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Nov 2016 · 719
Grief of a Tree
Linger Nov 2016
Snared by freezing wind
Decaying fragments drift past
Why did I let go
Leaves blowing in the wind have struck a better deal with Lady Luck than We ever could.
May 2015 · 664
A Happy Heart
Linger May 2015
There's a mountain climber
Enjoying the breeze
As he takes a deep breath
On a peak among the trees

There's a tired girl
Relaxing in a shady spot
Trying to decide
Whether to take a nap or not

There's a teenager
With music in his ears
He's losing himself in the beat
And forgetting all his fears

There's a distance runner
Picking up his slack
And he feels a sense of pride
Because he's finishing at the head of the pack

There's a student
Who has just finished a test
And she's letting out a sigh of relief
Now she can get some rest

There's a group of kids
Who are trying to leave the heat
And as they jump into a pool
The cool water swallows them complete

There's a man coming off of work
His children hug him at the door
And in that cherished moment
He remembers what he's working for

But of all these simple pleasures
There's one that reigns supreme
Because there's a boy writing a poem
About the way love feels with the girl of his dreams.
You're the reason that I smile and I see you in all the simple pleasures of life. Your love is everywhere I look and it fills me to the brim! I love you so much Natalie!
Apr 2015 · 1.3k
Linger Apr 2015
The wind blows, things change
What I feel for you remains
Our love is timeless
Our love will never fade.
Apr 2015 · 754
The Labyrinth
Linger Apr 2015
I was finally home
Our fingers laced together like the strings on our shoes
It was the reward we had earned
For the days spent paying our dues

You showed me what your life was
And I took it all in like a child at Disney
I was overwhelmed by memories I didn't own
We enjoyed each other's company blissfully

Just you and I, me and you
We drove into the night
While love songs filled our ears
I whispered a silent prayer as my heart took flight

"Let it last,
Let us be forever
Cause I've found happiness on Earth
Since we've been together"

The time we had was short
But that was all it took
I had found the perfect life
Your soul had overcome me, down to the smallest cranny and nook

That's why I was crushed by sadness when I left
The bond between us was being wrought
And though it was the purest pain I had ever felt,
I stayed strong because you were my every thought.

Now I close my eyes and see your face
My future is reflected in your gaze,
Time and space are trying to tear us apart
But we have each other, and we'll make it through the maze.
I know that my prayers will be answered and one day you'll tell me that you do, but for now I'll write you poems and let you know how much I miss you. You're the love of my life Natalie, every moment that we've had together has been a memory that will stay with me as long as I live. I can't wait for the day when I won't have to leave!
Apr 2015 · 3.4k
Slowly But Surely
Linger Apr 2015
Like a creeping moss
Excitement slowly fills me
I will surely burst
We're about to be together for the first time in over a month! I am so far beyond excited I think I've transcend basic human emotional capabilities xD I love you so much and Friday is going to be awesome!
Apr 2015 · 495
Linger Apr 2015
One day your name will be etched across my chest
Each letter imprinting itself on my beating heart
A murmur will float from one vein to the next
Urging my crimson blood to paint it like a piece of art.

It will spread through my body like a wildfire
And every cell will whisper of its sweet beauty
I will discover it's complexities and fulfill my desires
To know it in its purest form will be my only duty.

As it gradually makes its way into my soul I am compelled to smile
For I feel love blooming like a rose from the essence of my being.
And I've kept it in my thoughts for more than just a while,
Because having you in my life is the only thing worth guaranteeing
Can you guess what the name is? :P
Mar 2015 · 845
Pixilated Kisses
Linger Mar 2015
I crawl into bed
And get under the lonely covers
My pillow cushions my head
These sheets have never known lovers

Yet I feel you next to me
For although I'm all alone,
Your smile speaks to me
As we Skype through the phone

We give up hours of sleep
As we talk into the night
I haven't counted sheep in awhile
And that's quite alright

We start to drift into our dreams  
But there's one last thing to do
We look at each other in our screens
Then I put to my phone to my lips and kiss you

Were so far apart
But these pixilated kisses ease the pain
I go to sleep with a happy heart
And thoughts of you fill my brain.
Being in a long distance relationship means we don't get to kiss like normal couples do, but our pixilated kisses hold me over until I see you. I love you so much Natalie.
Mar 2015 · 493
The Color of Love
Linger Mar 2015
I kissed you
And the took the plunge
Cold water rushed over my skin
As the breath was forced out of my lungs

Suddenly there was nothing else
Just your body under mine
Our movements were fluid
As our hearts beat intertwined

I felt so warm
Your passion melted me like a candle
I let my lips drip down onto you
My waxy kisses left the marks of a vandal

I didn't want to stop
Thoughts of you took over my head
I was so in love
And all I could see was red
I love you so much Natalie.
Mar 2015 · 567
Crashing Waves
Linger Mar 2015
Only you quench my thirst
Like swimming into great waves  
And drowning in love
The oceans which lay before us, be it distance, school, or any other obstacle, will be easily crossed when we sail on the winds of love.
Mar 2015 · 705
Three Words
Linger Mar 2015
When I say
I love you
It seems so powerful
Yet incomplete

It's so beautifully simple
And it's meaning is
Yet what I feel for you is so much more.  

