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Chris Jun 11
"You won" he said.
as he slapped a label on my back
Your story's been read
then he left me with the pack

I guess I won
the prize is shame;
a forgotten name,
a lifetime of pain.

At least something's been gained
another award put in the stash
My medallion of empty gold
to help soften my headfirst crash
I had wrote the first 4 lines for this one about 5 months before publishing it because I didn't know where to go and gave up on it. Enjoy.
SMS Jan 3
At somewhere exactly this minute
Something exceptional happened.  
And I thank every star dotting the sky
And every star hiding in the clouds
That I found you a rocket floating  
Admist other travelers on this road
To be my guiding star and guardian
I thank every sunrise and sunset
That you’re there helping me
That I’m there attempting to help you.
Thank you for being so kind yet tough
So insightfully wise but not boringly old.
So nurturing but not overbearingly.  
Have a wonderful year and don’t forget
I’m here when you need your fuel
To be sparked by a little someone.
Erin Asuncion Feb 2018
Im happy you opened your heart,
Knowing that we will be torn apart,
But that doesnt mean we cut the strings attached,
Knowing that we will still last,

The tears on my eyes brings joy to my face,
Seeing you smile is all that it takes,

Here I am standing with a smile,
Hoping to see you one last time,

Here I am waving goodbye,
Dont forget me with a smile.
Congrats to my friend! ; v;
deliriumattic Jan 2018
accept your defeat
the defeat of your sanity,
your love,
your individualism.
say goodbye to your dreams
succumb to nostalgia: the only thing
that makes you feel some sort of accomplishment
congrats for growing up
congrats for molding yourself into a repetitive world
congrats on lowering yourself to become normal
congrats! you’ve made it
you have everything you’ve ever wanted besides
the future you’d aspired to gain
lose yourself to a mindless future
let your consciousness be caught in the river of societal expectations
doubt any free thought that you might have
parrot the words of those smarter than yourself
there you go
now you’re the perfect citizen
well done
on your way out,
be sure to grab a pamphlet on how to beat down
those who are different!
thank you, and have a nice day
Destre' Jun 2015
Who I am, what I say, and what I do, isnt for anyone. Its not up for debate. If my presence ****** you off ,thats great, congratulations, but stay out of my face. I dont want to hear what you have to say because its doesn't make a difference to me, im not gunna change just because you have a problem with me. Ive hardly ever talked to you, and you hate me? Okay love, whatever you say.  Please just stay out of my way.
Ive had a really bad day.  Im not really a mean person, tho ive never claimed to be nice, but I try to show others commen courtesy because I find no reason to be rude to those who have done nothing to me. I find it truley infuriating that some judge with no evidence and want others to change n go out of there way to improve that persons view of them simply because they dont like that person.  Sorry for the rant n sorry if some of it doeant make sense
Emma Holt Mar 2015
What a wonderful feeling of joy
That takes you over
Inhabits even the darkest of spaces
Because of one thing you did
That pleased yourself
And others
Most important of all...
Avery, congratulations a million times! You are such a hard worker, and I am so proud of you!
Hakeem Jenkins Sep 2014
When I win award at school and look at all the smiles that surround me,
I always wonder which ones are actually real,
Congrats on losing your friend!
Congrats on messing everything up!
Congrats on turning people against me!
Congrats on putting me down to boost yourself!
Congrats on being so sensitive that people will protect you!
*Congrats on hiding this from all of your friends
I don't care how many likes this gets. I needed to let off some steam. And you: I know your reading this.
Kate Deter Aug 2014
Eighteen years.
Eighteen long years I've lived on this planet,
Slaving away as another conformist to most rules
(But only so I could survive
And get an education, despite the breakdowns
As my mind couldn't handle the pressure
Of today's expectations).
At times I thought I wouldn't make it;
My lows were... pretty low;
They sometimes cancelled out the highs completely,
Or at least made them seem not so high.
But somehow, I made it,
Along with all the other eighteen-year-olds.
And so I say, congratulations.
We made it.
We may be beaten, bruised, and battered,
Broken, cracked, and frayed,
But we're here.
Brace yourselves.
We're in for a whole new set of challenges.

— The End —