,
Once she lost site of your eyes.
Cause, although she doesn't know when it happened,
She remembers you saying your goodbyes.

You were the wind to her wind chimes.
The sea to her shore.
You were the roof to her four walls.
To her heart, you were the door.

She told me how she used to wake up every morning,
And she felt a happiness deep within.
How automatically a smile would appear on her face,
Even before her day would begin.

She described the many colours the skies took.
And how she loved the feel of the atmosphere with so many voices.
She said she felt she had a place in the world.
And she had made many good choices.

She said you showed her that she was capable of loving,
And that you proved the rest of the world was wrong.
She said you were the rock that kept her solid.
You were the strength that kept her strong.

She told me how she poured her heart out to you..
How she missed you a little more each day.
How she's wasted so much time away from you.
And if she could go back, she'd tell herself to stay.

She told me she was heartless,
That's what the whole world thought.
But, out of everyone that could have told her otherwise,
It was you who told her she was not.

She told me she had no secrets:
Yet no one knew how she felt about you.
She said she never told any lies;
But when anyone asked, she said the feelings weren't true.

She told me if she could go back,
She wouldn't remake the same mistake.
But no matter what chances she has got,
Second best is all she would take.

She fought to fix a broken world,
And no one ever asked her why.
She told me nothing broken can ever truly be mended,
But there would be no harm to try.

She said no one ever asked her what her motives were,
Because they never heeded a word she said.
So she needed to get out there and take action,
As there was no use staying in bed.

She never expected me to say what I said next,
She analysed the words I had spoken.
Her face, so beautiful, dropped suddenly then,
As I told her we are all broken.

I said I wake up in the middle of the night,
Tears streaming down my face.
Awakening from a dream I had just had,
Of a better, brighter place.

I told her she may believe she's happy now,
But I can tell even from a single thought,
It's obvious inside she's far from it,
In comparison to the happiness you brought.

She told me it was too late to fix things,
That you both had already said your goodbyes,
That you faded with the seasons since she left you,
And now she can't remember the colour of your eyes.

She said the silence has not been altered by her wind chimes,
As no wind has blown since you've been gone.
She said she felt uncomfortable in the quiet,
Without you there, everything felt wrong.

She told me that the sea parted from the shoreline,
And left behind nothing but drought.
The roof detached from her four walls,
And the flame inside went out.

She said the moment she opens the lid from the box,
That she hides away on the floor, under her bed,
Every memory she has of you comes flooding back to her,
And she mourns for you as if you're dead.

She said she hates you because that's all she can do now.
It hurts too much to continue to love you.
And she's stopped by your last moments together,
Because it was those moments that made it so true.

She found love for you in the Winter.
And brought it with her through every other season.
I asked her why she has never told you how she really feels,
But she wouldn't give me a proper reason.

Instead she denied her feelings,
And told me what she tells just anyone,
Callously, detached she pretends;
"It's too late now. You're long gone."

She said you put a wall up in defence,
And she understands perfectly why.
She thinks its best to move on and live her life without you.
A part of her has already said goodbye.

She didn't know just how beautiful she was.
It was a shame her words weren't truly heard.
She gave her all to a fight she knew she would never win,
Until her voice was silenced by the world..
22 May 2016

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Jan 2017
She cleared her throat and told me,
What she thought you must now know.
Her voice was silenced, but her mind was still running,
And she's fearful that it may soon blow.

She chased down every government body,
She travelled the world and witnessed pain.
She caused a ruckus in a crowded place,
And then got thrown outside in the rain.

She asked me "who do we talk to, if not our superiors?
Who can help us, if not them?"
She found the answers, now she wants you to hear.
She said "here goes nothing, ahem.."

"No one can help us. No ones out there,
We're simply just stuck inside.
We can stand up and speak out, if you want to,
Or we can just keep silent and hide."

"This does not change with time," she continued,
"We must face our fears at some stage."
She hid away for so long now,
She has just filled herself up with rage.

She said she spoke to you for a long time,
And, instead of helping, you just sat still and observed.
She appreciated the attention you gave her,
But she thinks that's a little less than she deserved.

