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17.3k · Feb 2019
Chris Feb 2019
I'm sinking farther into the sea
Air cut off, unable to breathe

But it's not all too bad
The water's warm
and the fish look nice

It's a shame I can only see this
By myself
at the end.
3.6k · Oct 2018
The Hero
Chris Oct 2018
In a world of goblins, orcs and the likes there lived a hero. This hero was a person of peasant blood and a friend to the weak. Every day the people of his little village would go to him for help. The hero would never turn them away, and always solved their problems. However, the day came for them to ask of a task too large. The hero was sent out to fight a battalion of goblins, orcs and trolls. This battalion was well known for being the most ruthless and devastating in all the land. Everywhere they went they left a trail of destruction and despair. But the hero being bound by honor went to confront them head on. He sliced through the goblins with his expertly crafted sword. He pierce the flesh of the orcs with the precise shots of his bow. It was truly a sight to see, one man taking on an army. But much to the villagers dismay, by the time he got to the trolls, his quiver was empty and his sword had broke. He still took them on with his bare fists. As if possessed by a beast, the hero tore through lines of the battalion slaughtering all in his path. None stood a chance until he reached the one who lead the battalion of death. Without saying a word, the hero grabbed the leader by the neck and lifted him off the ground. Squirming in his iron grip, the leader begged and pleaded for his life to be spared. The hero contemplated this for a time but the leader had tricked him, he pulled his dagger from his sleeve and stabbed the hero. The hero succeeded in saving the village that day, and that's why we're left with you. The son of a hero who gave his own life to save his people. The fate of the village left in the gauntlets of his son prodigy. there's only one problem with that: you don't know how to be a hero. You can't fight, in fact, you can barely pick up a sword. The mere chance that you would've failed to get even one of your fathers traits is amazing. With you being the best "hero" we've got left, you're being sent to a larger city to train. The shining city of Miridas, a cultural capitol and center of innovation. There you will me the man who will cultivate your potential and temper your skills. That is, if you have any skills. You leave tomorrow at dawn, to start your new life.
Okay, this was just a story me and three friends wrote in our spare time. We each wrote 2 sentences and I suggest you guys do so as well to try and make weird stories. Also it's not really a poem.
1.4k · Feb 2021
Enjoy Your Stay In The USA
Chris Feb 2021
Working and pregnant?
No time off

Graduated from college?
4 years; no job

Born into a poor family?
Invest in real estate

Paid minimum wage?
Work harder.

Sick in need of meds?
Only costs $750

Born a minority?
Stop being lazy

For these reasons and more
We hope you enjoy your stay
In the USA.
Capitalism is broken.

If you don't agree with that after reading this poem, feel free to DM me and I'll see if I can show you more reasons as to why Capitalism is flawed.

Have a wonderful day, stay safe, and fight the machine.
1.3k · Jun 2019
Chris Jun 2019
"You won" he said.
as he slapped a label on my back
Your story's been read
then he left me with the pack

I guess I won
the prize is shame;
a forgotten name,
a lifetime of pain.

At least something's been gained
another award put in the stash
My medallion of empty gold
to help soften my headfirst crash
I had wrote the first 4 lines for this one about 5 months before publishing it because I didn't know where to go and gave up on it. Enjoy.
1.2k · Jan 2019
No Pressure
Chris Jan 2019
No pressure
But can you clean the car?
No pressure
But you need 100 or you won't go far.
No pressure
But your next needs to beat the rest.
No pressure
But you need to be a step above the best.
No pressure
But you need to find the liar.
No pressure
But you're getting fired
No pressure
But you need to lead your peers.
No pressure
But you need to beat your fears.
No pressure
But we're gonna add another problem to the pile.
No pressure
But if you fail, we'll move on all the while.
No pressure man.
961 · Oct 2018
Attention Please
Chris Oct 2018
To those who read and those who plead
A message for one and all to heed
Please please, I need your attention please
A fickle star such as me has much to need
If we choose to leave or stay in times of greed
Then we must heave the grey lives we lead
It's so sad yes so sad to see our love bleed
Watching them fall like Indian beads

Listen listen please, or we'll be bound
For if we don't we'll lose all we've found
If we refuse to let free our hearts that pound
Then we will be forced to stick to the ground
The sky! Please look to the sky!
For we dream to fly up so high!
Like a bird! Yes a bird! If a lowly bird can fly!
Then why shouldn't we go and give it a try?

