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basil May 13
rolling on the floor
screaming the lyrics to 'funkytown'
feeling crossfaded
when i've been sober for months

the sun is warm and the light is liquid gold
and we can't breathe, laughing so hard
but this is the freshest air i've tasted in a long time
i love my friends, dude. so dam much <3

frog Sep 2021
I wish I could trace the freckles on your skin
even the ones I've never seen

I wish I could play with your auburn hair
or platinum, in your true form

I wish I could observe your icy eyes
without it being weird

I wish I could hold your hand
and trace circles with my thumb

I wish I could be less awkward
and tell you I love you
another one from the perspective of my dnd character heheheheh
frog Sep 2021
fishing                        fishing
loose nibble               all alone
on the lure                 on the water
pulling                       swaying
trying                         with the waves
failing                        thinking
trying again              about my goddess

this is inspired by my D&D character Cyan!
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