Lawrence Hall Apr 20

Searching for a Lost Jungle in the City

The city is mysterious, a grid
Of paths, most of them laid wonderfully straight
Upon which brave explorers roam, well-armed
Against the strange and hostile denizens

How curious to leave a jungle known
And go in search of a jungle not known
Predicated upon legends and yarns
Lost forever in a tangle of dreams

Among the still uncharted traffic lights
In a gridded city of mystery

Dialect Apr 19

I come here sometimes, only sometimes... I miss hearing her speak, saying my name it makes me weak.

I knew you'd be watching, I knew you wouldn't forget I came here today to see what you may have read.

This page isn't as full as what it used to be, I had to say goodbye to what used to be. I wouldn't write something like this if it wasn't a poetry page.

But poetry is what I wrote for you, and poetry here it lays. Believe me when I say I think of you every single day.

You are the pinnacle of beauty, and you are what I'll always miss, I had to go and I wish we had our one last kiss.

I do miss them I really do they'll grow up to be amazing just like you.

f Jan 31

I miss you.

Dialect Jan 3

I admit...

I create poems and stories
In my head for you, that I
don't put on paper anymore

I swing through the looking
glass to make sure you're okay
to make sure you're safe

I admit it...

I create poems and stories for you,
locked away in a dark and doomed

f Jan 2


f Dec 2016

Dearest Z

How've you been? It's been a while hasn't it? Sometimes I wonder how things be like if you're here in sg instead of a thousand miles away. I'm happy for you that you are where you are now because I know sg is too small a city for your big dreams. The last time we conversed I told you about the sandwich dream I had and you replied me with such a dreamy text that made me gush up till today. A lot of things happened, I don't even know if we're ever gonna see each other again tbh. All I think about is that verse of how good men are for good women and bad men are for bad women vice versa, I think of how undeserving I am and how you're way way out of my league. I kind of have accepted and prepared myself for this very likely possibility. But God every time you cross my mind(which will happen min once per day), my soul just sighs in utter sappiness. The unknown kills me. These few weeks I've been feeling that death is going to greet me soon. I know u don't think much about it. But whether it happens or not, I just can't get around my head of how real it feels and how badly I want someone to understand me when I go through this phase for the x time. Hope you're keeping ur self warm and snugly at night.


Dialect Oct 2016

I had a first love once
we spoke dreams, passions
two doves once

She was light to my darkness
the love that was the furthest,
but an ever lasting furness

A desire in my mind
will never cease to leave
for heaven's sake

To kiss her one more time
I give permission...
The devil...
My soul...
Is yours to take.

I'll always Love You

Grim Reaper Sep 2016

Let's go after our dreams
which we lost one day we need them back it seems
go and gather all the stars
that will open upon a gate up in the sky
Which will lead us a brand new stage
Where we'll go and challenge our Past

Fight intense, be dynamic
Let's ho, ho . don't panic

Losing makes us stronger than before
There will be no limits, no regrets
We'll keep fighting, we'll keep pushing onward
fly up high, be dynamic
Let's go!
punch and kick
oh, we're trembling with Adrenalin
brand new stories are about to begin

Dragoon Ball Z Title song, Awesome...
f Jun 2016

Mungkin ini suatu jeritan hati
Tolong kembali
Aku pinta
Dengan apa jua caranya
Nota ini untuk kamu sayang,
Rindu aku sudah ke tahap gila

Bartelo Mandie Jun 2016

As Einstein can say:
-The logic will get you
from A to Z;
imagination will get you
everywhere.- You can be the logic
all over my body;
and baby,
I can be your imagination.

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