Now look brother now see sister! If we leave we're free!
We can leave this land and reach new heights above seas!
The sky will burn no more the green will finally flee!
Our lives, destroyed by our love for getting the lead
We must band together and finally we'll get to see
The world outside is more than just a sad dream
Outside is where our chance lies, waiting for one keen eye

An eye! yes an eye! Please please give me an eye.
If the mist takes lives and removes our eyes
Surely the sky above all sky's will fix our lies.
Fix our lies? No not our lies, fix our lives!
With no more lives to deal with strife
We'll be set free into a world without life.
Our perfect world awaits us we must leave!
But now we all see that our chance is lost.
There is no life the green takes it all.
There is no truth the lies hide it all.
There is no hope the sky still falls.
It takes just one mistake for us to end it all.
823 · Apr 2019
The Three Wheeled Truck.
Chris Apr 2019
The three wheeled truck sees the fours and asks itself "Why can't I be like that?"
The three wheeled truck has two four wheeled parents, but still only has three wheels.
The three wheeled truck is a bit slower than four and is unable to haul as much.
The three wheeled truck is left to rust.
711 · Feb 2019
Chris Feb 2019
You will follow this structure
It will be built this way
It needs to continue
Getting smaller
and smaller
But when
it's all

Just watch all of it's beauty fall to the floor.
Dedicated to Shlomo.
670 · Jun 2019
Chris Jun 2019
Why do we Idolize forgiveness?
The abuser can lie
The abuser can cheat
The abuser can beat
But you have to forgive.

An abuser says things'll get better
Before they cast you aside.

An abuser states "You're my all"
Before hitting you again.

But you have to forgive
Or you're in the wrong.
Sorry if this about to sound like a rant, but why do we idolize forgiving abusers? I feel like we as a society (USA) likes to downplay the severity of which abuse can do oneself. I've seen abuse and been abused. Beatings are something you can expect, lying, denying the truth. People still say we should forgive them as if nothing happened and still go back to them? Why? Enjoy.
635 · May 2020
Chris May 2020
A fighter.
A hero.
A rebel.
A leader.
As good as they come.
That was Echidna.
I had a dream about the hero Echidna. I'm gonna try and write it out here in a series of poems.
Chris Jun 2019
More than one
Less than two
Who am I
Without you?
586 · Nov 2018
For those beyond reach
Chris Nov 2018
Pull the string
watch me fall apart
The laughing that stings
pulls at my heart
Tear me open
play with the toys
See me coping
with all this noise

Pull my strings
watch my life
Rend all beings
hide the knife
Cuts so deep
no more relief
From skin it seeps
hide your grief
This is for an old friend.
548 · Oct 2018
Isn't life?
Chris Oct 2018
Isn't life just like a comedy routine?       you put on a face for the public?

or do you let it       All fall down and let them see      what you are?

if you Might let them         inside Do you keep it there     should You let It continue?

would you shout "Not me, i'm the face of Genius"                and keep the      sherade's going?

is it all the same          as Calling for           help when it'll         never come?

           Are we       Lying to ourselves or is it just a     Lame excuse          For    another form Of           escapism?

is it Really           all that much different          than Hating yourself      

for Everything that is          out of Life's reach?
                    is life          just a         dreamers Playground?
idk what this is. i just made it up because i wanted to try something. let me know if you find it.
536 · Feb 2019
Chris Feb 2019
Humans are like the positive end of a magnet
Don't believe me? Just take a look on the net
There's dozens of people attracted to the negative.
But how often do they crowd around the good?

draws more attention than

Is informing others of tragedies what makes us human
Or showing empathy to those treated like they're subhuman.
529 · Jun 2019
The Mightiest Warrior
Chris Jun 2019
Sign me up
Send me in
Equip me
With a pen.