She needed your help, and you know that,
And now her rage is directed toward you.
She can't pretend she's not disappointed,
Because you were the one person she's ever known to be true.

Your heart was warm and loving,
Your exterior conveyed it well.
You're probably still the same person you were then,
But, for some reason, she can no longer tell.

And when the skies displayed it's colours,
And the air held so many voices,
She looked at her surroundings,
And she was fooled, just as others are, to think she had many choices.

She had none, she was trying to tell you!
She had no idea how to fix the world.
She tried her best and she wants you to know that,
But she's just one little girl.

For that reason, she completely gave up on hope,
And, all around her, the whole world turned grey.
From the outside, it was easier to see though,
The world looked different on display.

She said the world is crumbling all around us,
And she doesn't understand why no one gives a ****.
She has wondered ever since she found the answer,
If you've known all along, and that's how you're so calm?

She sees the world in a completely new light now.
No blend of colours stretch across her skies.
The air is silent, the voices have left her.
But she suddenly remembers the colour of your eyes.

She recalls the hazel she once got lost in,
And all of those days in the Autumn air.
She doesn't know how she lost contact of them,
But she constantly wishes she could go back there.

And she has been frantic when she talks about
The reason she left you behind,
She was a dreamer, who was foolish
To think there was so many better things out there to find.

Because all she found were contradictions.
The world is just a massive kingdom of pain.
It broke her heart when she tried to fix it,
And now she's left with heartache she cannot contain.

The answer was sorer than the lies we are taught.
The grey and the silence have left her cold.
She sees no point in going ahead now.
I'm just telling you what I was told.

You gave her strength when she was weak.
You gave her reasons to dream.
You made her innately happy.
You fixed her fabrics when they tore at the seam.

You taught her love in a damaged world.
You picked her up when she fell down.
You are the person who made her who she is.
Now all that's missing is her crown.

She has sat you on the top of the world.
She looks up to you on your height.
You were the reason she got out of bed in the morning,
And the last thing she thought about at night.

The beautiful butterflies that once danced inside her belly,
Have become moths, eating away at the fabrics of her soul.
She wanted so much to hold on to you forever,
But then the springtime came, and the world took back control.

Will you bring the colour back into her world,
And show her proof that she is wrong?
The world may try to defeat us, but we are our only superiors!
And you have known it all along.
12 January 2017

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Sep 2016
You were angry when you turned on your heel.
The fight was over and you were walking away.
It was just then she called out for you to "wait!",
One single thing you never expected she'd say.
You dare not face her,
Just in case she sees,
The tears that are swelling in your eyes,
And the shake that possesses your knees.
She opens up and she admits
How your last words cut her deep.
She thinks of how you want no more than friendship,
Each night while she cannot sleep.
She apologises repeatedly,
The words pour straight out from her heart.
She regrets the way that she left you,
And wishes ye had not grown apart.
Anger fills up fast inside you,
And makes it's way right to your mouth.
You ask her why she won't just let go.
She's taken aback by your shout.
Then, just as a child would,
She mumbles when she says:
It was fear that made her leave you,
And she'll regret it for the rest of her days.
You find this preposterous!
Why on Earth would she be scared?
"When" and "why" you then ask her,
And that's when she confesses she cared.
She wanted more than what you were to her.
She was searching for a soul mate,
Who would stand by her forever,
And face with her, her fate.
Your face changes when she says how
It was not a mutual thought.
You wanted nothing that she did,
And this hurt a lot.
So she explains how she left you,
Just before it was too late,
And adds that she is sorry
She has made such a state.
You are reluctant to believe her;
For how could her words be true?
She fell right into another's arms,
The second she left you!
And you speak of this disbelief,
You display all the anger you feel.
You empty your heart of it's agony,
As it's a wound you can no longer seal.
It's then she tells you she was foolish,
She believed these were feelings she could grow.
But this was a void that could not be filled by just anyone,
And there's something you must know.
As ye lock eyes for a single moment,
You cannot believe the words she has just said.
"I was wrong" she admits into the silence..
Or was that all just in your head?
22nd August 2016 // Day #31
Joanne Heraghty Aug 2015
I wonder if birds count themselves lucky
To find themselves free in the sky.
Knowing they can escape up into the air.
They just have to spread their wings and fly.

