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May 2017 · 276
Deepak shodhan May 2017
Give me wings..
I will show you how to touch the stars.
Feb 2017 · 402
Stay away
Deepak shodhan Feb 2017
Stay way ..
I dnt wan to hurt u
stay way
I dn want to irritate u
so stay away
Go to the place where I
can't find you
Go to the place where I
cann't hear u
Let my love fades alone
Let my life ends alone
Do what u want to do
I never stop your move
Keep smiling like a flower
be happi foreveR
Stay way
I dnt want to hurt you
So stay way </3

Jan 2017 · 640
Never stop
Deepak shodhan Jan 2017
Don't give up sweety
dnt give up
When failures knock your
Don't be afraid to face them
even more
When people around you
laughs at you
Don't ignore; show them
what you can do
Keep walking sweety
keep walking
when thorns appear on
the way
When ground under your feet
is decay
When you are surrounded
by fire
Evil heckles, only what you
can hear
Remember sweety remember
You are born to touch the
stars remember
Never stop sweety
never stop
Till you reach your goal
never stop!

Dec 2015 · 1.1k
Im lost!
Deepak shodhan Dec 2015
You walked into my life..
First I didnt care
who you are
But now, I dont know
who Iam;
Without you..
Your smile is my happiness
Your hugs are my strength..
Your love is my life
And all my pain; you
took as your own
All my fears; you
thrown into the sea
Oh now you walked into
my heart
And Im lost in your eyes!
Sep 2015 · 598
Be yourself
Deepak shodhan Sep 2015
All your potential is to be
whatever you want to be
All your energy is to do
whatever you want to do
Don't listen to anyone;
be how you want to be
Doing what you want to do
But each day, take one
step towards your dream
Though at times it may
seem too difficult to continue
But don't forget your dream
One day you will reach
your goal
Touching every ones soul!
Do what you want to do; Be how you want to be.. but never forget your dream!:-)
Sep 2015 · 1.6k
Don't giveup!
Deepak shodhan Sep 2015
It is perfectly fine if you lose
It is okey if you need break
But it is totally shamefull
If you don't learn from
your mistake
It is perfectly fine if you fail
It is okey if you need to cry
But it is truly shamefull
If you giveup and never try
When you're hit by failure;
Success is the only cure
So get back to fight like
a warrior
There is'nt any better
experience than failure!
Notes (optional)
Aug 2015 · 1.1k
My hot girlfriend!
Deepak shodhan Aug 2015
She touches me with her mind
She touches and touches till
I hold her hand!
She wakes me up in the mornin'
She kisses me when Im mourin'
She's the reason for the
smile on my lips
She's the reason for the
dimple in my cheeks
She's my destiny
She's my fantasay
She can't live without me!
She thinks 'bout me
every second
She want to be with me
till the end
She enjoys my teasin'
She slaps my face if I
keep on kissin'
Believe me
She's my honey
She's the only girl who always
loves me!

Jul 2015 · 1.1k
You can do it!
Deepak shodhan Jul 2015
If you think you can't win,
then you cant
If you think you can make it,
then you can
If you think going
through this is so hard,
then it is
If you think it is easy,
then it is
Success comes to you
where you will never give up
Believe strongly before
you get into action
Make sure, hard work
should be your caption
Dont think success stays so far
You've to fight; it is a war!

Every situation has a positive and a negative side. If you want to succeed, form the habit of forcing yourself to look for the positive in every situation. Every thing is possible with positive thoughts and and an optimistic attitude!
Jun 2015 · 1.3k
I wish
Deepak shodhan Jun 2015
If I could see only dishonesty and corruption
I wish I was blind
If i could hear only evil
I wish I was deaf
If I could speak only stupidity
and nonsense
I wish I was dumb
If I couldnt use my hands
to help others
I wish I was a torso
If I could be cruel and selfish
I wish I was dead
Because, there is no use
to be alive
When we are not able to
show any resposibility to
the world!
Notes (optional)
Jun 2015 · 1.5k
A fool
Deepak shodhan Jun 2015
I was dating a girl
who always hates me
One day, she brokeup with me
And said that she do'nt want
to see me again
a few months later
She had a change of heart
She came to know that I'd
stolen her heart
She came to me
and asked me to forgive her
Hugged me tight
and asked me to be with her
I said that, only a fool would
take back someone who
hurt them alot
She began to cry;
Her heart was broken
like a ***
But I put my arms around
her, held her tightly and said,
"And I'm one of those fools"