Hold it tight
Aim it right
Take your pick
Feel the kick

Peaceful notes
Left behind
Makes you want
To rewind
I'm joining the military soon. I'm not necessarily anti-war, nor pro-war, but this just came to me. Enjoy.
Chris Sep 2019
When you're on your own
You've got nowhere to go.
But don't worry my friend

My shoulder's for sale
It's only price
Is a warm smile.
Just warm up. Enjoy.
Chris Sep 2018
The child with no scars
Lives life without bars
His worries are that of life
but contain little strife.

The child with no scars
Plays in the sand all day
He dreams of going to mars
while his friends run away

The child with no scars
He’s got it so good
He won’t have to worry bout’ cars
he’s been w’thout food

The child with no scars
He’s not allowed to be here
He’s no better than galahs
He keeps tryin’ to get near.

The child with no scars
We avoid him while we work
He’s told “You’ll make it far!”
but no one knows how much I hurt.
Let me know why you think this is so different from the others. I meant it to be the same story just expanded beyond, but everyone i know says it's basically a different and worse story.
476 · Feb 2021
A Check For The Rent
Chris Feb 2021
A body on the streets
Step around, it reeks.

Life's been wasted
Thrown out for cash
Abrasion o' justice
The rich hide the rash
A human life, $7.25 an hour.

This poem was inspired by the song "Calm Like A Bomb" by Rage Against The Machine. Specifically the line "A ditch full of bodies, and a check for the rent" really hit homes. In the middle of a pandemic,  many people dying, many people laid off, and many people got evicted to live on the streets. To spread the disease. To spread captisalism. Socialism is the vaccine.
407 · Mar 2019
How to write a poem
Chris Mar 2019
Make it relatable
And try to make it rhyme
Structure's debatable
Make sure you take your time

Long ones can work
And short ones too
Look at the perks
Make it for you

But poems need a meaning
Don't make it too demeaning

The meaning can be deep
And it can make you weep
Or it can be shallow
But make someone hallow.

Now that that's done
Lets have some fun
I'll write a poem
Then go make your own.

"The dog with no legs
Instead walks on pegs
Comes to seats and begs
But just gets two eggs."
If this inspires you to make a poem, that's great, and please share them with me in the comments. I'd love to hear them.
397 · Dec 2018
Chris Dec 2018
It happens to
It will affect
A set of dolls
A child's life
Your car's
A marriage

You've caused
You've been
Family can
Laws are
This is for all the scumbags.
352 · Jun 2019
Moving on.
Chris Jun 2019
The bird in the sky
The caterpillar in the tree
If only I could fly
Then I'd finally be free
But still encapsulated
in another dream.
345 · Oct 2018
Two Face
Chris Oct 2018
Two Face walks without a care.
Two Face cares not to walk.
Two Face greets people everyday.
Two Face does not care to talk each day.

One face smiles and give all it has to its friends.
The other frowns, cries, and keeps to itself.
One face cheers, "Hear hear!" and supports the weak.
The other shouts, "Life's not fair!" and maims the meek

"Two Face lives to lie" some say about it.
"Two Face lies to live" say others.
"If Two Face cares to be itself it'd act one way." or so they say.
"Two Face lives to please not to be." says Two Face's parents.

None know the truth behind Two Face.
Why care for people half the time.
And turn your back on them the other?
Two Face lies and Two face hides, but why?

Two Face ignores them and goes on through his day.
Two Face never learns to live another way.
Two Face fakes its life and tells other its lies.
But Two Face knows the truth.

"Some see one face" it'd say to itself.
"Some see the other" it'd chant.
"Few see both"
"And none see the third."
This is a poem I've had on my mind for a while now, but I'm a bit disappointed with how it came out. let me know what you think. please give me your opinion on it.
333 · Jun 2020
Chris Jun 2020
You don't see me.
I don't say much.
But just trust me.
I'm still watching.
321 · Aug 2022
Midnight on a Friday
Chris Aug 2022
I want to write something, but I have depression.
Inspired by my depression
310 · Nov 2019
DM's Poems
Chris Nov 2019
There's nothing left
You can't escape
There's only death
Accept your fate.
I'm writing poems and riddles for my D&D campaign.
306 · Oct 2019
Not Even Once.
Chris Oct 2019
Ceaseless scratching
The sound of fingernails on skin
I need it more.
Oh god.
Oh ****.
I can feel the Need.
It's all over.
The sensation.
Not even here. Just a mirage.
Just a dream.
Just a fever.
What I want.
What I need.
When will it come?
How long have I waited?
Or only minutes?
Oh please go faster
A kettle
That's it!
If I don't think
Then it will speed up.
How to achieve that though?
I did it.
Just thought I'd type out whatever comes to my mind. I'm kind of tired of typing in a bunch of restrictive formats. I like them at times but I just wanted to try something new. Let me know what you think. I'm a **** for attention so I'll do whatever the public wants.
Thanks for reading.
305 · Jun 2020
Echo Chamber
Chris Jun 2020
Can you hear me?