I wonder what happens if they somehow fall,
And they find themselves bound to the ground.
Do they just accept their fate,
And fade away without a sound?

Or do they thrash and yammer
Until they can't anymore.
Then, just lay there and look up,
Remembering how it used to be before?

Do they fear that they are prey,
Another species' meal?
Or do they lose all their senses,
And choose not to feel?

I wonder if they're left just a little bit hopeful
That help may come along,
So they don't completely give up,
And try to keep themselves strong?

Or if they just lay there,
And wait for their eyes to close tight,
And slip away happily.
Surrendering without a fight.

I think, if I were a bird,
Who fell down from the sky,
I'd fight, thrash, yammer and hope..
Until the day I found myself capable of spreading my wings to fly.
4th August 2015

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Aug 2016
Down came the first drops of rain, before the storm.
And just like that, in two words, came the end.
The end to a work-in-progress; to a commitment;
To a lover; to a most treasured friend.

Down came the tower I built up to keep me safe.
Closed became the arms that kept me warm.
Cold came the air that froze my soul.
Gone, was my home.

Out stood the ocean's beauty.
And clear became the skies.
Drowned behind the tears,
Disappeared; your eyes.

My legs took off running,
Tripping with the fear.
You awaited a response from my lips,
But my words just weren't there.

For a moment, I was absent.
Smiling, within a dream.
We were holding hands in the sunshine,
And we were on the same team.

But then the storm poured down upon us,
And I turned to see your face.
I know what those words did to you,
I can almost feel your heart race.

I know I'm supposed to feel pain.
I'm supposed to feel sorrow.
But instead, I just feel numb.
Thinking only about tomorrow.

What am I going to do on my own?
And who will I tell my stories to?
Will I be okay out there by myself?
..And then I think of you.

Will you remember me, the way you last described,
With a deep unwelcoming hatred for you?
The person who ****** the joy out of life,
Who no longer laughed, who was always blue?

Will you wake up one morning,
And regret everyday of our one year?
Or will you just move on without me,
And pretend I was never there?

I run, and I run, as fast as my legs can move,
Chasing a single moment, circling the same mile.
And just as I see you in the distance,
You vanish with your smile.

I know how hard those words were for you.
And I know they broke your heart.
There was a lot I did want to say,
But inside, I just fell apart.

We are not made of glass,
So we simple cannot be broken.
At least, that's what I was once told.
I now question is he understood the words he had spoken.

Because the rock that is my heart,
Shattered as if it were,
To the thought of being that monster you described.
I never wanted to be her.

So I say goodbye to my most treasured person,
And hello to the loneliness and pain,
That I'm surrounded by in the darkness,
As I sit alone in the rain.
28th July 2016

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Jan 2015
You play a song so calm,
To slow down your heart pace.
You try to cover up,
The sadness on your face.
The news that you just heard,
Although you already knew,
Has beaten you real hard
And caused something to brew.
Inside you feel like fire,
Like a smoking, bubbly pit.
It knocks you off your feet,
And causes you to sit.
You cannot answer how,
Or even question why,
But the first chance that they got,
They simply just said goodbye.
You play the song so calm,
To bring back who you are,
And remember that they're gone.
They're gone so very far.
And they never truly cared,
They never thought of you.
But these are facts you know..
It's just a harsh thing that they're true.
13 - January - 2015

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Nov 2014
I make the choice to start the plane;
I mount my seat and turn the key.
I join the force in the rain:
To meet a certain destiny.
I know them not, those other men,
Nor enemy, nor ally do I fight.
If I could live it all again
I'd steer away from this final "delight."
I'd banish these thoughts that pois my mind,
And discourage the little man inside.
Too rash I was to leave it all behind,
And venture off to the clouds to hide.
Distant are Kiltartan's men, at noon.
Heartbroken; Margaret and the three;
She may receive the dreaded telegram soon;
Because mine the falling aeroplane shall be.
Through the glass, I can see them ones,
Those times of pain, and those of smiles.
Tears jam in my throat like stones,
As I continue my journey on for miles.
It's clear you question my choice to die,
Needlessly, you assume, within your poem.
But, you see, I just love being in the sky..
It feels a little more like home.
11 April 2014

