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Oct 2018
To those who read and those who plead
A message for one and all to heed
Please please, I need your attention please
A fickle star such as me has much to need
If we choose to leave or stay in times of greed
Then we must heave the grey lives we lead
It's so sad yes so sad to see our love bleed
Watching them fall like Indian beads

Listen listen please, or we'll be bound
For if we don't we'll lose all we've found
If we refuse to let free our hearts that pound
Then we will be forced to stick to the ground
The sky! Please look to the sky!
For we dream to fly up so high!
Like a bird! Yes a bird! If a lowly bird can fly!
Then why shouldn't we go and give it a try?

Now see brother now look sister! If we leave we're free!
We can leave this land and reach new heights above seas!
The sky will burn no more the green will finally flee!
Our lives, destroyed by our love for getting the lead
We must band together and finally we'll get to see
The world outside is more than just a sad dream
Outside is where our chance lies, waiting for one keen eye

An eye! yes an eye! Please please give me an eye.
If the mist takes lives and removes our eyes
Surely the sky above all sky's will fix our lies.
Fix our lies? No not our lies, fix our lives!
With no more lives to deal with strife
We'll be set free into a world without life.
Our perfect world awaits us we must leave!
But now we all see that our chance is lost.
There is no life the green takes it all.
There is no truth the lies hide it all.
There is no hope the sky still falls.
It takes just one attempt for us to end it all.
Written by
Chris  16/M/Washington
     Phoenix, Darrell Landstrom and Lᴇ
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