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Chris Nov 2020
Half a day
On half power
Half productive
but doubly
I was gonna write about something totally different, but once I started, this is what came out.
Lyda M Sourne Nov 2019

As you lie on your back and close your eyes. The gentle breeze caresses your skin. You smell the air, and it is scented with nostalgia from memories past

Each minutes passes by. 60 beats. Heartbeat. Your heart beats in rhythm with each breath you take

Gentle breeze
It's a lazy day and I'm feeling lethargic
CautiousRain Feb 2019
They say she has it bad,
Taking down the boundaries
She never really had,
Yes, it’s all a bit lethargic,
following what was said,
Trailing eyes and messages
and the overwhelming dread.

Let it down slowly,
It’s a phrase she has heard,
And maybe they’d realize her turn for the worse,
Lethargy, it’s an eight letter word,
But it rules the innards and the outer,
It’s just something she’s learned.
it's just a state of being sometimes
MicMag Aug 2018
just so tired
of being mired
in the endless fatigue
that works in league
with the utter exhaustion
that makes me feel lost in
the ruthless lethargy
that keeps on charging

just need some shut eye
so desperately, but I
can't catch up on rest
settled into my nest
breathing slow and deep
still can't fall asleep
counting sheep in droves
but unable to doze

instead ironically
I lay here chronically
stuck wide awake
unable to shake
the conscious mind's grip
unable to slip
into the world of dreams
escaping what seems
the waking mind's prison
as insomnia, risen
to almighty omnipotence
flexing its eminence
wards off all the threats
that maybe would let
this body start healing
and this mind stop feeling

so tired
of being mired
in the endless fatigue
that works in league
with the utter exhaustion
that makes me feel lost in
the ruthless lethargy
that keeps on charging

without end

insomnia strikes again
need sleep
can't sleep
Joshua Helmuth Jul 2018
I've returned to this place, but not how I had hoped
The walls peeling, ceilings drip, floorboards curved and sloped
Mildew spreads around corners and shadows swallow light
Thoughts creep in like whispers, forcing me to write
They're in my head again, the infestations swell
Clawing at my eyelids, the night escapes. Oh well
Perhaps I am the intruder
I left this place to rot
Yet, it's the one who evicted me
It is I who I forgot
Oculi Nov 2017
I don't understand how
I don't really see now
Eyes are just half-open
I just feel like copin'

I'm indoors to recover from outdoors
My mind's all gone as it's on its all fours
Am I abstract or do people just interpret
Things all wrong? I have to tell them stat

I'm just a tired old man with a young mind
Just getting my thoughts out there, do you mind?
I'm sorry, I shouldn't be so harsh on you
Just stop the praise and go and do what you do
the worst feeling in the world, to me
is feeling stuck.
it's worse than having to dig out the wheel
in the limbs of sloppy rain,
or the shock value of biting the inside
of your mouth.

it's the opposite of the realization you have
when you remember the mouth heals quickest; and then
there is hope.

imagine the life path of dreams -
with a lush natural fence on the threshold.
one step over summons vines from under
that lash and snag and gnarl and gnash
and you're frozen stone: forest
desert arctic all in one.

the stuck swallows me inside
an imperial chamber
that i am not in the slightest bit worthy
to be surrounded by.

a perception of the world
in your mind...
it cracks,
shatters, hiss,

i welcome struggle into my arms as i go
to the bittersweet valley below;
maybe i will find the seeds that
will allow me to grow.
Sarah Boon Apr 2017
We live in a superficial world
of shattered identities
a loss of reality

my senses are

We do not know what it is to feel :

has died
in cipralex

has drowned
in clonazepam

my cheap, glass arm
was about to break
in the basement of a house
that i tried so hard to call home

I am

we will live together,
and I,
I will die alone
Connor Exodus Jan 2016
Outside, below
I am teased so
Coldly, by a
Dark, dull and
Dismal morning.

Then I hear the
Kind click of the
Radiator ascending.
Hugging my feet.
Kissing my shins.

I’m not going to
do today. I refuse.
I can’t. For when I
Try, I feel nothing.
Nothing at all.

My tutor will have
to wait. And my friends
will have to wonder.
Only for a second, a
mere moment or two.

Somebody has crept
Up and into my room,
Inside of my heart
And taken what was
Once beating well.
Open to interpretation.
ab Nov 2015
What do you do
when you meet somebody
who has lightning in their eyes
and fire on their lips
waiting to burn

What do you do
when you can't stop thinking about somebody
whose heart is filled
with the idea
that your existence

What do you do
when you feel stupid
because maybe if you were born
in another time
or another place
you wouldn't be having

What do you do
when you're nervous to be you
in your own home
or around those you hold dear
because what if
they're disappointed

What do you do
when the person
you want to please most
admits things
that break

What do you do
when you can't stop dreaming
and your heart can't stop longing
and your head can't stop spinning
and all you want
is just

from all the tragedy in the world

all of the noise in your head

all of the fear and worry

and you just want

to rest?
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