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty

This poem was written as a response to W. B. Yeats' poem; An Irish Airman Foresees His Death.
Joanne Heraghty May 2021
Ten, nine-eight, seven,
Six-five, four,
Three-two, one.
No one questioned.
No one laughed or pouted.
The rain washed away the colours,
And we started again tomorrow.

Seven thirty,
Seven thirty,
Seven thirty,
Seven thirty,
And so on.
We need answers.
We need reasons.
We are stuck in our tomorrows.
Our present fades out fast.

We are locked up in our timers;
Slaves to our master mints.
Our souls are dying,
With nowhere to hide
And no one to seek them.
Time does not stand still.

The chalk was our past time,
The clock is our taker,
And we play ourselves.
Joanne Heraghty Nov 2014
If the days fly past too quickly,
And your heart just shuts it's doors.
You forget the first glimpse you took,
And you look away once more.
Will you still know what I look like?
Will my name still make you smile?
Will everything else be more important,
To only visit me once in every while?
Would you forget all of our conversations,
The ones no one else knows about?
We'll be “Mad Now, Mad 4Ever”
And, ominously, all the elephants will be wiped out!
Do you know how many times, you crawl right into my dreams?
To catch your green-eyed beauty was enough to fall in love, it seems.
You keep on coming back, like a tower in the sky,
You sit your chin upon my head as moments slowly go by.
I know you're mumbling softly, but I do not catch a word.
With my ear pressed to your body, your heartbeat's all I heard.
I continue to share that moment with your presence in my thoughts
Your hands clasped together; around me, is the only image that I caught.
I love how you call me your lady, and I call you m'dear.
And how you wrap your arms around me, as we walk, to keep me near.
I hate how I always wonder if this time you're actually gone.
Or how I simply come to believe I'm somewhere going wrong.
When I seen your face the last day, how lit-up it had got
To meet my face in a crowded place, and ground me to my spot.
There's only this one moment that draws my breath in slow:
We're on opposite sides of the street, both watching each other go.
Your smile is fading out, your figure growing small.
But in all of my memories, I feel, you never walk away at all.
So, just in case you forget m'dear
That the love in my heart is all yours.
I want you to know I'll keep it there,
'till the day you open your heart's doors
December 23rd 2013

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Nov 2014
I just want the monsters to go back to where they came.
Go away from my bedside, and forget about my name.

I don't want to be haunted, each night when I try to sleep,
Or even become so afraid, that I suddenly begin to weep.

I hate it when it gets dark, and the monsters prowl around,
And my body freezes in the heat, while I hear creaks on the ground.

I fear their capabilities, and all that is unknown.
But, most of all, I hate the way, they're still here, though I've grown.

I try to tell them to go away, quite loud I do shout!
But despite all the chances they get, they simply won't get out..
5th July 2014

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Jun 2015
No bandage could cover the wounds.
No comforting sounds could loosen the knots.
The world has not technically stopped turning,
But it has, down deep inside of me.
A flame extinguished,
My voice, incapable.
Each muscle.. Lapsed into a numbness so ******.
My heart, it beats.
Thump thump
Against the walls that encase it,
Holding it there, steadily, in case it tries to break free.
The throbbing in my veins
and the beats of my heart
Are so powerful they invade my thoughts,
Hijacking the only thing I have control over.
The only thing left.
But they're unceremonious murderers,
Who, entrapped, could defeat.
6th April 2015

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Nov 2014
Yeats said romance was gone and dead,
Back in the day when most tears were shed.
Times when the IRA were up and strong,
Days when they could be seen doing wrong.
Not right now, when its just biased times;
The next Love/Hate enlightening their "newest" crimes.
Our time does differ from the old.
And if Yeats could talk right now, a different story would be told.

