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Khoi Jan 23
Do not be afraid
just like a walk in the park
a Haiku's nature
Thank you Donna
for teaching us
and for your beautiful spirit
You are awesome ✌️❤️🔥:)))
Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
She has a golden heart
She is a madonna
She wears the mask
Not for corona
Just to appear a prima donna
She has a golden heart
She is a madonna
She wears the mask
Angel Carstairs Nov 2018
a wilted rose
two dried ponds
a noble peacemaker
a lost captain
a unspoken song
a single soldier Jones
two smiths of no relation
a single Oswald the mysterious nanny
i suppose in someway they break my heart even with two hearts i can't bear to say " i have to leave you " as the pain wont stop if i stand still so i move forward never stopping hoping i can save people too make up for the ones I've lost
the doctors point of view
Donna Nov 2018
On my way to work
Listening to soft music
With the man I love
Thank you for your lovely messages hp poets I’m at the mo been flooded with work so cannot get back to u all life is hectic x wishing u all a happy day with lots of smiles **
Donna Aug 2018
Everytime I see
butterflies , I think of our
wedding and I smile
:) loved my wedding day love butterlles too **
Cat Lynn Aug 2018
...I couldn't help but to stare blankly at your white, emotionless face...

The last time I saw you... You had a light full of joy and grace...

But to see that light now gone from you body left a taste of melancholy

A hood of sorrows is what hid my bitter sweet tears from them and you, what folly...

Before my aching heart could leave your presence, your eyes opened...

Your heart startled by a hug, your eyes gazed around at all of us, an opportunity, I was hope'n

You stared straight into my black stained waterfall and spooked me

When your pale, cold hand, with quickness, grabbed my hand.. and begged me not to leave..

It shook... I could feel and count every bone you used... with the little muscle strength you had...

My body trembled at your white, thin, Skeleton hand... Stabbed by the reality of loss...the insecurity was bad..

I felt so troubled and helpless... Since there was nothing from me you could gain...

"Alan...Linard...." was the last thing I heard, the last thing she said... it was her husband's name...

6 days later... 9:15pm, July 2nd, 2018...for the first time... I watched Some breath their last... and finally die...

Puzzled by how quick and peaceful a painful image thing can be.... It felt so deceitfully wrong... but I knew it was..right..

Donna... You wouldn't come back... even if you could.. you wouldn't

You in a place of paradise... pure perfection... I wont lie... I miss you.. but I know you could never return... you couldn't..
..I hate writing stuff like this.

Lord.. Thank you for finally taking her home..

Donna, you always said to me "Age Doesn't Matter" for a variety  of things I told you about... I want to always thank you for constantly telling me that...and for praying for me, and for teaching me what it means to be a prayer warrior...
Donna May 2018
Today I'm in a
right mood , the thick black fog as
settled on my head

Ah well least it is
covering my grey hairs , I'm
feeling sarcastic!!

I feel like shouting
at top of mountain , then I'll
see the birds scatter

Everywhere I go
Birds everywhere , even at
corner of my eyes

Yes both my eyes , I
go bosseyed too and look so
silly , but I don't

care today,  cause I'm
feeling sarcastic! But that's
how it is at times

So I treated my
self to a Diet Coke and
a chocolate bounty

Of course I will put
on weight but I do not care
Sarcastic is me

Sometimes you got to
have a shout out , clear the teapot
that has been brewing

It's just normal things
like every day life , when you
ring up a bill and

they put you through to
about ten different people
just to sort out bill!!!

I've been back and forth
to different countries , and I've
just been sitting in

my living room on
the phone , how ridiculous
is that!! It's well stupid!!

Well today I am
being sarcastic , hey lets
see if my poem trends

Oops I am being  
sarcastic again , sorry
just the mood I'm in!!
Take care all much love to u all ***
<3 <3
Donna Aug 2017
Today I woke to
banger racing inside my

Red cars blue cars green
cars yellow cars and of course
my fav orange car

My orange car is
my everyday morning sun
winning the races

I love it when it
bashes into other cars
gives them a right knock

When my orange car
wins the sky is always blue
and full of fishes

Yes! Fishes in sky
whales dolphins seals penguins
and even a shark

I don't mind the shark
It's a jolly kind of soul
with big smiley grin

His my bodyguard
I have a fluffy cloud boat
with butterfly wings

It's ever so comfy
just like a memory foam
mattress..feels so bliss

O what fun it is
to sail through the open sky
I get to see birds

seagulls , wagtails , crows
magpies , sparrows , robins , wrens
pigeons , doves , bluetit s

The trees are floating
too but there all upside down
There sky diving

I see lots of cute
ladybirds holding hands
making sunset bloom

Dragonflies huge like
real dragons with grey ancient
poet moustaches

They sit at there desk
each with a secretary
'Miss Octopus

They sit and draw stars
all day long and watch them come
alive when night wakes

I love it when my
orange car wins it helps my

is so fun it's like a free
cartoon comic

I best go now as
I can see unicorns
in summer meadow

There wearing shower
caps and holding water guns
To make rainy day

But my orange car
being my everyday sun
Will bloom a rainbow

Imaginstion tis fun x
Writtenby Donna jones
Ignatius Hosiana Jan 2017
There Was A Kind Poet Called Donna,
With pieces as vintage as the Madonna;
She had a thing for nature's Echo
Decoded in her magnificent Haiku
That unforgettable Poet called Donna.
I still Miss Donna, she taught me so
much about writing and living
Ignatius Hosiana May 2016
I know you are fine
but I really need some proof
from your haikus
Hope she's as fine
as I imagine she is
it hurts missing her
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