I want to show you what I mean
But I need more than words for that.
When we are together I can show you the feelings residing inside,
But in my absence these words
Are all I can provide.
Mar 2015 · 14.4k
Linger Mar 2015
Radiates from your diamond like
Oval eyes as they look upon the
World, giving it's many facets
New meaning with each glance.

Everyone that knows
Your eyes can feel the
Elation of being at peace with
Death now that they have looked into the gates of heaven.

Gazing into them causes deep
Introspection because seeing your own
Reflection through such a perfect orb
Leaves you wondering what you could have been.
You're my brown eyed girl and I love you so much :)
Mar 2015 · 1000
Error 404
Linger Mar 2015
I can't find the words
No matter how hard I look
It's not that I'm lazy
I just don't know how to express it
Seeing that pain
Through my mind's eye

Because I wasn't there
I couldn't help
I still can't
One day I hope I can

All I did was sit here
With a bitter taste in my mouth
For I ate of a twisted fruit
Called knowledge

Knowledge of your pain
And suffering
And how it broke you

The shards of your soul
Were the little razors
That sliced my heart strings
To bits.

Luckily I have you and that hasn't changed
So I'll use your smile as the needle
And your warm love as the theard
And I'll sew my patchwork heart
Together again.
Love is an enigma that I can't seem to crack. While it gives you such euphoria that it seems you've transcended the bittersweet human condition, it also makes you feel the pangs of sadness in your loved one's heart and you experience sorrow that you couldn't know without it.
Mar 2015 · 1.8k
A Part of Me (3 parts)
Linger Mar 2015
Within my nature
Is the instinct to feel pain
When you are broken

I also cannot
Help but to feel overjoyed  
When you are happy

I know what life is
During the moments when you
Are a part of me
Natalie! You are the most important part of me and without you I'm just not Michael! I love you so much :D
P. S.  Don't mind the first part it just sort of flowed
Mar 2015 · 840
We Were Together
Linger Mar 2015
We were together
In a forest among the trees
We held each other to fend off the icy breeze
We made our way until we could see for miles
Our lips met as we embraced each other's smiles

We were together
In a cabin that both of us knew
As we warmed up our bodies stuck together with love as the glue
Our breathing got heavy and more passionate
We could feel each other's goose bumps as your neck met my lips

We were together
On a couch during the late hours
We shared a blanket covered in flowers
I felt your body and was content to hold your hands
When I left you my knees were trembling so I could barely stand.

We were together
And now we apart
But the distance is irrelevant
Because you live in my heart.
Inspired by the weekend I just spent with the love of my life :D
Feb 2015 · 409
Linger Feb 2015
You are not with me
But I can feel your sweet love
Living in my heart
For you.
Feb 2015 · 494
The Seasons Change
Linger Feb 2015
It's the winter and you are
Like a snowflake falling from the sky
A beauty like no other.
Your diamond glint catches my eye
And I realize your complexities one after another.

It's the spring and you are
Like the sweet song of the birds
Your voice fills my hears with music.
As I listen to your lovely words
I feel as though I've been shot by Cupid.

It's the summer and you are
The free and happy child
With an inspiring  love of life.
Your contagious joy is absolutely wild,
And it makes me forget all of my strife.

It's the fall and you are
The stunning colors in the trees
You're nature's greatest masterpiece.
As I see leaves floating in the breeze
I wish that the time we share would never cease.

The seasons change
But my love for you is forever
And as the earth is rearranged
I thank God we are together
You're my favorite part of every season Natalie! I love you so much.
This poem was partially inspired by the song Seasons by Future Islands :D
Feb 2015 · 2.1k
Belly of The Beast (Collab)
Linger Feb 2015
The battle is upon us
We can finally put ourselves to the test
Memories of the past still haunt us
We fight for freedom so that our minds can rest
Easy knowing that we took a stand
Against twisted beasts of human form
I hold my blade in a trembling hand
I'm ready to weather this mighty storm

I thought i was a man ready to protect
but now i can't even stand *****,
watching my team mates feet and necks
be crushed by these mountains of dreck.
I have't even started combat but i am seeing the light
now here one comes what is the point of putting up a fight?