We're due a time when they all come home
Cross the shores and along they come.
Times when they are safe to stay,
Unlike the war years when they were forced away.
The times when Yeats said our heroes did us good.
Now, no novelty, no heroes: villains. Although, there should.
President Higgins, the 9th to stand.
Who speaks of "our own Aisling" in this shared land.
Our time does differ from the old.
And if Yeats could talk right now, a different story would be told.

A hundred years, we're still the same.
When the "recession" is so easy to blame.
A choice that Sinn Fein never got to make,
Lead by Kenny, the government's mistake.
Choices made, nor law but religion.
Medical misadventures under moral obligation.
A jury given a choice of two verdicts: one story,
Savita's death, goes down in history.
Our time does differ from the old.
And if Yeats could talk right now, a different story would be told.

Our time when networks send youths to their grave,
An earlier landing caused by how others behaved.
Still mothers shed tears upon the pit of their sons,
Ashes to ashes, a new war has begun.
But, a type that is different in a virtual way,
For the past is the past and today is today.
That's how our times differ to those of 1913
And if Yeats were here right now, what real difference would be seen?

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty

This poem was written as a response to W. B. Yeats' poem; September 1913.
Joanne Heraghty Jan 2015
I was happy in our love cloud;
Just to know someone was there.
He didn't need to love me, trust me or adore me,
He simply just needed to care.

His arms were like a blanket,
A cushion to lay my heavy heart.
He made up every little puzzle piece.
He completed me, from the very start.

Our cloud continued floating,
Ascending in a windward way.
Our love had grown much stronger,
Growing a little more with every day.

I could find no other like him.
I wished to live forever at his side.
I'd never thought about the future,
Or ever wished to be someone's bride.

With him it was so much different;
I became oblivious to his petty lies.
But after I covered all his fake smiles,
I began to see his evil eyes.

Our cloud had gained pollution,
With contaminants that could have caused a storm.
And once we drifted too far to return,
Our cloud had taken a different form.

The pain came down in droplets.
Not a single thought was even spared.
Our love had bursted to pieces,
Scattering all that we once shared.

Now I'm looking from this angle.
With the clouds gone, the stars can now shine.
And, despite how much I loved him,
I realise.. he was never mine.
31st December 2014

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Nov 2014
Once we were passing strangers
With no knowledge of each others names.
And there had not yet been the memories,
Or the photos in the frames.

We had never said the words,
Or greeted as we passed.
Or agreed on a certain relationship.
No atmosphere had been cast.

We had not worried about tomorrow,
Or if we'd see each other soon.
We had never thought about a future, together,
Or promised each other the moon.

We had our own paths to walk on,
And our own futures to live for.
But then one day our paths crossed,
And we felt loneliness, no more.

I often believed it metaphorical,
When I witnessed people part.
How it seemed they were leaving forever,
Separating at the heart.

I thought of the directionality,
The opposite ways they would go.
And I felt a little melancholy,
For the things they'd never know.

That same belief remains within me,
I still fear those metaphoric ends.
Now though, with you, I realise,
We'll always part as friends.
1st October 2014

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Take with you my spirit.
I brought it with me when I visited;
Tasting of apples, smelling of cheap perfume:
Happy to see you.

With no key, no schedule,
I was the Prince, you were Repunzel:
Smiling at me out your window.
Your arms were my favourite place in the world.

Take with you the picture
Of my sad eyes: heavy and puffed.
Holding my own hand.
Happy that I now could.

I made my choices, lost my way.
You learned more about me then.
Frown lines cracked my porcelain face.
Your presence offered me solace.

Take with you my love;
It stayed around all these years.
Missing your hands, searching for your eyes.
Happy to have met them.

Time took with it the motions.
Though, inside me we both stand still.
I catch glimpses of your arms, and your delight,
But you are no longer in the crowd.
Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Jan 2015
As I stood along the path,
I seen the little girl.
She had on a floral dress,
And her hair had flowing curls.

She stood still, all alone,
With a ribbon in her hand.
And above her was a balloon,
tied to it, with a band.