You know you realy love someone when you do'nt hate them for breaking your heart!
Jun 2015 · 1.4k
You are mine!
Deepak shodhan Jun 2015
I love you so much
I love your every touch
My love for you is so immense
It just makes me so intense
Thinking about you all the time
I'm glad that you are mine!
Jun 2015 · 931
I will be with you!
Deepak shodhan Jun 2015
I'll be with you
When people around you
become your enemies
Hurt you alot and
hunt you like zombies
When your shadow prefers
to leave you
When the evil chooses
to call you
I'll be with you
When you need someone to
share your sadness
When you are hurted
by loneliness
When you need a shoulder
to cry on
When you make up your mind
to be alone
I'll be with you
When the happiness knocks
your door
When your heart begins
to soar
When you get a smile on
your lips
When you get a dimple in
your cheeks
I'll be with you
When you want to share your kiss
When you want to share your bliss!
Love is not only about flirting, hugs, kisses. But also about having the ability to take all those things away and still having feelings for that person till the end!!..
Jun 2015 · 2.3k
I'm Robin hood!
Deepak shodhan Jun 2015
Girl, are you belong to
De Beers Premier Mine
Come to me, I preserve you
and make you mine
My love is like
Champagne diamond
I've somany colors to put
all your worries behind
Let me be a Wittelsbach
in your crown
So that I can smooch your forhead
Let me be a White diamond
in your ring
So that I can kiss your fingers
I'm sure, being with is like staying
in a Cubic zirconia
My love is more denser;
I will never let you hurt
Girl, you are a Koh-I-Noor;
everyone fights for your beauty
and value..
But I'm Robin hood;
I always fight for your good!

Jun 2015 · 577
A week!
Deepak shodhan Jun 2015
Its been a week
My heart became weak
Come back friend
I miss you every second!
I want to talk to you
I want to fight you
My heart became hot..
Its ready to break like a ***
Come back friend
I miss you every second!
What I did; you put me a side
It hurts me like fire
Do'nt you know, you're
my heart
Do'nt you know, I
love you alot
Do'nt you know, you're
the reason for my heartbeat
Do'nt you think we're fantastic
Come back friend
Come back friend
Let me be with you till the end!
May 2015 · 780
Deepak shodhan May 2015
Let them laugh
Let them tease
Let them insult you..
Do'nt you worry
Do'nt be hurry
One day, success come
to you..
He was a street kid
He was an orphan indeed
There was no one to care;
no one to share
Footpath was his bed
Oh god, that was so bad
Alex was his name..
To become a doctor was
his aim
He used to polish shoe
About his parents; he
had no clue
People insulted him
God laughed at him
They called him a jungle log
He was treated as a street dog
But he took their words
as challenge
He worked hard;
studied hard
And finally, he reached
his goal
Touching everyones soul!

What you come from does not decide what you can become!!..
May 2015 · 425
Why.. because its love!
Deepak shodhan May 2015
The best love is the kind
that awakens the soul;
That makes us reach
for more
With love, one can live
without happiness
With love, one can
win sadness
It gives us heartfull of
promises and dreams
Only the one who fall in
love knows what it means
Love is the only thing that
makes our heartbeat faster
and slower at the same time
Love is the only string
that connects our heart
and never let us to be apart
It can protect us
It can correct us..
Because, its love! <3

This is one of my best poems:-) I enjoyed writin' this..:-)
May 2015 · 440
Magical love!
Deepak shodhan May 2015
When I see you,
my blood flows high
my heart goes towards
the sky
When I touch you,
my temperature raises high
as if I'm going to die
I do'nt know why this
happens to me
I know only your love
can cure me
Just hold my hand
I make you mine
In my heart you are the
angel if you find
Just be with me
I show you stars
Just be with me
I give you flowers
Be with me
I love you forever!

