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Mar 2015
I can't find the words
No matter how hard I look
It's not that I'm lazy
I just don't know how to express it
Seeing that pain
Through my mind's eye

Because I wasn't there
I couldn't help
I still can't
One day I hope I can

All I did was sit here
With a bitter taste in my mouth
For I ate of a twisted fruit
Called knowledge

Knowledge of your pain
And suffering
And how it broke you

The shards of your soul
Were the little razors
That sliced my heart strings
To bits.

Luckily I have you and that hasn't changed
So I'll use your smile as the needle
And your warm love as the theard
And I'll sew my patchwork heart
Together again.
Love is an enigma that I can't seem to crack. While it gives you such euphoria that it seems you've transcended the bittersweet human condition, it also makes you feel the pangs of sadness in your loved one's heart and you experience sorrow that you couldn't know without it.
Written by
Linger  New York
(New York)   
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