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Chris 38m
I wanted to say I'm back
To make you smile or make you laugh
Reassure you that I'm here to stay
But motivation is what I lack.
May I should spend more time and write a paragraph
Or just wait until some other day.

I can't say for sure that what I write's any good.
But I can say with all my heart, that it's something me.
Chris 2d
The devil's with me
He laughs and cries
He tries to trick me
But at least he tries.

The devil's wrong!
Of that I'm sure
But his will's strong
And he looks pure.

The devil's with me
Just lazing all day
Resting and jesting
Tells me, 'Go out n' play!"

The devil's a charmer
Oh wouldn't I know?
Said he wouldn't harm her
Just put on a show.

The devil's with me
Even this moment!
Sadly, you can't see,
But he's just a rodent.

The Devil's a liar
You can trust me on this
You must fight fire with fire
But don't let the shot miss.

Now the Devil's hiding
gone back to his lair.
On borrowed time he's riding...
But soon, his skin I'll wear.
This was a bit of a spur of the moment write. I typed it all up really fast and I'd like to get some feedback on this.
Chris Mar 16
Wanna know what’s wrong?
Well I’ll sing you this song.

Cause I’m already sick
So you can **** a word that rhymes with stick
Why don’t I get to pick
I hate getting the short end of the actual stick

Singing this bit
Makes me feel like… “something similar to dung”
It’s made me exacerbate
I’d rather at home, sit in my chair, and master- geometrics.
I had 2 minutes to make this and I had to use the word exacerbate in it. It was made to be more comedic than anything. Also I was pretty sick when I made this 'song'.
Chris Mar 10
Make it relatable
And try to make it rhyme
Structure's debatable
Make sure you take your time

Long ones can work
And short ones too
Look at the perks
Make it for you

But poems need a meaning
Don't make it too demeaning

The meaning can be deep
And it can make you weep
Or it can be shallow
But make someone hallow.

Now that that's done
Lets have some fun
I'll write a poem
Then go make your own.

"The dog with no legs
Instead walks on pegs
Comes to seats and begs
But just gets two eggs."
If this inspires you to make a poem, that's great, and please share them with me in the comments. I'd love to hear them.
Chris Mar 3
Are they a marking of pain?
Or a sign of growth?
Chris Feb 27
Come my child
Confess your sin
Unchain your pain
Release what's within

Come my child
Our father listens
Just go wild
It'll teach you lessons

Come my child
Fix the life you've lead
For if you don't
Then I'll be the one
To put a Bullet in your head.
Chris Feb 25
You're trying to tell me I don't deserve it?
That I haven't earned it?
Do you think these scars on my back are fake?
Or this blood I've spilt isn't real?

What kind of person would do that to me?
Who am I talking to again?
Oh I'm sorry.
It's just me.
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