May 2015 · 488
Come my love!
Deepak shodhan May 2015
Oh drear, I've opened
my heart for you
Hello dear, I'm
runnin' after you
Let me tell the moon..
that we're goin' to visit
him soon
Let me pick you up in the air
let me be your teddy bear
Let every one knows
that we're in love
Lets go for a long drive
and have some fun
Lets soar in the air
Lets go everywhere
Lets walk on water
come my love!
May 2015 · 348
Lovely nights
Deepak shodhan May 2015
Every night in my dreams
I see you,
adore you sweetheart
Every time I see you
I wish it comes true
Why can't you be with me
Why can't you stay with me
I will not let any one
hurt you
I will not let any one
tease you
I protect you
I correct you
I hug you to my heart..
I love you sweetheart!
Every night in my dreams
I see you,
adore you sweetheart <3

May 2015 · 488
She does not deserve me
Deepak shodhan May 2015
Oh she was my girl
She looks like a barbie doll
I loved her alot
I'd given my heart
She was my angel at the sport
We're at shopping malls
we're at waterfalls
My mobile was full of
her calls
But suddenly she started
avoiding me
Putting me sad
Letting me down
She asked me to
forget her
Squeezing my heart
Tearing me apart
Oh god, I did'nt know
what to do
I chilled my heart with some
chilled beer
Days passed away
Her thoughts washed away
But on this fine day..
I saw her in a sub-way
holding her boyfriends hand
Walking my behind
My mind asked me
to follow..
But my heart said, she
does not deserve you;
Let her go!

If some avoides you, dnt run after them.. Just let them go.. they dnt deserve your love!!..
May 2015 · 712
Im addicted to you!
Deepak shodhan May 2015
I was alone..
I had no one to love
no one to care
But a girl entered
into my life
I followed her day and night
I loved her from all my heart
She was my classmate
She smiled at me when we met
Oh god, it made me to
soar in the air
Oh god, she made to
feel dare
I made up my mind
to be with her
I came to know, I cant
live without her
She was my love
she was my heart
I thought we will never
be apart
But one fine day..
God took her away
Im alone again
dreaming about her love
and pain!
May 2015 · 896
I do'nt kiss you!
Deepak shodhan May 2015
Hy sweetheart, stop
cryin' like a child
I know, what I did was
really so wild
I couldnt have bitten
your lips
I went mad when
I was feelin' your kiss
Oh god, Im really
such an Idiot
I made those cute
eyes to melt
You are the
queen of my heart
I promise, I will never
let you hurt
Baby, come closer
and close your eyes
Lets end our romance
with a hot kiss!
May 2015 · 1.3k
Miss you darling
Deepak shodhan May 2015
I miss you darling
like a dark night..
missin' the moon light!
Let me be your anklets
so that, we can walk
Let me be your bangles
so that, I can see you
in different angles
Let me be your earings
so that, I can hear
all your secrets
Let me be your lipstick
so that, I can always
a lick
Let me be your tattoo
so that, I cant
leave yoo
I miss you darling
like a dark night
missin' the moon light!
May 2015 · 849
Hello Angel!
Deepak shodhan May 2015
Hello Angel
Let me tell you somethin'
You're my love
You're my life
You're my everything!
Can I express my love
with a kiss like Robert Pattinson
Goin' wild and get into
your attention
Can I propose you
with a drink like DiCaprio
Runnin' fast after you
like a Romio
Can I show it in a romantic
way like Rahman
Singin' out loud sayin'
Im gone
Can I express it in song
like Chris Brown
Searchin' for you in this
Hyderabad town
Girl, you're my choco bar
be with me;
I love you like justin bieber!

