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Charming the word first comes to mind,
Hey the word comes out of my Mouth,

A smile on my face,
That cant be removed behind my mask,
As I try to play it cool,

A brawl of rationality in my mind,
No right words comes out of my mouth,
As she wears that black dress,
She's the prettiest girl I see in that crowded place.

A date that is not a date,
wishing it was THE date,

Every minute on that day,
Locked on my memory,
As my first date with you,
It was the best I ever been with,

As your ride arrive,
No words comes out of my mouth,
Only "I enjoy the day"
Hoping it is more than a friendly date,
for the next one I ask you out.
We saw each other for first time
Feels like this is not our first meet
We're so close like partners in crime
When we are walking in the streets

We are laughing at each other
Teasing about imperfections
Our status between me and her
Same vibes with nice conversation

She talks about her own story
And I would be great listener
Feels like I'm reading  history
And I'm the only one reader

I'm lucky that's all I can say
Coz I met this girl and so glad
This day is one of my best day
And the best date I've ever had
I wrote this poem for the girl that I love hehhehe hope you like it
Oli Taylor May 2020
As first dates go,
'not bad', thought Joe
as his hips ******
to and fro.

His date’s bed rocked
‘til his date’s heart popped
and the fun then
quickly stopped.
Hi people, enjoy my first poem or else I'll hunt you down and shove wasps up yer nose
Salman reshi Apr 2020
And Then I Met Her

It was our first meet
When i saw her
My heart skipped a beat

I was on one side of the road
And She on the other
Everything was in my favor
and yes that weather.

As, i got close to her She got blushed.
Her cheeks turned red as Petals of a flower.
Her relishing antics, her blushing cheeks
And her cute expression.
I couldn't take my eyes off for the session.

She drove me crazy
She was looking beautiful like daisy.

Starring at each other's eyes was making a beautiful sound.
And made me feel as if there was no one around.

The way she put her hand on the chin.
I'm falling fa you, i said with a grin.

I noticed that smile on her face.
And i was thinking her to embrace.

She's an Ocean, her eyes deep sea-blue
I failed reading those as she left no clue.
It's all about first meet, what we call it as First date.
Empire Mar 2020
One more time
Would you say that again?
Tell me.
Tell me I’m beautiful.
Tell me how much you want me.
It’s... it’s lovely
It’s intoxicating.
And I’m an addict.
Valerie Dec 2019
There are many illusions.
The fear of not being reciprocal.
The doubt that it can work
. The fear that he will give up.
The confusion that it will leave in my heart.
And every night I'll sleep no more, from now on.
I wrote that before my first date. And yes, It was so terrible. I loved him, but he forgot me. Just the way I thought
Nerve wracking,
Gritted teeth
Fascinating and

A kid in a toy store,
Overwhelmed and
Joyous, I can
Feel the magic
Surrounding you.

Violet hue around
A face of blue,
No one wears excitement
Like you do.
How I want to kiss you.

My hands aching,
You’re breathtaking.
Touch me so that
I may stop shaking.
I’m yours for the taking.
For “R” series
ktle Jun 2019
My mind used to run
A day ahead
And sometimes
It would get lost in
Weeks ahead.

All I can think about
Is you and me
Feet buried in cool sand.
One towel to shield us
From the ocean breeze.
My head on your shoulder
Your head resting against mine.

And how beautiful it is—
The world in our now.
and i hope our now can last forever
My heart was pounding
when you said yes.
Now here I am getting
dressed to impress.
This is it, the moment
is ours.
Let's both mark
these precious hours.

I promise, I'll do my best
to make you smile.
Knowing me is worth
your while.
I like you girl, you
know I do.
I hope you feel the
same way too.

Then she said

I just want to have fun
with you.
We're only young once
it's true
but it would be a mistake,
to fall in love with me
on a first date.
Lesson: First date will not gauge your chemistry.

Last stanza credits to Moira Lacambra.
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