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Chris Nov 21
Elves during summertime
with their drink and songs
They smile and they laugh
they help right my wrongs

When they're waking up
they jest with the birds
When they're winding down
they leave loving words

Elves on the mountainside
they frolic and they play
A place I can visit
but I cannot stay
Just the 2nd part of an old poem I wrote.
Chris Nov 12
Walking through the city
The city's remains
Seeing bodies being thrown about in every which way

A starving child here
A screaming man there
The enemy scrambling for the politician's hair

Running through the streets and what remains
Filled with smoke and flames
The picture of shame
Tell me what you think.
Partially inspired by the song "Calm Like A Bomb" by Rage Against The Machine.
Chris Nov 11
Half a day
On half power
Half productive
but doubly
I was gonna write about something totally different, but once I started, this is what came out.
Chris Aug 11
Halfway down
A mirror to my past
Of misery
And now regret
A quarter to go
It's churning in my guts
A splash in the world
A ripple to remember
A mirror of nothing
"And when I came to, all I felt was regret" - Probably someone
Chris Jul 31
Your ****** Powers
Are nothing in the face of
My double ax slap
Chris Jul 18
Covered in thoughts
Soaked in regrets
I'm starting over
From nothing
This was inspired by my favorite show Re:Zero
Chris Jul 16
In the wake of recent events
I have concocted a potion
Of lies and mischief
Of sins and virtue
One sip is a trip to nirvana
One glass is a slap in the face
But to see it, you must be blind
And to taste it, no tongue.
How can I exist if I'm not real?
How could you trust my deceit?
You should worry, for I tend to linger
But not too much, or your hair will turn grey.
Such an anomaly I am, one to never truly fade
But I stay in uniform and conform to complacency.
"One Teaspoon of snake oil will cure your back pains!"
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