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Jeanmarie Apr 2021
I let out a blood curdle scream
Hoping my parents can come help me
I was trapped within a paralyzed body
Stuck between a purgatory state of sleep and reality.

Shadowy silhouettes appeared then were out of sight,
In the corners of my forest green eyes,
The sound of their hushed footsteps were left behind
Leaving me frightened out of my mind.
I was prepared to be hurt by the creatures
That lurked my bedroom at night.

Mom frantically told the doctor who said it was sleep paralysis,
The good news is that I would be alright.
There’s nothing they can do,
I’m stuck feeling the fear that comes to me
Whenever the sleep paralysis decides to strike.

No one can help me,
I have to live through getting stuck in a limp body
Welcoming the scary creatures that come by,
Having an episode is one of the scariest things
That I’ve encountered in my life.
EmperorOfMine Jun 2020
Imagine you've cut a cake five or six times, each slice having the same color, however, a different shade.

Now replace the cake with sides of oneself.
Now Replace oneself with Me; I am that cake.

The me that is of a higher mind, which I consider my conscious.
I have a side of me that only manifests when drunk.
A side of me that only manifests when high.
The me who is sober.
The me that represents my thinking.
And then there is him, Malum.

The darkest slice of the cake. He lurks, spectating, snickering...planning.
He's the voice in my head that wishes I were that he could swallow my vessel and turn it into his own.

He and I have a contract; I am to control and maintain my body, so long as I never been put into a full-on life-or-death position, or I am not mentally sacrificial.

I've witnessed potential realities in which he had control...and it's terrifying.

I hope he never gets out.
I am not afraid to fight, because I fear failure; I am afraid of Malum and what he will do. He is not human...and he definitely doesn't fight for humanity.

He is the me that wanted the world to burn...and he still does. He has no empathy, no sympathy, and he craves destruction. He's calculated, analytical, and he lacks love. He is pure evil...and he is waiting.

He is waiting for me to die.
So that he can swallow me alive, and turn the world upside down.
Chris Jun 2020
You don't see me.
I don't say much.
But just trust me.
I'm still watching.
Skyler Reece Apr 2020
I lurk
I lie in my bed
hearing ghosts in my head
I hide
I'm not leaving
It's safer in here
Without a sun to see
I can't be burned
I sigh
I'm a ghost myself anyways
So just let me atrophy
and waste away
I cry
It's safer in here
I can’t see the ghosts
Only hear their wails
Hiding from sunshine
Is a small price to pay
So stop telling me fix it please
I've already surrendered
It's “safer” in here
I lie
No matter how fake the peace
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
Memories of yesterday
Hunts me today
Memories of yesterday why is it not so hard to stay away
Why it doesn't fade away

Maybe our feelings are true
Maybe we weren't meant to fall through
If you're coming back I want our us to grew
I don't want our feelings goes to nothing out of the blue

These memories of yesterday lurking
As the darkness shows up these memories morphing
Your lovely face keeps showing up as I still see them they're still adoring
While I sleep loudly snoring

Maybe these memories are showing something
That always makes my heart pumping
That makes the birds in the park humming
A sign that we don't need to hurrying

Memories of yesterday
Hunts me everyday
Memories of our happiest yesterdays why is it so hard to stay away
I can't let it fade away
I can't let you fade away. Diane I always think of you.
SWebster Nov 2019
It’s not big this crow of mine.
Head cocked, observing time.
Perfectly sized to sit upon my windowsill,
Reminding me that dread and fear are a bitter pill.
It calls to me
Stopping me.
I can’t hide and I can’t pretend,
It sees me, watches me my friend.
Waiting and lurking till the end.
Eliza Sep 2019
beware of those monsters
that lurk in the bottom of your head
if you give them more attention
it won’t be long until you’re dead
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