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Clive Saffron Mar 2021
Over the sands of time you’ve travelled.
Across the ocean of life you’ve sailed.
Through the fog of daily worries,
Your unfailing love’s prevailed.

Your light shines from within,
Brighter than the heavenly sky.
The fire in your soul’s unquenched,
The flames one can’t deny.

Don’t measure your life in years
Nor by the number of breaths you take,
For we’re blessed by your resounding wisdom
And the memories you continue to make.

In your footsteps I wish to tread,
I want to grow in your direction,
To mirror your warmth and kindness,
Your honesty, integrity and affection.

Your life is truly remarkable,
A lasting legacy you’ll surely bestow.
Let’s joyfully sing your melody
And forever bask in your glow.

Although you’ve entered your twilight years,
So much you’ve done is unsung,
But in your heart, for all eternity,
May you be strong, radiant and young.
My name is Clive Saffron, a published poet with the desire to use my writing skills to bring the feel good factor to others. Creating rhyming poetry is my passion and favourite art form and born out of my joy of the English language. For me, it is a wonderful form of catharsis and self-expression. As somebody who likes to sing too, the rhythms and lyrics of so many songs inspire me to play with words and arrange them in metrical patterns to create rhymes. I have established Rhymes For Times to offer a fully personalised, bespoke and rhyming poetry and speech writing service for individuals and businesses worldwide and for any occasion. I always take exceptional care and pride in creating poetry and aim to touch the hearts of those who read it and have them connect with the deeper meaning of my words. It is a highly satisfying feeling to arouse people's emotions with my poetry and make them laugh and cry and put smiles on their faces.
Bhill Sep 2020
everyone has heard of the acorn tale
”Delusional thinking, obviously, the other acorns concluded.”
everyone has listened to the Little Red Hen
”she made the bread herself, she will eat the bread herself.”
not everyone has their hands stained with labor
we all need to work together
stop the bickering and name-calling
stop the delusional thinking and help make the bread
we got this - we have to get this!

Brian Hill - 2020 # 249
Karijinbba Aug 2020
You must be a mean
old queen-hen
laying on someone else's eggs
lactating your stolen eggs
and a beggar in the nest
that belongs to someone else.
Copy Rights Karijinbba.
Chris Mar 2020
Mother hen-
Lead the way
Tell me when-
And where to stay.

I need a guide-
Through my life
A place to hide-
No more strife

Mother hen-
I'm sorry I lied
Fault of men-
I just can't cry.
Well heck. This is one of only a few poems that got me  to feel a lot of emotions.

Saige Jan 2020
Chicken tenders and chicken wings,
I love all those chicken things.
But if you asked me about my own,
I would say "leave them alone".
Don’t focus on your problems
Or cry “The Sky is Falling”
Like startled Chicken Little
And all your work be stalling

You can focus on your tasks
Like the Little Red Hen chose
For her daily work and effort
Will build her wealth - she knows

Chicken Little authored fear
In those with whom she spoke
Causing all to leave their work
As their confidence she broke

The Red Hen on the other hand
Gave example to her friends
And if they didn’t help this time
She will win them in the end

So choose to be a strong Red Hen
With diligence - and vision too
And do not let “Chicken Littles”
Attempt to put their fears in you
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stopdoopy Nov 2020
You think
I am a hen
In god's house

There for the plucking

Oh honey
How foolish you are

To think it'd be so easy
To get close to me

My feathers are gold and ivory
And my beak deadly

Moving with pigeon toes
You stumble and trip

You thought this dance
Would be swift

But this is ballet
And you are not my Siegfried
Ballet is wild y'all, mad respect to anyone who does it
Shiv Pratap Pal Feb 2019
Tens of Hen in a Pen
Waiting for their chance to come

Chance to breathe some nice fresh air
Chance to enjoy the joy of freedom

No, No, No, nothing like that
Is going to happen for the hens

I am sure their turn will come
Which will cause their ugly Death

They will get killed one by one
And become nice food for some
Why one is born? Just to eat or being eaten by others?
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
From where it began
Hen or Egg

Why do we ignore
The same thing
So easily
So many times

The moment
A mother gives birth to her child
The same moment
That child gives birth to the mother

Never before
Anyone called her
What the new born calls

A new career
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Make it simple
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