Do you feel the same?
You do?

Can you repeat me?

Can you give me my opinion?

Should we silence all disagreement?
I find that we all like being in an echo chamber, at least from time to time.
300 · Feb 2019
Chris Feb 2019
The scars on my back
still remind me of the time
when we had our fun
My first haiku.
289 · Mar 2020
Mother Hen
Chris Mar 2020
Mother hen-
Lead the way
Tell me when-
And where to stay.

I need a guide-
Through my life
A place to hide-
No more strife

Mother hen-
I'm sorry I lied
Fault of men-
I just can't cry.
Well heck. This is one of only a few poems that got me  to feel a lot of emotions.

289 · Jun 2019
A Silent Voice
Chris Jun 2019
A silent voice
Screams out in fright
A mournful cry
that fills the night

The chilling note
Falls on deaf ears
And all she wrote;
Ignored by her peers

A silent voice
Met another
It was his choice;
Restart together.
Inspired by my favorite film of all-time, it has the same title. A Silent Voice. Enjoy.
278 · Oct 2018
Chris Oct 2018
What is time?
Is time a tool?
Is it mine to own?
Is it a towns fool?

If we created time
Then does that make it ours?

Why would we share time?
Why wouldn't we keep it to ourselves?

Does time grow at one pace
Or does it flow at our rates?

Is it just a figment of our imagination?
Or is it just another of natures creations?

If time is real, what's to say it won't stop?
If time's fake, what's to give us this idea?
Just something to think about
266 · Jan 2021
Chris Jan 2021
Dedication: Hours to your craft
Inspiration: Found from within
Motivation: To climb and succeed
Squandered: Stolen, lost, destroyed.
Just failed at something that I've spent the last 4+ month busting my back to work on. It really *****, but I wish everyone else the best of luck.
263 · Feb 2019
Go To Bed
Chris Feb 2019
Why do so many people
Write about being tired
Rather than just
going to bed.
259 · Nov 2020
Elves During Summertime
Chris Nov 2020
Elves during summertime
with their drink and songs
They smile and they laugh
they help right my wrongs

When they're waking up
they jest with the birds
When they're winding down
they leave loving words

Elves on the mountainside
they frolic and they play
A place I can visit
but I cannot stay
Just the 2nd part of an old poem I wrote.
257 · Dec 2018
The Sound Of Music
Chris Dec 2018
Songs change as time goes by. People smile then begin to cry. But if songs change the life we live then surly there's more passion to give. I feel like I've lost my love, when more music lies just above. The music we seek hides in our dreams strewn together in too many seams. My love of music is my greatest vice and my only bit of life's advice. Music plows through our hearts, branching from a childish start. If music gives our lives such spice then why can't it always be so nice? The message left for you to keep is not one that's too deep, if you want music to flow then you must plant the seeds that grow. The artists we need will take the lead in life they'll jive but in death we'll cry.
Those I tagged are just the beginning of the many talented groups or individual that made music what it is now. Love it or hate it it's shaped us all in one way or another. This is my way of thanking those people for making me who I am.
252 · Apr 2019
Bankrupt Creativity
Chris Apr 2019
How to write a poem?
I ask this question often.
Don't make it too deep
Don't make it too shallow
Engage your reader
New ideas come and go
Chase after them
Or let them flow
Dive into your creativity
End it on a mellow note.
245 · Aug 2019
The Reverse Of What's Not.
Chris Aug 2019
My brain is fried
Over easy
My brain cells died
Makes me queasy.

This nausea
Is giving me
New empty thoughts
Of hollow dreams.

