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Chris Oct 17
On the edge again
The void down below
If you think too much
You'll take a step back

Ignore yourself
Suppress the thoughts
Leave care behind
Just take the step
  Aug 14 Chris
Adhara Sygnus
They say the sun,
was selfless to a fault,
he died everyday,
to let the moon get,
a glimpse of the world
Chris Aug 13
Looking through notifs
******* my own ****

Re-read my 'hits'
I love rolling in ****

Proclaiming my works 'art'
Mmm I sure love my farts

If you're not me then don't try
I'm the only one that can move me to cry
Everyone has to deal with narcissism to some degree and when I enter this website I feel like such a ******* *****
Chris Aug 13
I want to write something, but I have depression.
Inspired by my depression
Chris Apr 2021
I can see it on the bridge
The moonlight reflecting off it
My cats fear it
Now they stay in at night

I can hear it howling in the dark
Screaming for a mate?
Or roaring from hunger pangs?
But I know it sees me.

In the morning
I opened my door
To see it...
Scurry away.

Late at night, alone in my house
I could hear it's breath on my window
It was salivating.
In the morning it will have me.
And I...
Will be delicious.
Title Inspired by the song "Fear of The Dark" by Iron Maiden, I was listening to Orion by Metallica, and it was inspired by What Remains of Edith Finch
Chris Apr 2021
Cover me in your words
Bathe me in your thoughts
Drown me in your dreams
Fill me with your hopes.

Connect the dots
Piece by piece
Tied into knots
Your dreams
your dreams.

Sorrow-laden pills of joy
From misery and despair
They're yours and yours alone
To feed me, tied to a throne.

A crown of thorns rests on my head
My blood to pay for the life you lead
My words. My hope. My dreams. My hopes.
Force-fed, now they fill me with dread.
I couldn't come up with a name for this.

All comments are appreciated.
Chris Feb 2021
A body on the streets
Step around, it reeks.

Life's been wasted
Thrown out for cash
Abrasion o' justice
The rich hide the rash
A human life, $7.25 an hour.

This poem was inspired by the song "Calm Like A Bomb" by Rage Against The Machine. Specifically the line "A ditch full of bodies, and a check for the rent" really hit homes. In the middle of a pandemic,  many people dying, many people laid off, and many people got evicted to live on the streets. To spread the disease. To spread captisalism. Socialism is the vaccine.
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