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Oct 2022 · 35
fear the unknown Oct 2022
Tell me I want to know
How do you feel?
Tell me
Are you okay?
Are we okay?
I need to know?
Tell me
I can't stop
Please tell me?
You don't want to talk?
Tell me
Oct 2022 · 34
fear the unknown Oct 2022
Sharp taught red wine threads
Tug tightly
Cutting deep into my paper skin
Clench your fists
The pressure pulls through me
A tranquil blanket weaved with resistance
Drapes heavily
Oct 2022 · 353
fear the unknown Oct 2022
To my dearest October,
keep me grounded in your earthy roots
and help me to stay bright while you embrace us with darker days
Forever yours.
fear the unknown Oct 2022
I read these words you mindlessly delivered my eyes flickered and my breath sharp
Never had I read something tailored just for me. The soothing and conflicting letters danced through my mind as I scrambled to follow your delicate instructions.
Oct 2022 · 214
fear the unknown Oct 2022
Oh the corrupt pleasure of being a rare gem, beautiful, infrequent and irreplaceable.
I guess that's why it's called Painite
I'm not sure if I like this one
Sep 2022 · 665
fear the unknown Sep 2022
Rarely does it rain while the sun shines
the light cascading upon each delicate drop
The temptation to be out there and to feel the cosy embrace of the rays, yet simultaneously
The desire to hide away from the icy splashes in hopes to stay dry
Sep 2022 · 438
fear the unknown Sep 2022
I snapped my fingers so we could comfortably hold hands
Every time you squeeze the peppery heat pirouettes across my skin
Sep 2022 · 820
time of the seasons
fear the unknown Sep 2022
beginning like spring you defrosted and delicately painted sweet colours

swiftly turning to summer overflowing with light and warmth

quickly you turned to autumn, bringing a brisk chill of amber


ending it your winter stripped bare your blistering cold freezing

and now I wait

patiently for next spring
Sep 2022 · 477
fear the unknown Sep 2022
Connecting you with stars in the sky
Was my worse decision
Like my personal constellation
That will always be there
I will gaze upon you against my will
But come the rain in September
I won't be afraid to look up
Sep 2022 · 521
fear the unknown Sep 2022
Liquid sand can create liquid despair
That distilled poison seeps through
Stinging my skin when you touch
My eyes swell, disappointment or fear
Sep 2022 · 1.1k
A unlovable story
fear the unknown Sep 2022
One ***** cocktail and
Two games of pool
Taking treasured walks
our hands entwined
Sharing our precious time

Stealing glances in your sapphire eyes
You stared into my fire
Plant your protection onto me
Waiting for our souls to entwine
Our bodies fill with adoration

For we deserve and desire

To always remember
We are destined to be
A night we spent you and me
On a crescent moon
Forever, and for eternity
Written for someone who no longer exists
Sep 2022 · 566
Rough tides
fear the unknown Sep 2022
Float far out in the almost dead sea
Twisted bones pull deep
Mirrored reflection distort
Clawing viciously upon crashing waves
Is the shore really that far away
Aug 2015 · 650
fear the unknown Aug 2015
The best thing is, that when I look deep into your beautiful eyes, you're mine.

The best thing is, when I feel your touch, it's on my skin.

The best thing is, when I kiss your lips, I taste you.

The best thing is, when I call for you, you're there.
The worst thing is, when I look into your eyes, or feel your touch, or kiss your lips, I know you're not forever. When I call for you, when will you stop coming?
Mar 2015 · 527
fear the unknown Mar 2015
I'm sorry to say, but you need to be locked away
        you're way too fragile, always getting hurt,
              on my sleeve, you're too exposed,
                 you're a lot safer inside my rib cage
Jan 2015 · 576
fear the unknown Jan 2015
It is there, but a little broken, it tries it's very hardest to stay, but feels it's being dragged away, I really don't want it to go because it makes everything easier, but although you hurt it, it still holds on
Jan 2015 · 806
fear the unknown Jan 2015
the space between us, is further than it should be...
               but that doesn't stop my love for you.
                      each day hurts when you're away but
                        i constantly count the days til you're back
Nov 2014 · 567
fear the unknown Nov 2014
She feels his breath tainting her skin
Her arms tighten around his broad shoulders
He traces her lips delicately
His heavy heart pressing against her chest
She runs her fingers through his thick hair
Her nails dig deeper into his back
He caresses her naval
His kisses rain down onto her
They lay in silence
Feeling beautiful
Just a random quick write, can't sleep
Nov 2014 · 1.2k
fear the unknown Nov 2014
Place your gentle hands on my skin, take me away to a fairytale
because I cannot bare reality.
I know when we are twisted under sheets, it's her who you see.
My body burns to feel you close
and be your only one.
Mask up my thoughts, I know she's there,
but when you sleep with me, it doesn't even matter.
One day you'll see, what I really mean, as you caress my flustered cheeks.
I don't really know what else to say, just constantly waiting, for the day, you walk
Nov 2014 · 7.6k
fear the unknown Nov 2014
She picks up a pen,
a whirlwind of words fly around her head.
Her stories are written but not really read, as she plants her special words in her book.
She pulls her little book closer, as people are wondering why, she sits there and scribbles every day and every night.
Her throat swells and her anxiety kicks in, as worry pumps around her within.
She wonders what they'll think, is she weird? But she continues her poems with everything unknown.
Nov 2014 · 558
fear the unknown Nov 2014
as I sit here inhaling the eerie smoke, I wonder what is to become of me,
I exhale gently, will I ever become what I want to be?
more of a question to myself
Nov 2014 · 1.1k
fear the unknown Nov 2014
"But it different with you 'cos you're a friend"*
Those words cut deeply through her mind, chipping at her heart.
With you is all she's ever wanted, and she knew this from the start.
Today I heard a guy say this to a girl, and it inspired me as I imagined how she could feel
Nov 2014 · 466
fear the unknown Nov 2014
As I drag your silver lips across my painted skin,
How I long to feel,
the burning that's within,
Your jagged teeth,
filled with grief.
As I watch the crimson seep.
Nov 2014 · 380
fear the unknown Nov 2014
How long will your fire burn?
      Before the flame dies out.
Will your passion stay alight?
      When he casts your body aside.
Could you ever be so strong?
       And keep your tears hidden.
Or will you always be afraid,
             of a life that's not worth living?
Nov 2014 · 355
fear the unknown Nov 2014
and in that moment there,
            i felt we were *forever
Nov 2014 · 2.0k
fear the unknown Nov 2014
I feel your presence staring,
I feel you stroke my hair,
I feel your icy fingertips,
I know that you're not there.

I hear you tap my door,
I hear you up the stairs,
I hear you weeping all the time,
The thought that no-one cares.

I see you move my things around,
I see you pace the hall,
I see your shadow in the night,
But are you there at all?
Nov 2014 · 373
fear the unknown Nov 2014
My heart beats faster;
As you touch my shaking lips,
And plant your pretty kiss.
Nov 2014 · 12.2k
fear the unknown Nov 2014
I know she's there inside of me
and how she makes a scene,
    just when I see you with her,
         I turn a little green.

— The End —