She had fallen away from the crowd,
Just to stand and breathe.
I watched her as she closed her eyes,
And positioned her two feet.

Her hand was held up-right,
To let the balloon dance,
In the wind that would take it further,
If it only got the chance.

After a moment in the silence,
The little girl opened her eyes.
As she done this, she loosened her grip,
And then sent the balloon to the skies.

I considered this symbolic,
And thought of you as my balloon.
Who had danced off with the wind,
And left me way too soon.
15 January 2015

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Dec 2015
Oh, the sensitivity!
Bombs, guns, war... Even the mention of the likes has the world around her at unease.
How long has it been since youths began using these terms
Without a hint of caution?
Why should it all be taken so seriously now?

She awakens each morning with the same melancholy.
Nothing changes, nothing's new,
She accepts life as it is.
There's a chance we'll be hit tomorrow.
There is a war going on, after all.
But, though she arises in a world left unharmed,
She is in tension still.

She moves on swiftly through another gloomy day.
The sky takes many colours,
The air holds many voices.
Yet, still, she is oblivious.
Her silence: impenetrable.
No joke could arouse laughter.
No insult could provoke anger.
To remain silent is her answer.

But why? No one asks.
Her beauty alone could break hearts.
Her words could mend souls.
Her touch could heal wounds.
Her voice could silence the world.

But no one has asked.
No one has wondered.
Everyone believes she is independent,
She's happy in her isolation,
She is content to continue the life she is living.

But inside she is far from happy.
Her isolation, she believes, is best for everyone.
She depends on everyone to help her,
But knows they cannot help.
No one would understand.
For she has all the answers,
Her words would mend souls.
Her voice would silence the world.

Though the sky takes many colours,
And the air holds many voices,
All she sees are the monsters in her mind.
And all she hears are their murmurs crawling into her reality.
She can see who the real terrorists are.

The truth is; no soldiers, no artillery and no attack can compare
To the threat the monsters bring her.
This is real war.

And that's why she doesn't speak.
She knows no one would understand,
For this she is glad.
But.. No one would want to hear what she has to say.
No one would like her words.
Her voice would silence the world.
25th November 2015

Don't just pray for Paris, pray for the world. ☮

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty

Fictional Dependency - Part I: Neurological Warfare
Joanne Heraghty Dec 2014
I met your eyes; twice open,
And once, I heard your voice.
I wish we could start over now
And make a better choice.
I often heard people mention
The bond they had with theirs.
All my life I kept saying,
I simply did not care.

The first day you had met me,
You didn't know my name.
I know that's the point of meetings,
But this was not the same.
You shook my hand like a stranger,
You'd rather never know.
And the naïve child within me,
Never wanted to let go.

The second day you came to talk,
And made my mother cry.
Trying to withdraw the past you left,
And return back to her side.
I tried then to forgive you, Gran,
But forgiveness is hard to give,
To a woman who never cared about
The lives she gave to live.
But I kept back my anger for
A woman worth so much more.
For she's much more stronger than,
The woman you came back for.

You broke her heart,
And broke her soul,
And walked away without tears.
I hoped you thought about the past:
The core of your child's fears.
But your mistakes could fill an endless list,
And sadden a jolly man.
But I forgave you, nonetheless,
Because you were my Gran.
You placed your hand in mine, right then,
And posed for the camera shot.
Your skin soft as flower petals,
A feeling I never forgot.

The third day I came to you,
It was time to say goodbye.
To see you, at peace, after all those years
Without you in our lives,
It was then my heart suddenly dropped,
And caused my eyes to cry.
The time was not ours to have
We never got the chance.
I cannot remember the way you looked,
For I only got a glance.
But I still remember your hand in mine,
Even after all those years.
And that feeling alone sets my heart in flames,
To conjure up the tears.
Your hand stays cold beneath mine since then,
Without heat, I cannot bring.
You withered away too early, Gran,
Like the flowers in mid-Spring.
27th November 2014

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Dec 2014
I can be an anyone,
with opportunities at my door.
I remember you said I was no one,
but that was all before.

Since, I became a someone
with a thoughtful little brain,
with loved ones all around me,
who think I am insane!