May 2015 · 612
A cold night
Deepak shodhan May 2015
Oh, on this cold night
Im going to hug you tight
Looking in to your eyes;
hoping everything is going
to be nice
Your lips are so red
The thought of kissing
you was struck in my
Your voice is so good
Oh god, it makes me
mad and gets me into
If there is no sun,
If there is no one
I can stay in your hugs
listening to your tune
But without your hugs and
without your tune
Baby I cant live
I'll give up soon!
Oh on this cold night
Im going to hug you tight
Looking into your eyes
hoping everything is going
to be nice!
----de3pak <33
May 2015 · 563
Mothers day
Deepak shodhan May 2015
Oh its mothers day!
I want to celebrate this
in a lovely way
When I was kid
She used to rock my bed
She used to comb my head
She did what ever I ask
I was taken to bask
Dealing with me was
a big task
Oh its mothers day
I want to celebrate this
in a lovely way!
But god took her away
I wish if she could stay
Oh god! I need her back
On this special day..
Im going to pray!
May 2015 · 373
When you are away
Deepak shodhan May 2015
When you are away
my heart beats high
When you're with me
my lips understand they are dry
My arms want to hold you,
when you are away
And my soul wants to
call it for a day
My eyes always want
to see your smile;
I always try to make
you mine
We cannot be together
but we'll never be apart
No matter what life brings us
You're always in my heart!

May 2015 · 480
Deepak shodhan May 2015
You are a gangstar girl
you steal my heart
You are my baby doll
I love you alot
You are a killer girl
with cruel sense
You **** me with
your absence
You are a loaded gun
with lots of love
You shoot me right
at my heart curve
You are a vampire girl
with lots of care
You **** my problems
and say you are there
Girl you deserved to be
a prisoner
Come into my heart
I lock you there forever!
love care poem sad sadness sweet hearbreak
May 2015 · 357
We'll never be apart
Deepak shodhan May 2015
I remember you every second
in the home and collage
I adore you till the end
you're my love and courage
The hot sun remembers me
the warmth of your breath
My sweet coffee remembers me
the taste of your lips
Those silly clouds remember me
your silky hair
These funny flowers remember me
your milky cheeks
You are my heart
And we'll never be apart!
May 2015 · 744
Get ready to fall in love!
Deepak shodhan May 2015
When I see you
I get a desire to dance
I look at you
asking for a chance
Your eyes look at me
as if you're ready to perform
But you just smile at me
when Im getting ready to conform
The space between your fingers
is to be filled with mine
The space between your lips
is to be fixed with mine
I come where ever you go
'cause I want you to know;
Tried to write in shakespeares style!! :-)
May 2015 · 2.7k
A true hero
Deepak shodhan May 2015
Do you know who is
a real hero?
The one who wins after
a huge failure is a
true hero
Do you know who is a
real hero?
The one who treats
success and failure on
the same wavelength
is a true hero
Do you know who is
a real hero?
The one who learns from
his failures is a true hero
Do you know who is
a real hero?
The one who stands steady
when everyone trys to
let him down is a true hero
A true hero has a strong,
sensible mind
A true hero never gives up
at the sight of defeat!
May 2015 · 507
I want to be a heartbeat!
Deepak shodhan May 2015
I want to be a dimple
in your cheek
So that, I can be with
you when you are sick

I want to be a mole
on your lips
So that, we can smile together

I want to be your soft and
sweet throat
So that, I can shower
with your fresh breath

I want to be your
So that, you can hear my
name every second as a beep

Baby, I want to be your
So that, you cnt be hurted
'cause I will not come
off your eye cover!

May 2015 · 408
Lets end our romance!
Deepak shodhan May 2015
Hy sweetheart, stop
crying like child
I know, what I did
was realy so wild

I couldnt have biten
your lips
I went mad when I
was feeling your kiss

How can I do that; Im
realy such an idiot
I made those pretty
eyes to melt

You are my sweetheart; my
sweet teddy bear
I promise, I will never
hurt dear

Baby come closer
and close your eyes
Lets end our romance
with a hot kiss!

