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Linger Nov 2016
Snared by freezing wind
Decaying fragments drift past
Why did I let go
Leaves blowing in the wind have struck a better deal with Lady Luck than We ever could.
  May 2015 Linger
Natalie Thompson
I want you to see
How important you are to me.
You are my soul, you are my heart,
You cheer me up when I fall apart.
The warmth of your smile carries me through,
The calm and wild of the deep ocean blue.
I am an enigma that's hard to define,
Not at the surface but rather inside.
Courageous you are to take on the person I am,
Normal I am not yet you lend me a hand.
When the depth of my mind starts to pull me away,
You remind me everything is going to be okay.
I am an enigma that's deceiving to most,
Though you look at me and somehow know.
The man over seas broke me to pieces,
And yet the love you have for me never ceases.
I know you understand, I just worry
  May 2015 Linger
If she was his ocean
And he was her sky,
What happens past the horizon?
What happens
When the skies are stormy
And are unclear
Hidden away beyind
Bursts of thunder yells
And night time lightning?
What will the ocean do then?
I miss you.
And I don't know, I known its so selfish but I miss feeling loved by you.
I'm so sorry I'm such a selfish ******* but I miss the love.

By karen o
Linger May 2015
There's a mountain climber
Enjoying the breeze
As he takes a deep breath
On a peak among the trees

There's a tired girl
Relaxing in a shady spot
Trying to decide
Whether to take a nap or not

There's a teenager
With music in his ears
He's losing himself in the beat
And forgetting all his fears

There's a distance runner
Picking up his slack
And he feels a sense of pride
Because he's finishing at the head of the pack

There's a student
Who has just finished a test
And she's letting out a sigh of relief
Now she can get some rest

There's a group of kids
Who are trying to leave the heat
And as they jump into a pool
The cool water swallows them complete

There's a man coming off of work
His children hug him at the door
And in that cherished moment
He remembers what he's working for

But of all these simple pleasures
There's one that reigns supreme
Because there's a boy writing a poem
About the way love feels with the girl of his dreams.
You're the reason that I smile and I see you in all the simple pleasures of life. Your love is everywhere I look and it fills me to the brim! I love you so much Natalie!
Linger Apr 2015
The wind blows, things change
What I feel for you remains
Our love is timeless
Our love will never fade.
Linger Apr 2015
I was finally home
Our fingers laced together like the strings on our shoes
It was the reward we had earned
For the days spent paying our dues

You showed me what your life was
And I took it all in like a child at Disney
I was overwhelmed by memories I didn't own
We enjoyed each other's company blissfully

Just you and I, me and you
We drove into the night
While love songs filled our ears
I whispered a silent prayer as my heart took flight

"Let it last,
Let us be forever
Cause I've found happiness on Earth
Since we've been together"

The time we had was short
But that was all it took
I had found the perfect life
Your soul had overcome me, down to the smallest cranny and nook

That's why I was crushed by sadness when I left
The bond between us was being wrought
And though it was the purest pain I had ever felt,
I stayed strong because you were my every thought.

Now I close my eyes and see your face
My future is reflected in your gaze,
Time and space are trying to tear us apart
But we have each other, and we'll make it through the maze.
I know that my prayers will be answered and one day you'll tell me that you do, but for now I'll write you poems and let you know how much I miss you. You're the love of my life Natalie, every moment that we've had together has been a memory that will stay with me as long as I live. I can't wait for the day when I won't have to leave!
Linger Apr 2015
Like a creeping moss
Excitement slowly fills me
I will surely burst
We're about to be together for the first time in over a month! I am so far beyond excited I think I've transcend basic human emotional capabilities xD I love you so much and Friday is going to be awesome!
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