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Deepak shodhan May 2017
Give me wings..
I will show you how to touch the stars.
Deepak shodhan Feb 2017
Stay way ..
I dnt wan to hurt u
stay way
I dn want to irritate u
so stay away
Go to the place where I
can't find you
Go to the place where I
cann't hear u
Let my love fades alone
Let my life ends alone
Do what u want to do
I never stop your move
Keep smiling like a flower
be happi foreveR
Stay way
I dnt want to hurt you
So stay way </3

Deepak shodhan Jan 2017
Don't give up sweety
dnt give up
When failures knock your
Don't be afraid to face them
even more
When people around you
laughs at you
Don't ignore; show them
what you can do
Keep walking sweety
keep walking
when thorns appear on
the way
When ground under your feet
is decay
When you are surrounded
by fire
Evil heckles, only what you
can hear
Remember sweety remember
You are born to touch the
stars remember
Never stop sweety
never stop
Till you reach your goal
never stop!

Deepak shodhan Dec 2015
You walked into my life..
First I didnt care
who you are
But now, I dont know
who Iam;
Without you..
Your smile is my happiness
Your hugs are my strength..
Your love is my life
And all my pain; you
took as your own
All my fears; you
thrown into the sea
Oh now you walked into
my heart
And Im lost in your eyes!
Deepak shodhan Sep 2015
All your potential is to be
whatever you want to be
All your energy is to do
whatever you want to do
Don't listen to anyone;
be how you want to be
Doing what you want to do
But each day, take one
step towards your dream
Though at times it may
seem too difficult to continue
But don't forget your dream
One day you will reach
your goal
Touching every ones soul!
Do what you want to do; Be how you want to be.. but never forget your dream!:-)
Deepak shodhan Sep 2015
It is perfectly fine if you lose
It is okey if you need break
But it is totally shamefull
If you don't learn from
your mistake
It is perfectly fine if you fail
It is okey if you need to cry
But it is truly shamefull
If you giveup and never try
When you're hit by failure;
Success is the only cure
So get back to fight like
a warrior
There is'nt any better
experience than failure!
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  Aug 2015 Deepak shodhan
shadow girl
You may think that you are alone but you  not
There is always people standing right beside you
Never doubt yourself
Have faith and never give up
Giving up shows that you are weak
When actually you are strong
Show how strong you are
Prove it to everyone out there
Stand with your head held up high and with confidence
Confidence is the key to success
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