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Yousra Amatullah Aug 2021
Upon words, correct your attitude
Use them with gratitude
As speech was born in altitude
Orion Sep 2019
in holding silence,
a ripple of something smaller under the surface
i have never flown over bodies of water so large i could not see land over the horizon
holding my breath as i momentarily watched waves lap at sands i will never see in person
lips parted in a strange smile, still unaccepting of the reality encased in framed glass
assurance living under skin i still have yet to inspect in the mirror with its sharp corners
pinching past until blood vessels break and nails bite through further
flickering flashes ingrained behind closed eyelids
programmed performances repeated recorded in the chandeliers
twinkling lights reflecting refracting a dance of hands, memorized scripts

air becomes thinner as altitudes rise,
meaningless numbers to someone still choking on the sighs trapped in their own lungs
breathlessness tasting like ***** on tongues that drip in honey
beauty pressed between perfectly manicured fangs

in holding silence, in holding breath

air expands as altitudes rise
soon this fantasy will break like accidentally shattered ceramic plates
unreality sinking further into sore muscles and rattling ribcages
rinsed out with surface seawater,
clearing out the seared wounds that unbridled practiced passion
singe into hands not belonging to the celestial
sweat pooled like wax at collar bones
placing wicks atop ballooning lungs
waiting for the flame to reach the bottom
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
As I climb Everest
I end up seeing
Maybe if the climbers
Who didn’t make it
I am starting to hallucinate
Or are there ghosts?!
Tyler C Nelson May 2018
a misty start
   with worlds to go
a walk through forest,
   desert, snow
with altitude
   and dizzy joy
a challenge which
   my strength employs
a peaceful summit
   waiting warm
where thought and poetry
   find form
from near the sun
   our minds turn
to worlds below
   we will return

-TylerN @ 10,040 feet, 2018.05.12
dove Dec 2017
too many times
have i taken the time
to individually place
to have someone else
knock them down
before i’ve even finished.

and too many times
have i taken the time
to try to build myself up
for someone to break me down
before i’ve even finished.

they’re scared
of what i could make of myself,
but what they don’t know
is that falling down
and getting back up
just made me stronger.
i have gotten used
to the change in altitudes,
but you still need
an oxygen mask.
(steal the air from my lungs
as i steal the light in your eyes)

be scared.
jane taylor May 2016

i dared to take your hand

and slid from this dark night

a view of altitude

all is forever clear

Deepak shodhan Jul 2015
If you think you can't win,
then you cant
If you think you can make it,
then you can
If you think going
through this is so hard,
then it is
If you think it is easy,
then it is
Success comes to you
where you will never give up
Believe strongly before
you get into action
Make sure, hard work
should be your caption
Dont think success stays so far
You've to fight; it is a war!

Every situation has a positive and a negative side. If you want to succeed, form the habit of forcing yourself to look for the positive in every situation. Every thing is possible with positive thoughts and and an optimistic attitude!
Fought against my fears,
Until now that they have become hate,
Pushing back those tears,
I am trying my best to find ways to meet my fate.

Carrying on my shoulders a heavy pile,
I hide my broken spirit behind that smile,
Locked myself away in the room,
My whole world has been feeling gloom.

Seems like the earth and its creatures have won once again,
I will admit that its not atitude,
We are just in diffrent altitudes,
All i can do is pace myself away from your latitude,
There has always been a different "Dear Friend"
Amitav Radiance Feb 2015
Fly away
Believe in your wings
Take into confidence
The winds
Help your soar higher
Bird’s-eye view
Clearer perspective
Higher altitudes
Rarefied air
Do more with less
Now you can fly
Wings give hope
With winds by you
Perch higher
On the highest cliffs
Edge of the world
Never seemed so beautiful
Ready for adventure
It all starts here
Smiling your way through
And keeping guts
Is the best generic medicine
To many obstacles
A Swamy Downey quote
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