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Jillian Jesser Oct 2018
I woke up to screams from a stolen razor.   
Where is it?  
It was a loud scream.          
The end comes swiftly,
if there are no razors around,
it comes even faster.                        
At the top of the mountain,
the anger flows to the valley,
and there is no scream.                                  
In the valley, we wait.                
There is a pull from a cigarette.                               
Small talk that is not small talk.                                        
A man wheezes   
A woman wonders where she'll go tomorrow                                          
it comes out as a laugh
                  and lightly in the background plays a song that can only be called the disease of the 80's.                                       
We didn't need another.                                     

But, thank you.
Deepak shodhan May 2015
Hello Angel
Let me tell you somethin'
You're my love
You're my life
You're my everything!
Can I express my love
with a kiss like Robert Pattinson
Goin' wild and get into
your attention
Can I propose you
with a drink like DiCaprio
Runnin' fast after you
like a Romio
Can I show it in a romantic
way like Rahman
Singin' out loud sayin'
Im gone
Can I express it in song
like Chris Brown
Searchin' for you in this
Hyderabad town
Girl, you're my choco bar
be with me;
I love you like justin bieber!

Like a dispirited spectator watch his  
favorite team, in a long losing streak;
He sits quietly, on
the cold wooden floor,  
  staring at the ceiling,  
with a belly full of shame,
guilt, and pain.   His mind is
running fast and furious, with
******* life questions. He is
on hells wheels, with no
destination, in sight.

  How do I go from here?
  The void of hopelessness.    
What went wrong?
Why, why, why me?
  A whirlwind of;
  Incurable disease,
  lack, dark secrets,
  death of a love one,
  rejection, unpaid bills,
  divorce, loneliness, ...  
  O' the night season, is long
  How I yearn for the crisp mornings;
  Peace, life, and wholeness    
Earthmaker, please bath my heart with
life and free my soul, from the snare
of the fowler.
It doesn't matter the magnitude of our pain and woes, we can recover from the fall. -M.G

— The End —