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Deepak shodhan May 2015
Your lips are like
Merlot wine;
When you smile, they shine
Oh god, I want to make
you mine!
Can you drink white
wine in a wider glass;
Can you drink red
wine in a narrow glass?
Baby, how can I live
without you; do'nt be
a crazy lass!
Do'nt try to escape from
me Vida
Just try me once, you
will be addicted to me;
My love is like *****!
Deepak shodhan Apr 2015
I have a cute Vietnamese girl
Shes witty, bright and sweet;
with dimples in her cheeks;
and shining stars in her teeth
Beneath her silky hair
there comes her beautiful eye
God, I love it when her big
bubble eyes are looking
at me
Her breath is like a flower blown, in fragrance and perfume
Her voice seems from the
blissful throne
Where their harps the
angel tune
And when she turns her
dimpled cheek towords me
for a kiss
I lose expression, cnt speak
And take all there is of a bliss! <3

— The End —