May 2015 · 370
Im not a fighter
Deepak shodhan May 2015
Women listen to music because
they are in love. Men listen to music because
they want to fall in love!
>>>Im a lover, not a fightr.. but I'll fight for what i love! <3
May 2015 · 737
Drunken poet
Deepak shodhan May 2015
Your lips are like
Merlot wine;
When you smile, they shine
Oh god, I want to make
you mine!
Can you drink white
wine in a wider glass;
Can you drink red
wine in a narrow glass?
Baby, how can I live
without you; do'nt be
a crazy lass!
Do'nt try to escape from
me Vida
Just try me once, you
will be addicted to me;
My love is like *****!
May 2015 · 1.1k
Girls girls girls!
Deepak shodhan May 2015
Girls girls girls
they love you, they care you!
Girls girls girls
they protect you, they correct you!

You do whatever
they say
There is no chance
to get away!
You give them all
you're taken to mall
spend all your money
until you fall!
They wear stylish
skirts, blast your
As soon as you notice
your mind is full of
their thoughts!
Some naughty, some
What deep inside
is killer sense!
Girls girls girls
they protect you
they correct you!

May 2015 · 325
I think 'bout you every day
Deepak shodhan May 2015
When I fell in love
my heart was on fire
to be with you
was my only desire!

I'll give you a heartfull
of promises and dreams
only my heart knows
what it means!

I dnt think its so wrong
two hearts one love
will be strong!!

Apr 2015 · 2.3k
My vietnamese girl
Deepak shodhan Apr 2015
I have a cute Vietnamese girl
Shes witty, bright and sweet;
with dimples in her cheeks;
and shining stars in her teeth
Beneath her silky hair
there comes her beautiful eye
God, I love it when her big
bubble eyes are looking
at me
Her breath is like a flower blown, in fragrance and perfume
Her voice seems from the
blissful throne
Where their harps the
angel tune
And when she turns her
dimpled cheek towords me
for a kiss
I lose expression, cnt speak
And take all there is of a bliss! <3
Apr 2015 · 351
A request
Deepak shodhan Apr 2015
If rivers can speak
what they say?
Please dnt pollute us,
go away!

If animals can speak
what they say?
Please dnt **** us
let us stay!

If forests can speak
what they say?
Dnt hurt us, we'll be
disappeard one day!

If air can speak
what it says?
Stop vitiation, we
will pray!

If land can speak
what it says?
Please dnt destroy us
orlse you'll have to pay!

Apr 2015 · 513
I promise!
Deepak shodhan Apr 2015
I promise to love you
when your jokes ar'nt funny
I promise to love you
when you've no money

I promise to love you
when you're sick and all snotty
I promise to love you
when you're angry and grotty

I promise to love you
when you hurt me
I promise to love you
when you hit me

I promise to love you
when you dont help me
in exams
I promise to love you
when you cant share
your bread and bugers

I promise to love you
when you drive me 'round
the bend
I promise to love you
because you're my
best friend!

Apr 2015 · 550
My love will never die!
Deepak shodhan Apr 2015
You may throw me away
like winter draft
But where can I go
when Im in your heart!??

You may try to vanish
me like spring time clouds
But baby, where can I go
when Im struck in your heart!??

You may try to burn me
like summer sun
But my love will never
die even if you shoot me
with a gun!!

You may leave me like
Autumn leaves, leaving the
But there comes spring as
time goes, geting new
dreams and hopes!!

Apr 2015 · 474
A lovely night!
Deepak shodhan Apr 2015
I decided to spend this
night with my girl
in my cold bed,
I want to chill!

I've prepared well to
play with her all night
Oh god she is so
attractive, I can't wait!

I pick her up and
hold in my hands
Now, she cant skip away,
there is no chance!