I could be a failure,
who quickly gets the sack.
Or travel all around the world,
and leave you at my back.
You could become the shadow
when the sun shines on my face.
Or you could accept I am someone,
and share my inner grace.

See, it's 'cause you are the no one,
with no body at your side,
that you enforced you anger,
and seen how much I cried.

You know, you could be the person,
no one could love more.
But now, you are the only one,
I'd rather just ignore.

What pains me is our memories,
and the childhood that we had.
Somewhere, along the path we went,
it seems you just turned bad.

I tried to forget the time we spent,
but I guess it's just too late.
Because I know I could never love you again..
That love, turned into hate.
1st July 2014

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Feb 2015
There is a difference between dying alone and dying lonely..
Joanne Heraghty Sep 2016
I think the writing on the wall explains it well;
The story of my life.
Words of laughter, learning and development.
But nothing of the strife.
Some things are not worth dwelling upon,
It's better we just forget.
This story is worth remembering though,
So I want you to know how it was set.

There are four others, besides myself,
In our little childhood crowd.
Even though one left early,
To rest upon a cloud.
We grew up as others did,
Making mud-pies in the yard.
And if any of us felt any way unsafe,
We were each other's guard.

We all have our different versions of things,
Our perspectives from our own side.
And when it all fades away,
We must take it in our stride.
Our days are moving forward,
Our childhoods are slipping away.
But in case we begin to lose them forever,
I want to collect them all today.

I couldn't imagine forgetting the mud-pies,
Or seeing Prince somersault in the wind.
Or the way ye all looked,
As ye happily, posed and grinned.
On rare occasions I remember details,
That meant little to us then.
Like our bad taste of fashion,
And the ways we used to hold a pen.

Oh and we can't forget the nicknames,
That reflected who we are.
Or the times we all spent in the garden:
The setting for Our Star.
We can't forget our old bedroom,
The place we learned to share.
Nor can we ever forget the feeling,
Of having each other there.

What prompted this, is a single photograph,
I found inside a book.
Astounded I was to find it there,
And see how young we looked.
All four of us are gathered in a group,
Posing for the camera shot.
We look the picture of perfection,
Even Prince got caught.

The weather was still and warm,
We sat lovingly, dressed in our casual wear.
Little did I know it at the time,
But my utopia in life, is there.
Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty Feb 2020
I'm done, take the bag from my back.
Take the coat from my shoulders and let me fall.
All of my insecurities, all of my dreams,
Have lead me here.

Where are you in my coldest hours?
In the moments I stand still.
Broken by the shards of life that blew up in your face,
Not the ones that fell from mine.

I take each step I can, facing forward;
Etching onward, slowly and oblivious.
But you coax me to you,
You bring me back to you.

Letting go of the belief,
Of the intent I stacked up in your favour.
Letting go of it was the hardest thing,
So I couldn't do it. I never did.

Sitting in that booth, face to face:
Colours flickered, the world glitched.
Those shards of me, the broken pieces,
They trembled softly.

Each one lifted by the desire,
Troubled by the change.
I tried to collect them up,
I wanted to, more than anything.

Instead I left them there,
I did not break them further,
And I pulled myself back to reality.
Out of stillness.

And though the shards remain,
They have been smoothed at the edges.
They are not sharp to touch,
But they will never fit again.
16 January 2020

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty May 2015
When you stood upon that podium, with your head high in the clouds,
You obviously were not thinking clear.
And you leaped on to something you wished to reach,
But you never actually got there.

Instead you took a different route,
And went tumbling to the ground.
The experience was so breath-taking,
That you couldn't even make a sound.

Onlookers threw foul words at you,
And kicked you while you were down.
But you stood back up and showed them
That, you didn't even drop your crown.

Not only did you get back up,
But you continued to walk with pride.
Despite the injuries that were taunting you then,
From deep down inside.

Now you know to always look before you leap,
Because, otherwise, you know you'll only get hurt.
But, you can keep your head high in the clouds,
As long as you leave both feet firmly in the dirt.
24 May 2015

© All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
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