Most of us won't see tomorrow
Why is Armin so frightened?
Is he just going to stand there
And get eaten by a titan?
I need to protect him
He's one of the last things I've got
And I can't let a monster dissect him
My targets locked
I'm going in for the nape
This wretched creature
Will never escape

Without being able to solve this place's puzzle
I will my life will end by being guzzled
By a ******* belligerent beast
Only looking for its next feast
How could we have a king when these monstrosities rule this domain
Our society might all as well burst like there's a flame over propane
It is a fitting end for this monarch's curious servent
being killed by the real king for being too observant
Hey I am a king too I guess... of cowards, my friend's blood is my moat
And their pieces of the mangled bodies will be my mink coat
Now I am slipping down this demons throat, it doesn't matter who I am
***** this... Wait what is this grabbing my hand?

I won't let him go
What lies beyond these walls?
We've always wanted to know.
How could he surrender to fear?
The look in his eyes
We can't die here.
I'll trade my life to keep his going
As I slip into the belly of the beast
My sense of urgency is growing
All I see are the bodies of comrades who have tasted defeat
The light is fading
Why is existence so bleak?
Another Attack on Titan© poem made by yours truly and the most dope Spencer (italics)
*Spencer is Armin and I am Eren
Feb 2015 · 428
Better Than a Book
Linger Feb 2015
This book is full of pages
Words that have lasted through the ages

Ink arranged in a way to create an image
I struggle to formulate the picture, I'm locked in a scrimmage

My mind can't focus on the story
You're more exciting than any scene no matter how gory

It's like you inspired the romantics
They wrote of your beauty through their character's antics

I need never read another tale
Your smile whispers to my soul and fill my thoughts without fail
I wrote this poem while I was sitting in English, I hope you like it my love.
Feb 2015 · 718
Light of My Life
Linger Feb 2015
The light that shines upon me,
Is the reflection of your beauty

That sweet sunshine
Radiates like diamonds from a deep mine

It blinds me and I can't see much else
A fire roars in my heart and I burn myself.  

A bright star against an obsidian sky,
Light as overwhelming as the sparkle in your eye

But you've illuminated my life more than any flaming orb could,
If I had to travel a lightyear to get to you I would.

Like a supernova, you ripped apart my world
And put it back together in the shape of a beautiful girl.
When I look back on it, my life before you was pretty dim. Now that I'm with you I'm happier than I ever thought I could be. :D
Feb 2015 · 395
You Haven't Left Me
Linger Feb 2015
Together we were happy
We laughed and hugged
Kissed and smiled and embraced being alive
I learned what it was to love you
I felt your body's warmth and your gentle hands
My heart was telling me that you were the one, and I know that's not a lie.

No matter how hard we fought it
We had to leave the comfort of each other's arms
So I clung to you as hard as I could before I slipped away
Staring into the pavement
Thoughts of you consumed me as I drove
Down the lonely road that took me far from where I wanted to stay

I couldn't handle your absence
What was worth looking at other than your diamond eyes?
Nothing could compare to lighting bolts that struck when our souls collided
But then I realized the sensation was still there
I felt the press of your lips against mine and softness of your cheek
There was a tug on my wrist as if I was being guided

Being with you changed me
You complete the jagged jigsaw puzzle that I had made myself into
I experience you daily despite the distance and the time
Because your soul hasn't left me
Our lives are forever
I love you! I know that promising to love you as long as I live is no small commitment and that some may see it as teenage whimsy, but you are a part of me and without you I would wilt like a flower deprived of the sun.
Jan 2015 · 941
Sixth Sense
Linger Jan 2015
When I see your face
I'll be caught in your gaze

When I feel your warm embrace
I'll be held in place by your passion

When I hear your sublime voice
I'll be immersed in your rhapsody

When I smell your fragrance on the breeze
I'll be drawn to your honeyed scent like a bear

When I taste your sweet lips
I'll be consumed by your hunger

And when I experience your love
I'll transcend this existence and reside in your heart
"You fill up my senses
Like a night in a forest
Like the mountains in springtime
Like a walk in the rain
Like a storm in the desert
Like a sleepy blue ocean
You fill up my senses
Come fill me again"
-John Denver
Inspired by a poem by the one I love
Jan 2015 · 783
Linger Jan 2015
I love you because
You make me smile
And I want to be with you
For more than just a while

I love you because
You make me nervous
You're so beautiful
I don't know if I deserve this

I love you because
You fill up my day
With thoughts of you
And time just slips away