I run my one hand along
her long neck
Touching her make
me so euphoric!

Across her body
my right hand goes
After a deep breath, my
lips go to her too close!

I start plucking her
silky hair
She cries out loud
but I dnt care!

Suddenly I notice my mom
staring at me from the door
Saying, your guitar is too
loud, please turn it down!

Apr 2015 · 1.2k
Bad girl!
Deepak shodhan Apr 2015
Sister, what I did
was a small mistake
Please forgive me
I buy you a new cake!

Sister, I'm your sweet
little brother
How can you lock me
in a room for an hour!??

Sister, I really dint mean
to break your nose
It was accidently done,
when I tried to give you a rose!

Sister, I really didnt
mean to destory your cake
I just tried to surprise
you with a milk shake!

Sister, I'll buy you a
sweet choco bar
Please make up your
mind to open the door!

Sister, you are such
a bad girl
You still kept me
in dark and dull!

Sister, you're a bad girl
you're such a bad bad
bad girl!!

Apr 2015 · 1.4k
Be with me!
Deepak shodhan Apr 2015
When I see you,
my heart fly high
On gossamer wings through
a cloudless sky!

Dont ignore and escape
from my sight
Every cell of my heart
is waiting to hold you tight!

Loving me is like drinking
a cool cuppa
I'm sure, you'll be loved
back like Newtons third law!

Can an atom be neutral
without proton!??
Baby, be my proton and
let my life neutral!!

Girl, you're awesome you
got me singing those veres
Come into my galaxy
my love is like univers!!

Apr 2015 · 289
An innocent guy!
Deepak shodhan Apr 2015
I'm an innocent guy
who doesnt know how to lie!

I fall for many cute
and lovely girls
But no one catches
my feelings!

My girls are like
drops of rain
Which I cannot
hold or gain!

They want me to be
how they want
But I say "oh god,
I cant!"

I honestly say those
lips are not fine and hot
Then they kick and
ask me to get out!

I'm an innocent guy,
who doesnt know what
is a lie!!

Apr 2015 · 552
Shout for success!
Deepak shodhan Apr 2015
Run run
Run as fast as you can

Forget about your past
failures and sorrows
Lets rush into future
like arrows!

You can rock the world,
you can break the world,
Believe strongly, you
can rule the world!

Dont watch your wall
clock, but do what it does!
Dont melt like an ice but
shine how it shines!

Reach your goal like
bullet of a gun
what you come from dont
decides what you become!

Run run
Run until you win!!

Apr 2015 · 285
Come back!
Deepak shodhan Apr 2015
Oh moving wind
take my feelings to my friend..

We had alot of joy
and alot of fun
I guess, I loved her
like no one

I didnt expect if she
leaves me like nothing
However, still
she is my everything

Ask her to come back
as soon as she can
I wait and keep my
phone switched on

Oh wind..
Tell her, our friendship
should'nt end!!

Apr 2015 · 1.8k
A Stalker!
Deepak shodhan Apr 2015
You jumped into my life
callin' me a stalker
Grabbed my attention and
made me your sweet talker!

You're a raging fire on a winter night
I didnt know how you did
but you did it right!

I understood that I had
fallen for you
When an idiot entered
between me and you

I tried alot to express
my love to you
But you still treated
me as a stalker..

Tears of blood fell from
my broken heart
I never thought we
would apart

I knew they say love
is blind
But I had only you
on my mind!!

Apr 2015 · 349
Dreadfull might
Deepak shodhan Apr 2015
It was a pleasent
morning in pehawar
Students entered into
classes with high power!

They heard a boom
sound suddenly
Which scared them
very badly!

Few men entered with
dangrous weapons
What they're gonna
do, no one knew!

It was shooting hunting
and tearing apart
Seeping their way into
every ones heart!

Lives lost and
bodies found
Students killed by the
terroists of Taliban!

It was really a
pathetic plight
Lives were taken by
the dreadfull might!!


— The End —