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Hair as black as night,
Eyes as bright as the stars.

The Dragonslayer,
They called her,
For she had no name.

A master archer
Who could conquer any beast.

But she spent her days knowing
There was one
She could not slay.

It was hideous, grotesque,
And followed her every footstep.

With a broad face
And a deep, taunting voice,
it was a horrid beast
That looked just like her.

It lived in her mind,
And walked in her dreams.

It fed off her fear,
And relished in her doubt.

The beast had a name,
One she wished she could forget.

It was the beast that silenced her
When she needed her voice the most.
A poem about my D&D character Juuseppi Mäkinen. Title and the idea of her being called the Dragonslayer comes from a joke in my group that started after I realised *holy crap, she's killed two dragons, what the heck* and our rogue's player joked about getting her some dragonslayer gear.
I write a lot of poems about her and I should probably start writing for all my other characters but my muse has decided that I shall only write about mute Finnish catgirl for the time being.
(Catgirl is another term for transwomen and some transfemme people)
AsianTapWater Jan 11
Face scarred by hatred
Fallen daughter of Sweden
Hibiscus Mirage
Still bad at haikus but whatever :’)

A haiku about a character of mine, Hibiscus Mirage. She's an NPC for a little D&D one-shot I'm working on.
AsianTapWater Dec 2020
You say you understand.
You say you know better than we do.
But do you really?

Do you know what it’s like
Being ashamed of who you are?
To hide behind a mask that doesn’t fit
Because you’d be hurt even more otherwise?

These people, they didn’t know me.
They didn’t know anything about me.
I could have told them the truth.
And yet I lied again.

“I don’t have a gender,” I wrote to them.
Because I was afraid.
Afraid that if I told them otherwise,
They’d leave me. Just like everyone else.

I could tell someone the truth,
But I know they’d just make fun of it.
“Then I’m a heavy crossbow!” They’d say with a smile,
And laugh it off like they said nothing wrong.

Say the truth and I’d be made fun of,
Ask for acceptance and I’d be shunned.
Say anything more and I’d be beaten or lynched.
No matter what I do, there’s no way out.
A poem I wrote a few months ago for my D&D character Juuseppi Mäkinen.
She was amab but is a transfeminine enby who uses she/they pronouns.
AsianTapWater Dec 2020
I stare at the dress in my closet,
Surrounded by clothes I hate.

I want to wear it, feel that euphoria
When I’m not forced into
Clothing that shouldn’t be mine.

But I know what he would say.

I’m stupid, I’m a disgrace.
Why would I give up my position to live like a woman?

Not like I’ve ever wanted to be his heir.
Not like I’ve ever cared
About the torture of life as a noble.

- - - - -

I accidentally open my closet
A bit too much,
And catch a glimpse of my old
Dresses and bras.

Things I wish I didn’t have to wear,
But have no other choice
As long as I have... these.

I could use my hunting knife,
But then I would likely bleed out and die.

Or I could cast a disguise spell
And hide behind someone who isn’t me.
Just like I’ve been doing every day.
A poem for two of my D&D characters, both of which are trans.
Part 1 is in the perspective of my aasimar fighter Juuseppi Mäkinen, part 2 is in the perspective of my tiefling sorcerer Marvus Windglade.
Juuseppi is a transfeminine enby, Marvus is a transman.

They’re also best friends and like to trade clothes when they can :)
Anemone Nov 2020
The fire calls
And the tide rises
And there is but a song
As the world reprises

The ground below us quakes
And the wind roars above us
And there is but a song
As the world begins its chorus

The light shines down
On the darks great curse
And there is but a song
As the world starts another verse
Anemone Nov 2020
Aye well let me tell you here
Bout a man to me so dear
When ever after seemed
Like it was simply meant to be

I wish I was a maiden fair
But eyes did stray to blonder hair
So secrets in the dark did keep
And my devotions left to weep

Bowing low before the throne
And pleading never to have known
The last of men to which I bowed
Before I left the solid ground

Now I sail the ocean blue
And the only men here are my crew
So pop the cork and drink away
The sea is where I'll always stay

Now tyrant monarchs may rule the lands
But they cannot stop our merry band
So call us scoundrels and call us thieves
We live on the water and sing to the breeze

So if you are lost, listen to our sound
The wind on the water tells ya you've been found
The compass will guide us so hoist up the sail
The Last Chance is our vessel for which we prevail
My torch light glints off the shiny orange gem, that lies next to my friend Jim,
The poor ******* picked it up before he could flea, and now I feel it pull towards me,
The radiating heat is so soft and sweet I can feel my feet shuffling towards ultimate defeat.
As I reach down to pluck it up, the first feel of it is such a rush.
The power of it is to great, I'm going to faint my soul is no longer mine to hold and cherish it resides within the gem, now I'm with my true friend Jim.
The orange gem in the Tomb of Horrors 10, 2020
Tora Jun 2020
The moment it all goes off the rails,
I remind myself:
the rails don’t exist.
And once I actually believe it,
the rails disappear.
Tora Jun 2020
The gleam in their eyes
-don’t miss it! It’s gone before you know it-
when they realize that the whole time
they were staring right at the solution
and the joy that comes
from knowing the answer
makes me want to refute them,
so I can amaze them again.
Tora Jun 2020
Sometimes it’s stressful
when I’m unprepared
and nervous, because
I fear they might think
I’m not doing my job.
But when I feel good
having put in work
and seeing it all
pay off, I feel
amazed at
the fear
that no
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