Writing this now
I'm asking how
I've been endowed
With useless talent.
245 · Apr 2019
The Future
Chris Apr 2019
A bag of lies
Only take one.
Chris Sep 2018
The child with no scars
Gets fancy food and knifes
He'll never hide behind bars
his life will be without strife.

The child with no scars
Gets all he wants without work
Everyone tells him he'll make it far
but nobody sees how much he hurts
I feel that this poem is my lifes work and i'm trying to perfect it. this is the 3rd iteration of it. i will put all iterations in the site
241 · Jun 2020
Stop Talking
Chris Jun 2020
The more you say
About a problem
The worse
It becomes.

If you say nothing
And let it fade
It ceases
to exist
Hot take right? If you think I'm racist, think again. I don't know anything about the subject that people are complaining about again, but I know that in general, the more you talk about a problem, the more it exists, and the worse it becomes.
"If you talk about it, it exists." - Morgan Freeman. Happy birthday Morgan Freeman.
Chris Apr 2020
Invader of war
At my doorstep
Knocking on thoughts
Now it's open
Please come in
Pillage, destroy
Whatever granny can provide.
Please let me know what this makes you think, I'm genuinely interested in knowing what you think.
240 · Nov 2020
Lazy Day
Chris Nov 2020
Half a day
On half power
Half productive
but doubly
I was gonna write about something totally different, but once I started, this is what came out.
238 · Feb 2019
Happiness At A Low Cost
Chris Feb 2019
"A smiles not too heavy a price."
I like the thought of that.
"A smile will add a bit o' spice."

It's something you hear everyday
But it's something I love anyways.

Just looking at the ceiling
And smiling gives me feelings.
Feelings that make me want to go on
going on to help stop all that's wrong.

So just share a smile
It doesn't have to be with someone
It will be worth your while
It can be just a smile to yourself.

A poem for a smile
Is not too heavy a price.
Now please share a smile
And share it with me.
I'll accept your smile. I promise. :)
238 · Jul 2019
Chris Jul 2019
The earworm
In my head
Had made it
To my brain
And eaten
What little's
237 · May 2020
The Ballad Of Guy Fieri
Chris May 2020
Parked in a lot
at night
With no gas and
no light

Instincts kick in
I run
Then I reach for
my gun

won't bend
Pull the trigger
and so it ends
"But Guy Fieri don't do that no more." - The Minute Hour
231 · Jan 2019
Letter 3
Chris Jan 2019
Thanks for your thoughts on the matter,
The first week made my mind shatter.
Meeting you is what helped me.
Being around you helped break free.

Our time may have been small
but you stopped my fall.
I felt you would have left me behind.
Erased me, like the others, from your mind.

Please tell me when we can meet again,
I'd love to reunite with an old friend!
I don't want something like this to end
but I can't wait for the chance to send.
230 · Jul 2019
The Blazing Blade
Chris Jul 2019
This blazing blade
Stuck in my chest
The starving flames
Licking my flesh.

The orange hue
Glowing so bright
Makes you ask who
Started this fight?

These pearl white sins
Melting away;
Charring my skin
No more to say.
Surprisingly enough, I don't really know what this is about. I was thinking of a game with the same title and I just kinda wrote this. I like it. Let me know what you think. Enjoy.
229 · Aug 2019
Chris Aug 2019
Fight for what's left
Not for what's right
What's right's subjective
What's left's objective.

The future's built
On what we have
The future's lost
To what we want.
Don't ask me, I don't have the answer.
229 · Feb 2019
Come My Child
Chris Feb 2019
Come my child
Confess your sin
Unchain your pain
Release what's within

Come my child
Our father listens
Just go wild
It'll teach you lessons

Come my child
Fix the life you've lead
For if you don't
Then I'll be the one
To put a Bullet in your head.
221 · Jun 2019
Colorful Prison Cell
Chris Jun 2019
Everyday someone enters.
Everyday someone leaves.
But not me.

I've been here for 12 years now.
The pain I feel gets better with time.

Or so I'm told.

Isn't it ironic?
Someone tells me what it's like
But then I experience it.
Tell them otherwise.
But I'm wrong.

As usual.
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