I love you because
You are so cute
When you get embarrassed
About the silly things you do

I love you because
I know you care
You tell me how you feel
And encourage me to share

I love you because
You think I'm funny
Even though my jokes are lame
And usually pretty punny

I love you because
You are open to change
You try the things I show you
Even if they are a little strange

I love you because
Of the passion you display
I see your love for the things you do
And it motivates me every day

I love you because
I know you'll always be there
Although we're so far apart
I feel your presence everywhere

I love you because
You gave me a chance
And I can't wait  
To hold your  hands

I love you because
You are so playful
The laughter that you create
Makes me feel so grateful

I love you because
You want me to stay
And I hope
It always is that way

I love you because
The sight of you
Overwhelms me
So I don't know what to do

I love you because
You just be yourself
You're so perfect
How could I want anyone else

I love you because
You love me back
And I don't think there's anything
More important than that
I love you in so many ways
And please excuse my spelling, but
Natalie for dayzz
Jan 2015 · 1.5k
Linger Jan 2015
This idleness is driving me insane
My life is in the hands of the pilots
As I wait in this plane

I'm weighed down by a fog like haze
As I drift through this cloud
My thoughts are trapped in a maze
And there's no way out

Suddenly I feel a strange sensation
I awake from the dreamlike state
My body is impatient
I can't stand to wait

There's something grabbing at my heart
Attracting me like a magnet
I want to jump into the dark
To satisfy the need for attachment

My soul leaves my body
I'm soaring through the sky
The raindrops wave to me
As I pass them by

I'm drawn to the feeling
Like a moth to a flame
My thirst for oneness is unyielding
As I take my aim

I see the peaks of mountains
And the raw power of rivers
I visit city fountains
But as I travel through the forest my soul quivers

You're there among the trees
The tugging on my being is stronger than ever
I come to you like a cool breeze
My soul meets your heart, we are finally together

I realize what love is
And I feel complete
But than everything changes
And I'm back in my seat
They say distance makes the heart grow fonder and since we're so far apart it's no wonder why I love you so much
Jan 2015 · 1.6k
Something Missing
Linger Jan 2015
I  was always missing something
A sense of loss for what I didn't have
I searched  high and low
Sometimes the time went by fast
And other times painfully slow

I was always missing something
I couldn't quite say what it was
But I just felt empty
Like the tin man before he met Oz
Imagine who I could be
If I wasn't covered in rust

I was always missing something
My heart and soul felt incomplete
Like a jigsaw puzzle missing a piece
I couldn't tell what I was supposed to be
I had no box to look at to help me

I was always missing something
But the good times I had
Gave me a clue
My friends made me happy
And I knew what I had to
I went for looking someone special
And I found you

I was always missing something
But now I'm satisfied
And I can rest easy knowing
That even though I can't see you
You're right here by my side.
Jan 2015 · 438
Linger Jan 2015
Forever I want her
On my mind; or
Right next to me, laughing all the time.

Never had I seen
A beautiful girl
That could take my breath away, but
A stary night was all it took, and I fell in
Love, my heart set ablaze by the very
Idea of her, and
Everyone knows it was you .
Read the first letter of each line
Dec 2014 · 8.6k
Linger Dec 2014
Determined to near insanity,
the boy fearlessly joined
the last standing army of humanity.
With his two closest friends by his side,
he shaped his fate into something
only he could decide.
For years he struggled with the other recruits,
but the dream of freedom planted inside
grew from a seed into a tree with deep roots.
And while he worked until he could no longer stand,
that angry little boy
turned into a man.
Hey guys :D I hope you like it!
Based on the Attack on Titan© anime/manga
Dec 2014 · 1.6k
Beginnings of a Hunter
Linger Dec 2014
When the dust settled the young man was alone.
His mother torn apart
Slowly bone by bone,
And he would never figure out
What hid beneath his home.
His world was ravaged by a beast with no direction
And all he could do was scream
"I'll **** them all"
As a promise for redemption.
Jaeger means hunter in German :P
Based on the Attack on Titan© anime/manga
Dec 2014 · 1.5k
Linger Dec 2014
Pac-man is like
                                                  nom nom nom
                                         nom nom nom nom nom
                                nom nom nom nom nom nom nom
                       nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom
                       nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom          
                       nom           Inky            Blinky                          nom                   Pinky              C­lyde                
                       nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom
                       nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom
                                nom nom nom nom nom nom nom
                                         nom nom nom nom nom
                                                  nom nom nom
Dec 2014 · 258
Linger Dec 2014
My Friend Spencer is
Most definitely whack at
Making cool haikus

— The End —