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Saige 1d
Chicken tenders and chicken wings,
I love all those chicken things.
But if you asked me about my own,
I would say "leave them alone".
Don’t focus on your problems
Or cry “The Sky is Falling”
Like startled Chicken Little
And all your work be stalling

You can focus on your tasks
Like the Little Red Hen chose
For her daily work and effort
Will build her wealth - she knows

Chicken Little authored fear
In those with whom she spoke
Causing all to leave their work
As their confidence she broke

The Red Hen on the other hand
Gave example to her friends
And if they didn’t help this time
She will win them in the end

So choose to be a strong Red Hen
With diligence - and vision too
And do not let “Chicken Littles”
Attempt to put their fears in you
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Shiv Pratap Pal Feb 2019
Tens of Hen in a Pen
Waiting for their chance to come

Chance to breathe some nice fresh air
Chance to enjoy the joy of freedom

No, No, No, nothing like that
Is going to happen for the hens

I am sure their turn will come
Which will cause their ugly Death

They will get killed one by one
And become nice food for some
Why one is born? Just to eat or being eaten by others?
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
From where it began
Hen or Egg

Why do we ignore
The same thing
So easily
So many times

The moment
A mother gives birth to her child
The same moment
That child gives birth to the mother

Never before
Anyone called her
What the new born calls

A new career
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Make it simple
when we listen
we hear

if you listen you will hear

just because you listen
don't mean you really hear
all words should be
spoken clear
simple me
if we listen

We started like a house
On fire
But in no time the flames
Started fading
It felt like the strong feelings
Of affection
You had for me
Grew weaker,
It happened we were a house
Built without a foundation
When heavy storms come
Its easy for that house
To fall
And indeed our house of love fell,
The love we shared
Was built on lies
And expectations
from your side
When those expectations
Were never met
Your heart was filled
With disappointments
I must say
I was never interested in you
In the first place
But you somehow made me
Fall for you
And I fell
But when I fell
You started ignoring me
As if I didn't exist
Do you know the agony
Of being ignored
By the one you love ?,
The pain you caused me ?,
Well I guess you don't
Because if you did
You wouldn't made me
Feel the pain
You gave me.
I don't even remember
How we ended
We just ended on thin air
SQUID Aug 2017
Inflatable bride march,
Plastic enormous,
Stoical hens,
Mystery "pleasures".
Poetic T Jun 2016
I'm drowning yet I stand in no water,
civilization is the curse of my existence
it weights upon every aspect of me.
Do this, don't do that, I am man I am free.

But they do not listen for greed is upon fake
prophets that only think of what they can
accumulate before the reaper kisses there soul
and all that is left is regrets and nothing more.

"Spin the wheel your fate is there's to play,

Be one with the world, live life, don't do as
your told freedom is your chosen choice.
We are now like hen pecking in out squalid
corner, when really we shouldn't be drowning
Leal Knowone Apr 2016
ghost are jamming in the witches house
See dark visions forced to come out
There is a fox in the hen house
What'll we do to bring it down?
You opened the cage and let the monster out
You'r the prey in its mouth
Theres a rat in the dog house
How will we chase it out?
Ghost are jamming in the witches house
What was done to bring them out?
See em run, see them scream and shout
I see it all burning down

Time heals all wounds & it also will leave scars
Old memories fall like dying leaves
Rust metal minds junkyard
Minds masked in a maze, couldnt see that far
Old memories fall like dying trees
Twisted metal minds junkyard

Grotesque faces of pure pain
Empty hearts of unwarrented rain
Souls of the dead called to the purge
Can you feel the weight of this world?
I see deformites of this life
Skulls of the dying, solid is the mind
Feel the air passing by
Holes in happiness lined in social class

Old memories fall like dying leaves
We all fall like dying tree

The dogs of war are on the prowl
Should have escaped, but cant leave now
For there is nothing left of my youth
Nothing left to hold on to

There is a mouse in the walls
The hounds of hell are on the loose
the dogs of war are on the prowl
?Should have escaped but cant leave now
The ghost are jamming in the witches house
See the visions forced to come out
Pick the locks then break it down
Welcome the hardships to this house
Sy Lilang Nov 2015

Sa kwadradong hawla
Doon nagsipagtirapa ang bawat paslit
Sila'y mistulang sabik sa yakap ng Ina,
Pagkat kalinga'y hindi maupos-upos na kandila.

Minsan sila'y naging malaya,
Si Inay nga pala, siyang nagpaubaya
Tila martir ang minsang naging paslit,
Pag-asa nila'y sa alikabok na sinisipa.

Bagkus ang Inang siyang nagsaplot sa kanila,
Nilisan at hinayaang maibigkis, walang kasarinlan.
At doon sa iisang hawla'y magtatagpo muli,
Sa bentelasyon, sila'y may kakaunting sandali.

Tunay ngang ang paslit ay magiging Ina rin,
Oras niya ngayong kabiyak sa salamin.
Iniwang Ina'y may ikalawang henerasyon,
Sa kanila nama'y may namutawing leksyon.
(Sabi ng Engineer namin, lahat ng sisiw, iiwan din ang nanay nila. Sa una, sunud-sunuran, pero tama nga siya. At matira matibay pa ang labanan.)

7:36 AM
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