kyle dionysus Oct 2017

open up
your walls,
but not to me,
for I already see
this beauty in you,
so open up your walls,
and then let yourself be
engulfed by your beauty
then maybe you will be
able to see why you
are so special to
me and why I
was unable
to let

Her beauty is like a butterfly with only one wing, it's so sad but also beautiful. Little does she know she can still fly higher than anyone could ever dream, for I have seen. Maybe if I try and reflect her beauty, she will end up seeing her other wing.

My best friend thinks she's not beautiful, but to me she is the most beautiful girl in the world.
FRITZ Oct 2017

a transmitter scattered

breaking breathe like the skin of a dogwood.

intricate dance of the space-nymph.

green slime on the wainscoting stains running rotten and yucky.

flush vision flooded with bats.

I am floating above your head like a satellite.

beaming thoughtlessness strangulation slow torture instant pleasure.

I want you to know the one thing: DESIRE

eye be (.    )and open to


It needs an offer indeed.

An offer of a better life,
Bettered with choosing love,
Choice of a wise dear partner,
Dearest be that earnest one,
Earning more than just filthy money,
Filth of loneliness be glowed away,
Glow of love I herewith mean,
Hereto in love's inventive embrace,
Invent they together do just happiness,
Justified are my sacrifices in knightly manner,
Knightly in shining armour of lovely feelings,
Lovely days will descend more lightly,
More than anything else I need love,
Needful of your own love,
Own my heart you do with that pulling force,
Pulling it up towards your queer self,
Queer for me you are definitely more rightly attractive,
Rightly I demand your hand in sweet desperation,
Sweetly sitting in my mouth like my teeth 32,
Teeth - your teeth I have for them the utmost love,
Utmost importance I give to your voice always,
Voice of your adolescence and as I remember when we talked,
We had lengthy conversations which were x-rayed then,
X-rayed with the help of your own,
Your love is what I will long for after reaching the zenith higher,
Zenith of success calls me and how?

My HP Poem #1644
©Atul Kaushal
Lawrence Hall Apr 2017

Searching for a Lost Jungle in the City

The city is mysterious, a grid
Of paths, most of them laid wonderfully straight
Upon which brave explorers roam, well-armed
Against the strange and hostile denizens

How curious to leave a jungle known
And go in search of a jungle not known
Predicated upon legends and yarns
Lost forever in a tangle of dreams

Among the still uncharted traffic lights
In a gridded city of mystery

Grim Reaper Sep 2016

Let's go after our dreams
which we lost one day we need them back it seems
go and gather all the stars
that will open upon a gate up in the sky
Which will lead us a brand new stage
Where we'll go and challenge our Past

Fight intense, be dynamic
Let's ho, ho . don't panic

Losing makes us stronger than before
There will be no limits, no regrets
We'll keep fighting, we'll keep pushing onward
fly up high, be dynamic
Let's go!
punch and kick
oh, we're trembling with Adrenalin
brand new stories are about to begin

Dragoon Ball Z Title song, Awesome...
Bartelo Mandie Jun 2016

As Einstein can say:
-The logic will get you
from A to Z;
imagination will get you
everywhere.- You can be the logic
all over my body;
and baby,
I can be your imagination.

Mia Lee Mar 2016

Spy Kids (the original)
A 5 dollar matinee with your mom
A box of Bunch A Crunch
Or a plastic sack of
Dip N Dots

Ninja Turtle walkie talkies
Flare denim cargo pants
Bobby Jack zip up hoodies
With blue Fla-Vor-Ice stains
And hide and seek

Now That’s What I Call Music
Volume 17
Playing from a 10in x 10in
Silver box TV
And high frequency noise
To accompany
Akon’s latest bass line

A razor scooter
The foot powered kind
When the Preacher’s Daughter
Has a shiny blue one with a motor

Weeping to Secondhand Serenade
Because your mom won’t let you have
A Wii
And your crush checked “no” on the
Note you gave them last week

Detention after pre algebra
From shooting a girl two seats over
At “close range”
With a hornet
And she was unfamiliar with the school wide

The words
And epic
Used to describe what your
8th grade field trip is gonna be like

A phone call from your best friend
About finally finding Ben Franklin
In Tony Hawk’s Underground 2

The OK symbol is your most used emoji
There are too many guys with long hair
And beards
White girls all have a weird obsession
With house plants
We’re all at least 50 thousand dollars  in debt
And I think we all
Just really hope Donald Trump
Isn’t our next president

HRTsOnFyR Oct 2015

~Keep changing perspective;
If only to combat the dwindling light~

A: Admiring everything done by the lover
B: Beautifying all habits of the lover
C: Caring always enough for the lover
D: Demonstrating love to the lover
E: Experiencing pain of the lover
F: Flirting exclusively with the lover
G: Glorifying all qualities of the lover
H: Holding hands with the lover
I: Inching closer towards the lover
J: Joking sufficiently for the lover
K: Kindling the flame with the lover
L: Loving every bit about the lover
M: Moving together with the lover
N: Never-ending love for the lover
O: Obeying with wishes of the lover
P: Praying for success of the lover
Q: Qualifying in the eyes of the lover
R: Reinforcing trust with the lover
S: Softening preferences for the lover
T: Trusting forever in the lover
U: Understanding words of the lover
V: Valuing all the feelings of the lover
W: Willing to always help the lover
X: Xenophiling always with the lover
Y: Yearning often to be with the lover
Z: Zooming in on the positives of the lover

Not exactly a conventional poem.

My HP Poem #824
©Atul Kaushal
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