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Tell me I want to know
How do you feel?
Tell me
Are you okay?
Are we okay?
I need to know?
Tell me
I can't stop
Please tell me?
You don't want to talk?
Tell me
Sharp taught red wine threads
Tug tightly
Cutting deep into my paper skin
Clench your fists
The pressure pulls through me
A tranquil blanket weaved with resistance
Drapes heavily
To my dearest October,
keep me grounded in your earthy roots
and help me to stay bright while you embrace us with darker days
Forever yours.
I read these words you mindlessly delivered my eyes flickered and my breath sharp
Never had I read something tailored just for me. The soothing and conflicting letters danced through my mind as I scrambled to follow your delicate instructions.
Oh the corrupt pleasure of being a rare gem, beautiful, infrequent and irreplaceable.
I guess that's why it's called Painite
I'm not sure if I like this one
Rarely does it rain while the sun shines
the light cascading upon each delicate drop
The temptation to be out there and to feel the cosy embrace of the rays, yet simultaneously
The desire to hide away from the icy splashes in hopes to stay dry
I snapped my fingers so we could comfortably hold hands
Every time you squeeze the peppery heat pirouettes across my skin
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